My Achilles Heel...Goodbye :)

Good Evening HWS Community,

This post is of a different nature and I try to keep it short…*try :wink:

I’ve been admin on HWS for the past 8 months or so and it really has been a ride!

It’s had its ups, and its downs…

but overall it has been superbly amazing!
I’ve made some great friends and really been involved in something that is incredible.
HWS all started from the idea of 2 guys, They turned that idea into something that hundreds of people now look to as their source of entertainment, some for hours each day…others maybe a few here and there….the point is, it means something to a lot of people.

It means a lot to me.

It’s a pretty privileged position to be instilled with trust. Trust that you will do the right thing, for the players and for the good of this creation that is HWS

the driving force for me has always been the players, to give you all the best experience, to help out when things are crappy from an Alpha game lol…
My wife to be would probably leave me if she knew the hours I’ve put into this role (especially because it’s not paid) lol
Lucky* for me we have both been serving in the British Army for the past 7 years and so we have always had a lot of free time apart, she’s been gaining loads of actual qualifications in preparation for leaving….where as I have been playing Empyrion lol

The time has come however, she has left the Army and so have I…and now real life

and guess what, apparently people have to actually work for a living….go figure :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, it comes with a heavy heart that I am saying goodbye….hopefully not forever, but at least for the next 3-6 months or so.

So as of this evening, I am NO longer Admin on HWS

I’m going AWOL

this isn’t the last you’ve seen of me, I will come back….but for the imminent future, I’m outta here!!

Thank you all so much for the patience, the kind words and the friendships

A special mention to Andrea, Gareth and Zappe…when I started over a year ago on HWS…without you guys being awesome help at the start I never would of stuck on HWS….even after I stole Andreas ship and dismantled her base….she was willing to help this rude ignorant noob :sweat_smile:

Take it easy all of you and enjoy life, both ingame and out :smile:

and of course the biggest thanks to RexXxus and Jachua for creating something amazing that has changed my life over the past months.
Thanks for your time

Achilles (aka Sam)


aaawww SAD news but please dont be a stranger! you are welcome in our discord channel anytime for a chat! & you are verry welcome even when you were a noob lol. take care and enjoy life now that OH you have to work in the real life. Just make sure you behave in the real world dont go destroying anyones desk tidies hehe. Good luck.


I am so sad but happy for you. You will be missed. Enjoy life and we will see you when you come back and join TCH.

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We didn’t always see eye to eye but I always appreciated the effort you put into HWS. Best of luck out there.

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Just starting into HWS a few months ago, I havnt had an opportunity to be able to speak or interact with you, however I have heard friends and other players speak nothing but kind words. I have a lot of respect for the administrators on HWS, and hope to see you in the future.

P.S. Get your wife into the game. It will cure it all.

Devnatame (Sam)

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T_T Wishing you the best of luck Achi, thanks for everything!

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Been a pleasure serving next to you my man! I hope you get all you need out of the Real World!! :smiley:

See you when you come back around! :wink: Thanks for all you’ve done getting us here!! truly a part of building something amazing and inspired me to get more deeply involved.

Thakn you!! Have Fun!!!

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Who is going to big enough to fit intoyour shoes now as admin for the eu server?

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THink carefully at what you are going to do!!!
Everyone is Sad because you leave… I am SAD BECAUSE YOU ARE DOING A BIIIIIG MISTAKE!!!
Trust a 8y married husband!!!

Jokes apart GOOD LUCK in Real Life, you were a very good Admin, we will miss you.

See you soon in game (maybe as a player)


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Enjoy the world mate!.

Hope to see you ingame again.


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goodbye and thx for all your work!

You will be missed my friend. I hope everything is going well for you.

Farewell, Achilles, it was a nice time.

You will be missed. Thank you for all time you have invested in server. Good luck in real life!

Without you hws 6.0 was never possible, and RexXxuS would be signed in to a mental hospital, I know that we all will miss you, keep in touch and take care hope we will see you back around alfa 8

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Bye Achilles - Peace and long life.

Thanks for all your work and help from the other side of the Pond.

Thanks for the work -the evil poi :wink:

You will be missed Achilles :pensive:

But enjoy the next few months with your wife. You have to make up for lost time! :wink: :joy: