My base is gone - please help

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: My base is gone
Player(s) with issue: Walker
Server: HWS EU
Time (cb:time): 1:00 PM GMT+1
Playfield: Pandowa PVE
Structure Name(s): Stark Tower
Structure ID(s): -
How can we help you now: Please bring my base back. It was full of loot I gathered during weeks of playing. Now it’s all gone. Don’t know why.

Hello @walker

(All information given at the HWS Info Center at the very beginning)

To get your Base back it would cost you:

10,089,585 credits and 2 RP.

Let me know if you accept or from whom I should take the money.

So that’s it? Damn… it’s only 2 days… As for RP points - no problem, but I have only about 300k credits. The amount of money needed for bringing base back is insane. It’s pretty much more easy to start all from the beginning, which is too bad… Don’t get it why these wipes are at all?. I understand global wipes, but this? Who cares whether I will log in or not during mentioned time? It’s really like formality. Anyway I guess this the end of Empyrion for me. Waste of time. Thanks anyway.

By no means is this “formality” or because we are bored and want to punish players.
The reason why is explained here:

We even increased the global WipeTime from 9 days to 15 days for some longer vacation trips but 2 weeks are really the max. now to grant fairness for everyone (2 weeks everyone had to load and render your structures in ECC Space for nothing, stealing a bit of their frames per seconds).

Pandowa is quite full and your stuff wasted the performance for a lot of players for 17 days. If you don’t play active this is bad for others. Imagine everyone would think that way…
We are a big server and can’t store everything for everyone forever. This would be formality.

There would have been easy preventions for you to not let this happen in the first place.

Only deal I can do for you is to take what you have and restore it since the Full wipe is coming anyways – not mentioning that you don’t make use of your OCD as well.

What? What have I left at ECC Space? :expressionless:

I understand your position, It’s my fault and this is no excuse. But… to be honest - as I mentioned, i could just log-in during that time, move the player like 1 meter, and then log out ;). I don’t see any sense in bringing the base back now as the upcoming global wipe is on its way.


This was just an example for that player there.
The reason was after that sentence.

True but you would have played then most likely and that is all about that.
Especially since we can’t know “are you now ‘active’” or not. You could have been moved to another country, created a family or whatever reason to never ever come back again.

It’s like your trash can in your house - you have to empty it regulary too, right? :slight_smile:
Otherwise you are swimming in your garbage… not so good.

Up to you, I would grab your money and RP and would restore it.
Just keep in mind you have to decide today. Tomorrow the backup would be gone.

And as I said: you don’t have to “start new again” on HWS.
If you would store your items in your OCD you have a reason to play still since you can get your items out from the OCD in HWS 8 again.
Your progress is saved so to speak.

You’ve got the point.

Thanks RexXxuS :slight_smile:

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