Lucifer and Gabriel Rotation Times

I’m on the NA server and I know Gabriel is PVE during the week and they change on the weekend but exactly what is the day and time (EST)?

Both the Gabriel/Lucifer and Blackhole rotation/wipe times are just silly on NA. If blackhole wiped at 9pm EST instead of 9 AM we might actually get some action. No chance of gold in blackhole for most NA players, probably a better chance for EU players lol. 3 AM gab/luci rotation and even back in 4.0 with the rotating planets just has no logic behind it as well.

? Black hole on NA wipes at ~1pm (5pm Germany). Should it be later?

Lucifer and Gabriel ~3am right. Friday and Monday.

Wipe times are subjective. What for you is silly for others is great.

But the times are almost from HWS 1.0 the same.
For 6.0 we will make a poll to make “everyone” via democracy happy

Good time for NA at 00:00 in Berlin, corresponds to 18:00 NA in New York.

And lucifer x gabriel rotation gets better at 03:00 am in Berlin and NA in New York will be 21:00 and the west coast will be 18:00.

is the peak time on NA server. , Which usually runs between 6:00 p.m. and 01:00 a.m.

Well it’s 10 AM EST here at the time I’m making this post and cb:nextwipe says this:

So it’s more like 10:30 AM EST (-5 GMT) not 1 PM (okay I was off by an hour). Anyways I don’t think I’m being that subjective about it, objectively speaking if you look at player count by the hour over the past month, I’m betting somewhere around 8-11 PM there are a lot more ppl on than 3 AM.

I vastly prefer the wipe time as it is over 3 AM, but i agree it would make sense for the wipe time to be prime time or just before for the server location. That would appear to be about 1800 pm ish eastern.

Yes… NA wipes should happen during prime time hours if you want to get the most “pew pew” for your buck! Problem with 3am (early US) or 1pm (mid-day US) time wipes is… the few players that CAN play during those times, bascially have free reign and go in… clean out all the gold or other good stuff relatively safely with little risk.

Prime time hits, folks finish school/work and want to go in and bamm… nada… stripped clean already… rinse repeat :frowning:

Yes [quote=“RexXxuS, post:3, topic:4312”]
Wipe times are subjective. What for you is silly for others is great.

but… we have NA and EU servers for a reason yes? SO lets make those times reasonable for the majority of the masses… at least a primetime wipe (or slightly before hand) will help ensure those few players are not ruining it for the majority… as if it was fresh in primetime…a ton more would venture in to try and get those juicy gold bits… which will lead to some real action, not the aforementioned guy that skips school/work to clean everything out.

worth catering to the majority and giving the “statement” to those few… not vice versa

my 2cp

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to @RexXxuS’s point, ive come to learn howto take advantage of the current times. sure, others cant, but some can, and for those its great,