Pc broke down, now ships are gone

Hey is there anyway i can get what is “deleted” back becouse my pc brokedown and i wanna play :stuck_out_tongue:

I want them spawned somewhere safe. becouse i dont wanna expose my base due to “faction settings”


pls help? :confused:

They will need server, playfield, In game name, faction, ship ID, and when they were deleted. If it is more than 3 days ago, unfortunately it is not an option.
Also I changed your post from off topic to get support.

all i remember is names… i did not have the pc so i cant have any of that info

im not looking for support, thats why i put off topic… i want back whats mine… more correctly, i want something i never lost and i dont need it back becouse i never lost it, and when i loged in after 25 days without pc there should be my stuf… where is my damn stuf?

Stuff gets deleted after 9 days so you’re stuff is gone.

Ok a few things. First off: probably not the best tact to get SUPPORT for an alpha game in a free server. And yes, this is support. You are asking that someone go and take their time to spawn in something that you abandoned (due to circumstances out of your control, but abandoned nonetheless) almost a month ago.

Second, This game has an unused structure deletion feature, that will delete structures if they are unvisited for a server selectable period of time. Default is two weeks, HWS uses 9 days. After 9 days, your stuff is gone. And while it may be returnable for a brief period afterwards by manually going back into a backup, grabbing the structure from that backup, and placing it into the running game, Backups are only capable of being maintained for about 3 days, due to the massive memory requirements of full server backups. Your “stuff” was gone forever 13 days ago, with absolutely no physical way to return it.

Finally, This is an alpha. In order to play it, you had to agree to an EULA that says you acknowledge that this game is not in a completed state, and that it will change on a regular basis. Also, that it may not even be playable at times, and there is no obligation to actually take the game to its finished state. You could have very easily came back 25 days later and found the entire GAME not there, not just your stuff on a server maintained by people who have no obligation to you or your items. That being said, they will generally help you as best they can, if it is possible, and you are not a dick about it. Both of these conditions do not apply in this situation.
Re-assigning your thread to off-topic, feel free to weigh in @RexXxuS


Pretty much couldn’t have said it better. Exactly as above, however I’m a little less optimistic that you’ll see your ships back after 25 days and would simply set your expectations to start over.

If you’re on NA, let us know if you need a hand getting on your feet.

PS, full wipe imminent in the next several weeks.


so if i example would go to sea where i have no pc… i would get all erased? if my pc brokes down i get all erased? If i brake my leg and go to hospital i get erased?.. I’m really frustrated, i used all my money to repair pc so happy to continue playing and nothing is there… thanks mcprouty. No i dont want to have help to get my stuff back, point for me was playing solo hiden, so helping is pointless for me pls understand, im a solo pirate, and for yet all battles ive won. So no i dont want help to get back i want what i played for 400 hours and exeactly where it was parked. I know its hard to make server runing at high performance. but what the god damn fuck. There should be no rule of deleting if someone is absent… how can i play with my pc broken? I want ships exeactly the same on exeactly the same spot… one more time. I want ships exeactly the same on exeactly the same spot.

Sorry, but you aren’t going to get them. They are gone.

All info is in the rules and guides. There is no possible way to return your stuff. Demanding it won’t help anything.

I would love to understand and help you… but 25 days gone… and then such a rude way of expecting help???

All the reasons were already presented, so cant really argue anymore :wink:

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i begged nicely entire day… im sick of it go fuck yourself


same way i invited people to server il dis invite them aswell fuckers

Who are you again? I’m sure you and your posse will be missed.

You need to wake up, have some respect, and get real my boy.

Who did you tell that you are absent?
When did you inform the admins you would be gone and for how long?
When you were this awesome solo pirate who shuns all help, did you realize that you’d lose all your stuff in 2 weeks before? You’d have been screwed back then too.

We tried to help you and now you’re just and entitled whining baby expecting the world to make him right. You lose. You lost your stuff. You didn’t play. You didn’t Do anything to help keep your stuff. It’s not the server, it’s you.

Now stop crying and be an awesome solo pirate and get it all back the way you stole it in the first place, or just go away. Easy as that.

And get a better attitude or find a stable GA game that you can solo yourself to tears in.

And what i did wrong? I WANT WHAT IS MINE??? yea? satart over ? 400 hours… you must be kiddin me… go fuck yorself as well

I will not show any respekt till i get whats mine.

Till then.

You did nothing. That’s what you did wrong.

And also being a douche.

i wish i could be a retard like all of you who made fun of me when 400hours of gameplay went to shit… ul get it… RETARD

I said what this server, especialy when they saved me from buging in black hole… i said it is super special server, and probably is, like fulgrim is awesome and rexxus… but others are just retards like everyone else in general.

you do realize, clearly being a highly educated individual yourself, that there’s a full wipe coming in a couple weeks where EVERYONE will lose their work.

So yeah… keep on.

Ps: I hear mine craft is fun.

We should probably close this thread eh @Jascha?