Vorty's guide to avoiding failed travel

Ok folks, seeing more instances of people getting stranded in PvP space for various reasons, here’s a simply but helpful guide to best avoid finding yourself in a similar scenario.

A). Plan your journey - not hard look at map, plot ur course count the required Pentax (make sure to take that amount with you)
B). PvE systems - do you pass through one on your travels? Ocd can be accessed here may be a wise idea to store some Pentax in you ocd.
C). Attacked and died ? This can leave you without means of travel make sure to have atleast a warp sled ready to spawn in your factory, very cheap very basic cv.
D). Spare device - again attacked and maybe you got away but can’t warp? Keep a back up warpcore and tank incase, even place a couple in different cargo boxes on the ship.
E). Never use public ships as a for of guidance - your not the only ones who can see this and may attract unwanted attention.

Players won’t always be willing to help or provide a pickup from PvP space. And also giving your location or even playfield can leave you vulnerable to attack from others who may see your distress cry in global chat. So final word of advice pick a supporter, someone you know won’t back stab you, seek to add them on steam or contact them via discord and make sure your faction is allied with them, otherwise shots maybe fired and ur left stranded as they think it’s a trap.

Also some advice for anyone attending these calls.
A). Never talk in global again take it to steam or discord.
B). ensure you have nothing of value.
C). Place a container publicly coded on the exterior of the ship easily accessible if they need fuel or Pentax (reduces risk to you)
D). Ensure your warp tank is fueled and ur warp target is locked before the meet, this way if it is a trap you can align and leave promptly.
E). Place a cockpit in a reinforced area of the ship, frontal cockpits on prefab ships are a deathtrap, you would be aswell to select suicide in combat lol.

This is the best advice I can think for both parties in that situation


Always have a warp sled ready to spawn. It should have a constructor on it and you should have blue crystals in your autominer.

My ship warps without me multiple times per week. Everyone should be prepared for that to happen.


One thing you don’t mention but I see happen all the time…

HWS has a very helpful community, we’ve all lost ships to bugs, we’ve all been stranded. Most of us are willing to help new players who don’t act like complete jackasses…

…except oh so so so many do!

If you are stranded somewhere for whatever reason - complaining about Empyrion, HWS, the fact that an admin isn’t online RIGHT NOW to help you and just raging and raging and raging will not result in you being helped. Not now or ever.

You will lose things to bugs. It’s an alpha game, expect it and handle it with as much grace as you can manage. Even evil nasty scary pirates may be willing to help you if you aren’t a complete wanker.


Check your “home” spawn before and after every playfield change. If you’re killed and your only spawning option is “current location” you’ll rage.

Always have fuel in your inventory, you can die from hunger or lack of o2 and respawn but your ship won’t fly without fuel.

A) always take 50% more than required because bugs will happen: your teammate hasn’t warped with you, pentax disappeared from inventory…

D) always have cores with you in case your ship core has been destroyed by an artillery shot, keep some room left near your cockpit to quickly put a new core on your ship

2-C) public access code for devices is 0000

2-D) Always have a warp location selected to flee, always.


It’s been alluded to, but to be clear, plot your trip and take enough for the trip there AND BACK!!! I dont know how many folks make it to their destination PVP playfield expecting to pull from OCD.


Yup all very good points to be taken into consideration :smiley: home spawn slipped my mind lol and no-one likes a jackass lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Before travel

  1. Take all valuables with you, collect in boxes, especcialy epics, gold, cash, and ores/bars.
  2. Try to sort ore in one box, bars in other, pentaxid, magnezium, etc.
  3. Dock your 4-5 different SV to your CV, in case if you CV will be damaged and stopped, jump into SV and fly away !
  4. When you chatting in global chat, ask people where best place to mine gold meteorites, they will help you immediatly.
  5. If you or your CV killed dont inform other people about your location, they can come and stole your items and ships.
  6. Make pentaxid refuel and selection of next jump lock slowly, dont rush, make accurate by pressing P, and scroll down mouse to warp drive, etc.

Lmao you forgot to mention refine any ores into ingot prior to departure :stuck_out_tongue: