LoT Recruitment approaching 5.0

So with the approaching 5.0 Update, we (LoT) will be selectively recruiting active and teamwork oriented personnel EDIT AS OF TODAY EDIT. So if you are interested in being part in the largest trader faction currently on HWS NA, and PLAYING THE ROLE of trader, please respond to this forum, or message me privately. We operate a little differently from your average faction, namely that we seek to work together to accumulate profit and expand on the server. To fulfill this purpose, we have the following guidelines:
1: LoT maintains a faction bank for bulk purchases and supplies, as well as a faction OCD for faction supply stockpile. Both are maintained by myself. Each member may maintain their own personal CV, and SV. Personal resources can be stored here, and kept safe by the fleet. LoT Operations are conducted using faction vessels, which are designed for varying degrees of pvp, and functionality. Resources gathered on faction operations go to the faction bank/ocd, with a portion going to members who participated in the run. More on this further down.
2: Regarding PVP:
We play as traders. This means that we will defend ourselves, but must not go seeking a fight unless authorized. If accidental fire occurs, LoT powers down and comes onto global requesting the other ship do the same. If the other ship does not comply within 5 seconds, or turns to follow, we engage until the other ship is destroyed.
If an LoT ship is attacked, all LoT personnel online at the time are expected to support defensive and offensive operations, regardless of what they were doing at the time. This should not occur regularly however.
3: Capturing Ships:
If we find a ship that belongs to Lawless or pirate, and is left abandoned in pvp, we WILL make every attempt to core it, and capture it. If it belongs to Alliance or Trader, I will make an attempt to find the owner, unless it is abandoned on a warp point, or poses a threat to our operation. In those cases, we will core and hold for 3 days before dismantling.
4: OCD Upgrade:
New members to LoT will have their OCD sponsored to Level three after I feel that an appropriate effort has been made to benefit the faction, and in the order of joining in the case of active members. This will be funded directly from the faction bank, and in return LoT members are requested to submit the gold from the fa:supply to the bank in order to further fund faction operations.
5: Ships:
All Ships must remain on faction access. This is to allow us to move your ship to safety if required and you are offline, as well as for ease of faction maintenance. This also extends to bases, and autominers. If a faction mate grabs from an autominer, he will refuel it completely, and use the materials to benefit the faction.
6: Dont be a dick:
We want active players who do not troll. If we find you to not meet this category or if you act in a way that leads to the LoT reputation being tarnished, I will remove you from the faction the next time you are on. We will give you back your ship and the contents within as long as they were not stolen from faction resources, as well as a kit of gear to get you on your way in the rest of the server. There will be no warning about this action, and there is no appeal. If possible I will let you know that what you are doing is not ok.
We also are active on TS, and will be transitioning to discord approaching 5.0. You do not have to talk over comms, but you are requested to be in the channel and respond over faction chat.


The only other faction I would even consider.

You guys rock.


I’m interested in being part in the largest trader faction currently on HWS NA, And Playing The Role Of Trader

I would like to join, plz! :slight_smile:

I’d like to apply to join please. Who do I need to talk to about signing up?

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This post is 5 years old :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol hi Ranzeth, what have you been up to?

I know. I saw it, and couldn’t resist.

You know, living life. Playing games, playing Empyrion, all that good stuff.

You should try the new HWS - NA McProuty, you’ll love all the new trade features they’ve put in.

How about you? What games have you been playing?

You know, I actually thought LoT was coming back. Kinda makes me sad. Good times by all.

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Come back and try the new trading system, you know you want too.

lol negative. After the PVP devolution, the Bank castration, and the OCD holocaust, I’m quite happy stickin with other games lol

Bit o Raft, Ark, Space engineers every now and then, a LOT of 7 days to die. Trying out mordhau today. Basically a decent variety of things, nothing too spectacular though. I did join an arma milsim unit, does 2-3 hour ops every sunday, its pretty fun.

@mcprouty Give it another go, do it.

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I have to agree with ranz, you should return sometime.