HWS status / feature / gameplay update

Hey @everyone,


as you have read @Achilles was stronk and brave enough to break free from the HWS / Empyrion chains. He helped me more than I can describe and it is a big loss.

However that is totally fine. He deserves the pause, any Admin on HWS can go whenever he wants since it is a job which drains not only time but also life essence so to speak.
Myself burned out couple of times already, @Jascha works also more on EAH / HWS than you can imagine and it grew overall to a big thing.
We never expected this and even though some player challenge our karma more than others it is of course understandable with so many players, so much responsibility and well, our vision of HWS.

We always wanted to create the best Empyrion Multiplayer server with all we have. Vanilla is a forgotten word since the beginning and creative gameplay, happy players and continuous improvements our future and passion.
That drives us.

Anyways it has its limits. It has its ups and downs. At the moment I would overall say we are going from down to up again but with a lot of affords and pain.

So for my part I will be also taking a minor break from tomorrow till next week Tuesday / Wednesday. My motorbike is missing me. My other life too.

My request to you is: please help yourself. The Guide is 99% updated. HWS Connect is still an underestimated tool for many. The HWS Community is your best friend.
Thank you.

CSW improvements

@Jascha kept working on CSW and fixed another major issues!

  • Before if you joined the other server the first time your RP were gone. This is fixed now
  • If you had before for example 1 private ship and your mate a private ship whoever did the csw:start command got the private ships from the other guy. This is fixed now
  • In some cases it was needed that only your player CSW jumps, not your ships (for example super fast OCD transfer). You can do this now with the command


First version of EGS Mall

I implemented on every starter planet the EGS Mall. It is a new gameplay feature for new people. It is not finished yet but already provides four NPC Trader selling you Food, Weapons, Components and other stuff.
So you get hooked straight at the beginning with the Economy and can spend your credits there to lift off the starters as soon as possible.
More missions which giving you more credit rewards coming soon.

XP set to faster now

Another decision I made is to change the XP progression from Slower to Faster. That means you level up faster now. With 6.0 we thought it would be a good combination with slow XP gaining and environment hazards. But either the weather was bugged or you had couple of XP exploits.
So till the XP system get a major rework where level 25 actually means something we keep it as Faster / fast XP leveling

Starter Planet patch Nr. 107

I don’t know how often I adjusted values here and there to have the perfect Meteorite drop rate or Mobs / Animal spawn rate but it’s still not perfect.
Even though I increased the Mobs / Animal spawn rate and amount to over 200% on every start planet the meteorites are still sometimes not equally distributed.
But a lot better than before and next week probably perfect.

Blackmarket in Peacekeepers

At the 0 0 0 position of Peacekeeper West and East you have now the Elemental Blackmarket Outpost. It has also one NPC Trader hidden in the back room if you missed him by now. Selling you the best of the best stuff.

New EGS Recycle Commands

Some people requested only Block return or both. @Jascha did some code magic:

  • egs:recycle:id Recycles your structure and places blocks in your OCD and sends the rest to your inventory. Make sure to have enough space. The higher your EGS Recycle level the more components you get back

  • egs:recycleOCD:id Recycles your structure and places all the materials in your OCD. Make sure to have enough space. The higher your EGS Recycle level the more components you get back

Inception Spaces wipe (Starter Orbits wipe)

Another lesson we had is to not wipe the starter orbits and its resulting problems.
We go back to the roots also here and will wipe starter obits also. But time shifted so people who carefully read and play won’t have problems - campers however might rage quit.
Just quick: we don’t want to punish people with that. We don’t want to blame anyone. But starter planets and its space are ONLY meant for beginners / new people joining. The experience should be fresh. Unique. Good. That was also the reason I invented the one way jumps.

