Lost Ships

After logging in today i noticed several ships of ours were gone. Here is the list of stuff we lost.

F2-01 ID:2723001 SV
F2-04 ID: 3617020 SV
Utility Cart 3 ID: 3739051 SV
Battering Ram 1 ID: 1739001 SV
The Gravy-DD ID: 2941042 CV
The Biscuit ID: 1345874 CV
Solaris CV-02 ID: 1602599 CV

Were on the NA server and on my HW Connect it said they were all deleted.

Since this becoming popular I finally found the reason for it so make it now to everyone more clear:

WipeTime: 168 # Time after which any player-built structures get removed when not visited (0 = disabled)

That all means: you have to visit all of your stuff closely to get recognized as still active. Otherwise the WipeTime triggers.

What does visit actually mean? Just get close to it or in the case of SV actually get inside the ships cockpit?

As far as I know you have to be in the objects bounding box. So standing on it and being able to press P for example

Ok that makes sense, so does that mean we cant get any of our deleted stuff back?

Uff, would be quite of work. I can offer you to choose from one and I try my best.