HWS Deathmatch Event Discussion

Test the ships? Yeah, you can call the Deathmatch event also a “test”, hehe.

I missed it in the announcement: it will be only 1 vs 1 events for now. Exactly because I can’t force a proper team play for now (like the FPS event)
Additionally, if I see at the beginning the common misuse of the event, there should be a fast fix to that:

Yes, that is something I was worried about too.
But it’s a good way to get feedback straight away, like I said / suggested here:

1v1 sounds great! But won’t you have decider on the garage ship before the event goes live? Or can we choose the garage ship to fight in at the event?

The idea was to have one ship set per week…
So people vote one week long the ship they want to fight with for one week. (similar to seasons or rotation heroes in Dota 2 / LoL etc.)

For that the ship with the highest votes in the poll will be in.

If it works overall we can also go ahead and do something like in the HWS Firework event. 4 different Garage ships can be spawned in these 4 areas. But I don’t know if this is good, because there might be an imbalance between them ?

The other idea or long time motivation is, that we have dedicated Deathmatch ships. Or the player who won the most events along the week can submit his favorite ship, everyone will fight with for the next week (that isn’t so good though, because… we all know)

Yeah, there’s no easy answer here - but I love the idea of the event (the only combat I really like is SV combat), so I’d very much be in favour of this working!

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Panzer the 30m tank… i dont understand why not voting that one

Hey Rex,

When do you expect the deathmatch to start, or has it already?

Explained here a bit more :frowning: :expressionless:

Good News: With Alpha 9.3 the big Deathmatch Events are starting! A nice fix make it possible then.
Prepare for the first Ship match ups:

SV: Xammut | HWS Garage Ships
HV: Mjolnir | HWS Garage Ships

Question: Do you also want CV Deathmatches?
With Alpha 9.3 I also wanted to start with the new meta change to very softly reduce the hitpoints of Turrets and Blocks. -10% as a start.

Heya, I have an idea for another event that can build on this.

Using small HV boats maybe speedboats (always with the boats when it comes to furious :smiley: )
with side mounted gat guns, in a death race around a water planet.

You must hit checkpoints of some sort that will guarantee players will not spread out to far

Blasting to the sides at any boat next to you or overtaking :smiley:

Dont know if you can make checkpoints that players must reach to comply with the race but it would be essential of course.

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Coincidentally I thought about that and tada, you posted it :smiley:

Indeed I want to also implement Race Events with the fix coming in A9.3 it’s finally possible.

And the HV boat race is possible BUT not in terms of Checkpoints. It must be a more or less straight line around a planet, because for now we only have the Event reward/end check: “Who reaches a zone first”.
So if we have a Class 5 planet and a straight line, it would take about 37 minutes with a HV to finish it first and a lot can happen along that way :slight_smile:

Maybe with a better API, we could make real checkpoints (curves) for automated events.

OR: we have a mission within a mission (I like Inception :wink: )
That means: we have a cool track with curves (checkpoints) but these can only be triggered / marked / guided with the PDA.

So either decide for the straight path and win the Event reward.
Or follow the PDA Checkpoints to receive the PDA reward. The PDA reward would be bigger than the Event reward.
And the PDA would be repeatable as well.

Really a lot is possible guys…

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damn, been a while since i sailed round a class 5 haha, actually took me about 45 minutes on a planet with 80% water.

I think the race could suit any class size planet really.

Is it possible you can make checkpoints out of event zones?

event 1 = checkpoint 1? this triggers a new event when you reach it, event2 which would be checkpoint 2 ? Not sure if thats possible.

You would need to reach 1 event zone to trigger the destination to the other event zone ? kinda like the starting default sp missions going to a waypoint to search for a wreckage with a signal ?

Well I know you will figure some way to do it :stuck_out_tongue:
Looking forward to the future !

Hv race on water? No thanks.
It will keep sinking

A Deathmatch of no garage ships would be a must. It will bring more creativity, individual player built battle designs, and players will be able to more regularly and effectively test their own pvp ships on the live server with a set playfield, set stats like gravity, and player cap like 1v1. Pvp Garage ships in my opinion is a turn off because your just using copies and further Borg like copies and clones of someone else’s godmodded ship.

It’s not so easy mate.

Sure it would be cool to test your own ships “for free” and see how they perform against enemies.

But how should this technically work? It would mean we enforce very strict conditions to participate.
Like 2000 Blocks, 100 Devices and Class 1.30 for example.

Otherwise it would be totally unfair.
And such technical condition might be too heavy for @Jascha to implement.

Garage ships are cool too - it’s like testing them before spending millions of money for them. Especially for new players a cool feeling.

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Simple, just use the current class 1 sv restrictions in regards to sv’s.

Not a good idea. 1o1 Fights with class 1,49 Combat SV has a duration between 30 and 50 minutes… You cant kill a Combat or Xenosteel SV with higher Class in 30 min…Sorry but that wouldn work! That would kill the fun of this great event!

Would be more funny If everbody could use a 1,5k Block SV Selfmade or not. but not higher and no Combatsteel and such a crab. Fights should not be do longer than 10-15 min!

Right! good idea! Fun to create cool ships for the event and fights would have a End!

Yep with Class 2 or max Clacc 3 CVs!

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That is one of the reason Alpha 9.3 will also introduce a HWS Meta change here and there:

-10% hitpoints felt better in my tests.
But we have to see if it’s really taking that long.

To be honest that is a “lite” version of the real Deathmatch event type I have planned.
I hope @Jascha can make it possible soon that at the start of a Deathmatch type event he checks

  1. the Pilot
  2. the ship of the Pilot
  3. stores the ship of the pilot.

If the ship is then in the given criteria like 1000 Blocks and Class 1, THEN allow him to enter the event with his stored ship.
2 players fight then with their own ship and after the event the ship is restored to the state before the event.
A major thing to do though…

Question: would it be maybe enough to just have such deathmatch conditions and don’t store/restore the ship?
That would be better to code I think.

Ok cool. I try to set it up.

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That would be more than great! Much more fun to fly own ship! So construktion and fighting would be funny!

I have enough in my OCD to build thausands of that ships^^ I dont need to restore it. But i think not everyone would see it as I :smiley: Only Ammo at start would be fine. Ammo production sux^^

Thats all better than Garage Ships! Great work then!

Whoop whoop! But I think with CVs most want to have a restored ship :joy: But It is good to get empty space in my OCD! perhaps in 5-10 Seasons I have to farm again! yepeeeee!

Ahhh and pls nooooo SV Space fight^^

Jascha use his magic to do all that! I beleave !!

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Let’s see if @Jascha can do the magic here :see_no_evil:

sure, such Events can be configured to put specific items in your inventory at the start.

Just give me the call and I can wipe your OCD in 7 seconds :smiley:

Hmm, no?
Fighting on planet is more involved with drama though… green wall… fly to orbit and back all the time… and how much the gravity? What planet class size?

You know I cant do that :sunglasses:

Oh no! Space Fight are unplayable! Most time weapons dont hit in Space. And you have more lags. Planet Class 1 easy going. No POIS. only pew pew! And If someone would fight in space, they could fly up!

With that nobody could win that deathmatch :smiley: And you have nothing to lose. So nobody has to run away.

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