You can read the Story here - Cooming soon! MILENNIUM TOP GUN EVENT! First on EU then on NA
EVENT was starts after the blackhole wipe 5pm (GMT+1) at SUNDAY - 12.11.2017 On EU Server.

All you need it is - Go to the HWS Galactic Services building on the ECC planet. And find the pointer to the second floor, enter to the teleport. After teleportation you can see that:

Then go to the elevator and get up, Then proceed to the safe zone hangar.

After you enter to the safe hangar you can look around. Take some food and drinks (But not be a humster - you are here not for take stacks of the meat - you here to have fun in good fights).

And you also can visit the Museum of the Emperion SV history. To make you waiting shortly.

When we all will be ready. Teams was be setup - first 4 pilots go to action. And proceed to the airfield.

If you fall down to the ground you can always get up - just go to the GRAY door.


DO not use hand weapons.
DO not kill players in the EVENT Spaceport zone
DO not damage the prepare for combat SV
DO not steal
DO not harm each others and don’t spoil the fun
DO not left the combat area (1.5km around the Spaceport - markered by a beacons)
YOU cannot leave the event (doors are blocked) for leave the event - ask A.F.T or Admin.

YOU CAN Make free wings (even RED+GMS can be in one wing) :wink:
YOU CAN Walk in the safe area. Go up to the roof (to watch the action by eyes - but it is not safe)
YOU CAN Use medbays, o2 stantions, fridges, shower

Two teams RED and BLACK. Two pilots in the team (wing) - 2x2 battle. Lone wolfs can find the party right on the spot.
Wins wing who have at least one operational interceptor. Interceptor made from steel blocks. Have only 6 miniguns on board - oldstyle PVP.
The Olympic scoring system. Who win in the first wave of the event - takes part in the second, etc. At the final we have only two wings (4 pilots) And the winner will be only 1 wing (2 pilots).

THIS EVENT I PLANNED With one goal - equal opportunity and veterans and newbies! You have the same chances of winning.


  1. Make a wing
  2. Go to the boarding area and stay near the you team SV (RED 1-1 (numbers is - first action - first pilot) RED 1-2. BLACK 1-1 BLACK 1-2 (for the first action)
  3. Seat to the SV prepare for action
  4. After “green light” take off and go 300m each other.
  5. After command start - start action! Shoot down the enemy!
  6. When action is over you need go to the spaceport and land to the roof of the second (LEFT) hangar (near with watcher roof)
  7. Then go down to the safe zone by foot.


**IF we have more than 40 players on the event - prizes DOUBLE!!! And every each participant will receive one more stack of the gold ingots

All prizes come in gold ingots

1.Final. Winner - 30 millions of credits into Gold INGOTS (yeah Veterans can put it into their OCD for the future battles. New players can smelt it into the coins and buy something from HWS services) - (15 mil for the each pilot)
2.Final. Second place 15 millions
3.Half Final - (two wings) 10 millions
4 - All new player (who have less than 100 playhours on HWS) get additional prizes! Even if they will be shoot down in the first fight! - 999 Gold ingots. 999 Combat steel blocks 999 Fusion Fuel 250 - BA repair blocks (contains big amount of the rare ore) 10 AM cores!!!

Last bonus battle. Commandante AFT itself against the Winner Wing (2x1) - If Commandante ship goes down the pilots of the winner wing have take additional prize - 100 AM cores to each pilot and the BP of the first AFT PVP ship from the pre alhpa (it was rebuild in new terms).



Blockquote The Top Gun Mission, and currently sadly almost every mission is suffering from a major bug, that people get teleported out immedeatley even though the Stargate is blue. The Devs are working on it though.

Will this affect the event? or is it tested <3

no, that event here is not an instance.

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Tomorrow (Saturday) GG will be wiped? (surface) So - no one not going to EVENT. All players go to mine gold and event was fail.

I don’t know if that is the reason no one might come but what about delay to tomorrow?
Should I implement server chat announcements that it is happening tomorrow?

Ok lets do that tomorrow