But I want to help my buddy you know

Yes I know but Starters are designed in such a way that they can help themselves. And they need to do it. How often we had the case that a noob got picked up, gifted with a big CV and parked it yolo somewhere, hm? You got taxed because of him. You got seized by him.
Let the new people read the HWS Information Center. Let them learn it as you learned it.
Answering questions in global chat friendly is one of the biggest help you can give.
Last but not least use the Blackmarket to push new guys trades if you want.

Anyways this is the result for a better overall experience:

Every Tuesday we wipe the starter orbit Inception Space

Every Wednesday we wipe the starter planets

ATTENTION: the Inception Space II was just a temporary orbit. It will get removed with the first orbit wipe again too! (18th July)! Make sure it is empty by then.

While I am in vacation I will think of some other stuff to improve the missing problems we have such as full Ju planet, exploiters, perma PvP vs perma PvE, Portals / Missions and more.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for your support!

Your HWS Team


Safe travels, and time away. Thanks again for your vision, drive and fortitude making hws what it is for so many to enjoy. Cheers!

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Take care of yourself and take a well deserved break. Thank you for you great work :slight_smile:

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Enjoy the well deserved break!

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Hope you have a great break! :smiley: I wish that one day the community alone would be enough to handle all the problems, then you guys don’t have to stress xD But again thanks for all the hard work, the exp changes are very welcomed :smiley:

Couldn’t agree more.


A well-deserved break, no doubt. Enjoy! Thank you for the hard work and these are some GREAT changes (especially the XP change!!!) I’d like it a thousand times if I could.

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I demand pics of motorbike.

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Honda CBF 600. Nothing crazy but fast enough for my first bike :wink:


I used to have a Siamese cat - I still have a motorbike. Oddly I expected the cat to outlast the bike but life is strange.

I’m shocked that it’s not a BMW - I always wanted the K1300S but prices in the US were a bit in the absurd range so I ended up with a Kawasaki ZX-14R (and no - not as a first bike else I’d be dead for sure and you’d have had far fewer headaches on HWS)

@Xanif has a Suzuki SV650 but never rides it because he’s a terrible person who does not appreciate the best things in life.


Genieß die Freizeit, bekomm den Kopf frei und fahr vorsichtig.

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Sad to hear :frowning:
Siamese cats are in general a bit too overbred. They have mostly a weak heart or some other anomalies. Our cat RexXxuS had a little Brother “Ju”. One morning he happily ate some food and his heart stopped pumping. Heart attack. Instant dead.
RexXxuS is super fit but has a little anomaly in his tail.
But the characters of them are outstanding :slight_smile:

BMW = Germany? :wink: I made my driving licence on one of these horses but somehow it was not so cool. Overloaded with hightech what is cool but not that nice to watch.

I was thinking about Honda, Yamaha or Kawasaki but since it is my first one the most important thing was durability and trust for me. Since I am driving in snow, rain and what not.
But the CBR series is maybe a wish in the future

But yes, you always have to need respect to this power. Your beast needs damn control I can imagine.
Well sooner or later he will for sure :wink:

Ride safe.

Have a good time on your bike. Get rested.

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Have a good time


I have a Suzuki Vstrom DL1000 :). CBR is a great goal bike, also. This is my second VStrom - LOVE them – very durable.

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Its about time you took a vacation. taking all this on with little admins left is goign to be stressfull.
Get some well deserved down time!
AND i hope as the community they can come together to try and help ppl out in global chat.
have fun rexx

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Take care Rexxus! as allways good work with evrything :slight_smile: Thranir will take care of the server while your gone :wink:


Sometimes the best way to tackle a situation is to step back from it for a minute. The truth is, that you cant take care of anything else if you dont take care of yourself first. I hope you find some rest, relaxation and some freedom of mind. Look forward to your return, and until then - safe journey.



nice bike rex hope you get some miles on it lol but dont forget to take the cat off the seat before you drive off lol :grin:


Super awesome :slight_smile: Safe travels RexXxus! Watch out for those slow, lumbering CVs out on the road!

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:astonished: am I talking to a cat all the time :face_with_raised_eyebrow: