Make Xeno Great Again

I have a suggestion to do… @RexXxuS … why dont make xeno hitpoints to 2100 or 2200?
Actually Xeno is yes light… but with alpha 9 is useless because all the speed of cv is capped at 92… and hitting 92 between a full xeno cv and a full combat steel cv is almost the same.


I agree with some changes to the Xeno.
Before when we had lightweight CVs that were fast there was value to Xeno but now it is useless.

Would make sense for these alien tech blocks to be more advanced and have better armor than silly human combat steel

Perhaps a small buff to their health could help.

To be honest I’m bit overwhelmed at the moment with my todo list… what is broken… what is working etc.
Can’t even keep track of all the Eleon changes sometimes.

In general I like the idea that Alien Technology is something Humans want desperate.
Hence I added the Volume Capacity boost to Alien Containers as a test.

But if I boost the Xeno hitpoints to let’s say 2500 then I need to rework the turrets as well, I think.

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What exactly is need to rework turrets?

No rework of turrets needed. 500 damage is small in comparison to how much of the stuff you’d actually be able to dedicate to one ship. (when compared to the current 12-15K damage on CVs)

Damage and Rate of fire mostly.

How is the overall community mood about CV vs CV/BA battles?
Too long? Too short? Good?

SV vs SV I’ve heard it’s too long.

I would like to contribute in this part, answering your question, Rexx: Cv battles are still delayed especially when the ships involved are typically war, or made for combat, class 7 is in my opinion very large and expensive, not from the point of view of resources, but in repair time and fuel and ammunition, a balanced combat between combat Cvs can take more than 30 min and yet both fighters can get out alive from combat; in this respect, one can do two things, decrease the class of ships in the pvp system by forcing these system to class 5 and maintain the current damage, this would cause faster fighting and more deaths for sure, and perhaps a higher cost in combat blocks and resources for offspring more ships. (however, a class 5 can cost half of a class 7 in combat blocks, a class 7 costs around 40 to 50 k of combat blocks a class 5 oscillates between 15k to 20k of the same block in this way until I believe which comes out cheaper to fight with class 5 in playefield pvp).

The other way would be to further increase weapon damage, especially Cv hand weapons, see Cv’s hand pulse and rocket are the only weapons that are over player control and perhaps the only ones that could have the chance to hit a critical area that the player saw and targeted, currently the damage is better but may be even greater, I think the weapons of greater damage should shoot with a little more cadence, I think the shooting rate of the artillery and plasma extremely low and due to the speed of some ships almost always these shots are lost.

As for the Xenu block, what would do with it would be to duplicate his health would put something like about 5000 hp (see 5000 hp for all the block format both the full and the thinnest and corners), but with a little difference, would put a limit of blocks per class, something like a fixed value for each class of ship where you could use this block to shield on the ship or use internally to protect a vital area of the ship like Core or Warp, an example would be a class 7 up to 5000k of Xenu block, class 6 = 4000, class 5 = 3000 and so on …
I just do not know if such a block would be possible, but I remember that you changed the amount of solar panels and in bp of BA and also the number of artillery in BAs…

There are my two cents …

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This is a battle against a class 1 CV on blackhole. It required 17 minutes for a 7k block ship.

7*7=49k block (a class 7 pvp standard)
Multiply X7 and it will require nearly 2 hours for a class 7 PVP ship to fully disable.

For HWS 9.X I was actually thinking about this, yes.
Bases Class 7 but ships everywhere Class 5.

While I can’t make that a dynamic scaling factor I could indeed say that a structure are only allowed to consist of 5000 Xeno blocks. But I think we have too many restrictions already, so that would not be so good.

Thanks for the video! Interesting.
Of course it depends on the skill of the builder too but a good PvP combat takes too long I guess.

Even Class 5 with current damage + ROF.

The issue with damage and Rate of Fire guys is just one: performance!
The higher the damage, the more block hitpoints need to be calculated by the engine = more lags. The more often turrets shoot the more it cost = more lags.

There is only one logical and wealthy bonus for lag: we reduce the hitpoints of everything greatly :see_no_evil:

Then you have fast nice battles with less lag, I can promise.

But maybe we test Class 5 for the beginning…

Well reducing hitpoints could be a good solution.
Honestly i prefer reducing hitpoints and test those than produce a new class 5 capital vessel.


but the limited amount of this block per class is justified by the addition I mentioned with Xenu having 5000 thousand life points …

maybe, but this has to be well thought out and calculated because it could make Cvs fragile in front of some class 7 SVs that are pretty grumpy, I even fought with ABN ones that were a hassle …

If cv is gonna to be more fragile i think that pvp sv on all sectors should be class 1

In all honesty… nobody seems to do battles with class 7 CVs on NA.
Almost all of our real CV combat is in blackhole with the c1s but that is most likely because c7 CV are just so tanky and boring to fight.

The system is fine as is. Homeworld for pretty battleship fights GG for everyone else. Reducing down to class 5 is acceptable but not all class 1. Some of us want to have visually appealing ships.

Please don’t make such drastic changes ontop of Eleon, small steps guys… small steps.

I am thinking about returning players. i think is better to lower hp of blocks because they have their class 7 already ready to use. Lower the class to 5 maybe will not incentivize the return…
Plus Class 7 is an Eleon standard of all the servers.

I think it would be reasonable for the full block to have only 1500 hp and the corners and thin models got 700 hp, put something like 1000 hp for full and 500 for thin, it would be very radical …

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Fully support. After more than 6 battle the problem in the course of lasers. They have virtually no damage and have to rely only on the lagshot. Middleweight bout 7th grade is 30 min. If the ship is good then 40 if bad 20. Here are examples of videos 20 min 4cv kill 40 min 30min