My experience with this server

Hello guys, so yea im writing to many unfair stuf i’ve experienced on the server…

The server was one of the best servers i ever played, and probably still is…
Everything was fine i could play normaly and everything, lost some, won some… I could always get to base get new mats and play on… until this hapend.
My motherboard fried so i had no means necessery to play. After few days my ships disapeard, lucky enough my freind was only once online so the base stood there… Unfortanly all medic stations were in those 4 ships, and only 2 were in use so the medic station’s on 2 ships were safe.

NOW long intro here’s what hapend, i repair my computer after 20 days, get on server and all i had was some basic materials… lucky enough i made a small CV to mine stuff and drive around… then 3 LARGE CV’S atacked me while mining in black hole, i didnt even have time to warp out or anything… Now i dont have those 2 ships at my base, now i dont have medic station, and im stranded on starter, and my buds cant even come pick me up… So here is my experience i lost everything due to 20 days afk, they came with 3 LARGE CV… i dont even have one cuz it was deleted… I just wantet to share how much bad luck you can have becouse of redicolous rules, there is 200 players on server 100 active constantly, and those 4 ships were few kilobytes of information and Admins said its to keep server better runing… well 200 players god nows how many ships, my ship’s didnt make any difrence if they were there or not… So for 1% of cpu performance i lost 4 ships, 5th ship cuz i had nothing better, and i must start all over… Next thing ii must mention is people attitude, i went in wrote lost all ships my pc diead, and people be like, get rekt, hahahah nice one, start over, reset… everyone makin fun…

So yea in short your cpu made shit difrence of those ships being there or not, for me it was all lost.

So people if u get offline say the word to admins tell them to save your ships, i hope you read this before being absent becouse SEA TIME is coming… and i dont want people to get stranded like me. Report to admins if you go for a few days offline… Save your ships… Becouse if u lost something offline, your going to be a target of makin fun, and everyone will search where you mine cuz you will be weak.

With love <3 to those who understand me. Marko Repnik
And with devils hands on those who made fun of me

Sounds like you had some bad luck, and yeah, you could have done some things to save your stuff proactively. The loss sucks and I’m sorry to hear that.

But the rest of this honestly feels like QQing over a series of bad decisions on your part. Before you go throwing accusations that your being made fun of here, note that you’ve posted this in community topic for all to comment their opinions on, so please don’t be that guy who posts and then cries about getting opinions he doesn’t agree with

None of that is the servers fault or even problem. Nor is it the community or servers fault that you took an unarmed CV into the black hole, and lost it…

This community is very helpful and I’m sure would get you back on your feet. I do it almost daily for folks who have lost much. But losing gracefully and taking accountability to your own actions and decisions and not blaming the server, admins or the pvp community is all the world of difference.

Also, PS, at the end, it’s a game. no reason to cast curses and get you feeling genuinely hurt over it.

Hope it picks up for you!! If you’re on NA, look me up if you need a hand.

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Hop is 100% correct, he’s a great guy just trying to help listen to him. When they first came out with that rule I had about 20-30 150k+ Iron ingot ships de spawn on me and my faction mates. You just have to move on, like Hop said its just a game and at the end of the day you can always re build. The black hole is for PVP not hand outs on gold and resources. It sucks there was a 1v4 but it happens to all of us. Sorry to hear, go build new ships and I hope to see you out there!

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Also, previous wipes time was 14 days, so even on the old rules, a 20 day AWOL would have resulted in the same outcome. The rule change didn’t ruin the day, unfortunately.


Multiply your statement by the 200 players you see, and add the other 500 players that came, built stuff, and never came back because it was too hard or whatever. How many “few kb” ships does the server allow to pollute the experience for those of us who are not afk?

It’s preventative maintenance and it’s good hygiene. I know it sucks for you, but it’s good for the greater pop.

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FYI this is his original post. I went back, and for the life of me can’t find a single person who made fun of him. The closest one was me, who tried to lay out the things that led him to where he was, and why taking the massively negative attitude that he took was such a bad thing.

I will just repeat what was said there. The unvisited timer is not unique to HWS. It exists in all servers that dont disable it, default time is 15 days. Even on those servers, if you stop playing for 20 days, then you are SOL. Atleast on HWS you have about 3 days worth of backups and immensely helpful admins to possibly help you if something terrible happens.

I am glad to hear that you stuck around, and tried to get back on your feet. It sucks that you got jumped in one of the biggest cv PVP hotzones on the server, but to be fair… you were in one of the biggest CV hotzones on the server. If you dont have friends with you, or are not 100% confident in your ship, leave it behind and take a warp sled with a mining laser. That way if you get jumped, you lose almost nothing.

Again I will repeat since it apparently wasnt clear last time I tried to help. I am not making fun of you. I am trying to give you some relevant information.

In conclusion, its all been said before, in far less graceful terms. If you want help that we can actually give, we would be happy to. But you make it very clear that :

No i dont want to have help to get my stuff back, point for me was playing solo hiden, so helping is pointless for me pls understand, im a solo pirate, and for yet all battles ive won. So no i dont want help to get back i want what i played for 400 hours and exeactly where it was parked. I know its hard to make server runing at high performance. but what the god damn fuck. There should be no rule of deleting if someone is absent… how can i play with my pc broken? I want ships exeactly the same on exeactly the same spot… one more time. I want ships exeactly the same on exeactly the same spot.

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just take a deep breath, swallow that (understandable/unfortunate) salt and start over with some help. this game is in alpha and sometimes shit just happens. like fried computers in busy times. you will loose your stuff often. I lost 2 bases 3 cvs to server glitches, weird faction/private base stuff, and I dont know how many tanks due to low fps, turrets not firing at enemies, vehicle unable to stop because you need to click away an error message. Its just some information on a server somewhere, it is gone, replace it with some other information :wink:
My point; shit happens, you cant play this 100% solo on this server. But there’s always a way to get going again, with a little help from people who prolly have had the same thing happen at some point, so thats probably why they are more than happy to help.

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