Matt's Guide for how to NOT get warp jumped

Was originally writing this as a reply to a thread, but it closed right before I posted. But honestly its just good info in general, so why not.

It is becoming common knowledge that the warp from donare to market, among others, is a hunting ground for people ambushing people warping. For future reference, a few things that might help:

  • Always keep your turrets online. You will not have enough time to turn them on when you need them.
  • If you see a warp signature near you, or you a white ship on radar at the warp in, the best thing you can do is focus on warping again. If someone is warp jumping you, chances are its an experienced player, in a combat capable ship. Your best defense is to not be there. Unless you are in a warp sled, you will likely be able to lock on, refuel, and warp again before they can hit your warp core.
  • On the jump from donare to market, refuel on the FIRST jump. Chances are anyone waiting to ambush will be waiting in sierra or armageddon to ambush, for a reason. They know you will have to refuel on your second jump. If you jump once, then refuel, you can then jump the last two in quick succession, and either be in market, or one of two donare systems ( at which point they have to guess which you jumped to)
  • If you have two players, have one person pent load and one lock on to the next target. This will all but guarantee that you will be warping faster than most pirates, as they will be solo in their ships the majority of the time.
  • ALWAYS RECORD. The server keeps logs, but when goofiness happens, for example if the playfield load/ invisible ship error occurs, you have record of it, and it may be possible to look at logs of other things happening at the same time to try and figure out a source to this issue and finally fix it.

For further advice, check this thread


Another little thing that might help the new guys, if your sitting on trade hub don’t align straight out from the start, aim randomly and get speed first then turn and warp in 1 go so no one can look which direction your ship is facing to know where your warping too.

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Good tips guys!

Another nifty trick: you only have to point at the warp zone, not fly towards it.

You can fly backwards at 92kps and point at your destination behind you to warp.

Not sure if thats just interesting physics or unintended game behavior, but works just fine.

Come to think of it @RexXxuS and @Jascha can you confirm and delet this comment if it’s considered exploit worthy? Don’t want to proliferate unwanted behavior, but this seemed benign.

I sure hope not, Ive been doing it since 4.0. I even designed a ship to take advantage of this, was designed to back up, then warp. when you arrive at the warp in point, you are already stopped, so can refuel faster. This was before you could access inventory while moving.

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I’m no physisist so maybe warp mechanics don’t need you to fly in a specific direction to fold space? XD


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Meh not much of an exploit as you have to design your ship ridiculously to get enough extra speed otherwise its only 2m/s or something small xD

I think the point was that you dont need to fly towards your target. Just be pointing AT it with your camera, and be going over 50 m/s

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I was a bit confused by these topics, because I thought it wasn’t allowed:

3.Do not warp camp. The warp entrance area is about 3km big (randomness +/- 1,5km. This is a TRANSIT-ONLY ZONE – you MUST be moving or refueling/remapping.

4.If you just warped you have 3 minutes to leave that area - Violators will have their ships seized and left in orbit.

Am I missing something? Was there a rule change?

No rule change. Warp camping is illegal and if you’re caught you could lose much. But the key is in the language. You cannot linger in a warp zone. Period.

However there are ways to legally kill your prey in the warp zone. I don’t want to influence gameplay, but appearing at a warp zone at the same time as another player and engaging in combat is legal.

This is why it’s good to know how to be prepared when traveling.

It’s a tight and risky line and can result in unexpected, undesirable results.

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Can I put my 50 cents ? :slight_smile:

This rule was designed before update, where all players coming to same warp point. And warp fuel tank was 25 of pentaxid. Now warp tank is extended by 2.5 times for 2-3 jumps, and size of warp spawning is about 75 square kilometers with at least 1500 possible locations of warpes.

So, may be lets cancel this HWS Rule 4.3 ?


I really still think that would be bad, because it is still VERY possible to flood the warp in point with bases, or a cv fleet, which is the what this rule is intended to prevent.

Where are you getting this from?

Note the difference in terminology here:
Warp Jumped
Warp Camped

They are actually two discrete things, camping being far worse because it means someone can literally just position a bunch of firepower on the warp-in, and wait. Warp “jumping” is the rest of the combat you see on warp in’s, and there is literally no way to make a rule against it, as it can very easily happen accidentally.

Would like to know about this 75km area too. The warp in zone seems pretty narrow to me. Whenever I warp into arma I seem to be in almost the exact same position. Also whenever I warp with friends from other factions we arrive in the same general area. Seems to be 2-3km for me (‘Area’-wise max 36 - anecdotally) not 75.

Hey MAY be thinking cubic km, 6x6x6 km, but that can be very misleading, because the chances of being spawned on the outer edge of the warp in area is slim, (and I am not sure it is in fact 3 km from a center point,even) and a player can then see and engage about 2km in every direction. At best, the warp in zone just means you wont warp EXACTLY where they expect.

If he put a cubed on that 75 it might have been a little more understandable :wink:

Im sure Rex/Jascha will have the precise figures for the warp in areas.

This world is based on rules - some can be bent - others broken. Not this one though.

It would be pretty interesting having an END system with only 1 way warp where building your base on the warp in point was not only allowed but encouraged, it would be that little extra defence for your planet where you can protect your allies.

553=75 :slight_smile: approx