Lost stuff on csw,again

On NA server we docked a X7 8m id : 1438383 on our cv and used csw ,too fast i think since my x7 8m wasent there after the csw to sanctuary

we went back wasent there,so i said lets go to sanctuary anyways at the first warp jump,i crashed… got stuck, could only respawn on a POI that was in space… in lawless space, my friend couldnt get to me since he wasent lawless,

so i did a cb:reset to get to freelancer as he is freelancer and my 6 million creds were gone since i forgot to put them in the bank.i stil have 10m in the bank but lost 6m

also lost what i had on me but thats non important.

id just like to get my x7 8m back and hopefully the 6million credits i lost.

Client_171024-231139-37.log (24.7 KB)
Client_171024-225557-74.log (21.0 KB)
Client_171024-154922-39.log (58.2 KB)


I see it. Sorry for the trouble.

Please always tell us the time when you warped.
You said:

Does it mean when you entered CSW Orbit it was not docked, you flew to the ship and then docked it and did CSw directly? If so, that is the reason since it checks the distance. If it was shortly before to far away from the player initiating csw then it will not be listed. but it was deleted since it was then docked to the CV… (Game problem that we still have)

Anyways I increased the distance and respawned your SV on NA CSW
I also gave you your 5mil (1mil you used 5 hours before, only 4,9 mil were left) Credits back on SAN.

thank you jascha,very much

Your welcome. Can you just answer that. I helps us to figure out if thats the bug we need to fix or if it is something else.
Thank you

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