NA Guardian Looking for Faction

I don’t see the usual application website stuff for most of the NA factions so I figured I’d hang it all out and see who bites.
I’ve tried contacting some people directly with no luck.
At first I created my own 1 person faction and tried to get alliances with everyone but that seems…counterproductive.
I have since left it prepping for joining one for real.

What I want:
Keep in mind, I’m very new so some of my wants may be unreasonable or incompatible, I don’t know.
I want to play the role, I want to fly escorts for traders, fight pirates etc.
I do NOT want to sit on my hands discussing things and never actually doing anything. (other then getting ready its not like I’m going to take my only CV into combat)
I do NOT want drama/infighting.
I’m only looking for a rank/file position I’m not looking to move into leading anything or diplo or any of that stuff.
I would like a GATO faction if possible because:
a) Fell in love with the city of Auxilio on starter, its what made me think ya know it might be worth playing this empyrion thing for more then a day or two. I want to be a part of the group responsible for that.
b) From what I understand they ‘rule’ Uranus (heh) and I realize I would not be able to live there but that’s fine I can live in my cv in orbit. But to be able to place down auto miners, mine etc would be divine. Due to the wipe I was forced to abandon the starter region before I was what I would consider ‘ready’.

Full disclosure:
I currently just have a CV (t2 stock that I’ve been modifying) and a small ship (t5 stock I’ve been modifying).
I’ve already been to Uranus, explored keeping clear of bases and everything was fine till I tried to leave and I could not get into orbit, someone suggested going to the wall and going up so I did that. I went to the wall, went up things went wacky and I got shot down hard. I did respawn 3-4 times trying to get to what’s left of my small ship. Told it to respawn at clone and it spawned at random place on planet, tried to get to remains of small ship from other side, but the turrets saw me again. So if someone’s seeing something in the logs that looks like I was ‘attacking’, I was not, not 1 shot was fired back.
The base I encountered was in the far north near the wall and looked like a big mace tower.

Newbie Questions:
How do you tell who to shoot. On/in Uranus I realize that the only threat is unallied guardians but once your out in the world, how do you tell the ship you encountered is pirate or trader… (i.e. to be be fought, or to be helped)
I’m starting to think what I really should have done is gone trader and just flown cap for them from within…from the stuff I’m reading there is not much interaction between guardians and traders. However, I don’t want to start over now.

PKA NA server is recruiting.minimum qualifications is that you have Discord
for voice Channel.and that you are a active player.

The answer to this is in the alliance system you mentioned before. The end goal is to have all guardians allied with each other, and to each trader faction. Thus far I know traders are doing excellent at keeping alliances up so we dont team kill each other, now its just a matter of cross origin alliances. Once that is done, you can tell by flying up to the ship in question. If your auto turrets engage, they are not allied. If you recognize the faction as friendly but not allied (and if they give you a chance to look in the lists) you come over global and tell them to hold and send alliance requests. This is the situation in which I found you in the black hole the other day, where I back off and tried to get you to ally, but you pursued instead. At this point we have to assume pirate / rogue of another origin, and we fight until they warp away or give up on global and power down.

I’m recycling an older post to discuss something that’s been a challenge for me since I started playing on HWS as a Guardian about a month ago. I find the faction, communication, and alliance system difficult. Starting new, with no friends, is very challenging as a new HWS player.

Let me start off with the preamble that I think this server, the player community, and the admins are awesome - best I’ve ever encountered playing EGS on official servers and other high population hosted servers.

My observations/feedback:

  1. Not obvious to me if Forums and Discord are used by factions to document objectives, recruiting status, contact info, etc. I finally created a faction of 1 to move off starter and start PVP.
  2. Spent a week trying to gain enough alliances to survive flying around faction planet and near deposits to place/farm AM’s with being shot.
  3. After gaining enough alliances with Guardian factions not to be shot while mining, established a base, but shot way too many folks I wasn’t able to connect with for alliance. Without OP, I could not control offline turret behavior. This, of course, was not well received. Even accidentally shot down noob fresh off starter and probably made him rage quit.

For discussion:

  1. Any discussion on offline “faction tools” via HWS connect, forums, or discord to register faction including values, goals, recruiting status, members, name changes? Some info must be available from server, but some is outside scope of current in-game system. links to Discord, application links, etc would be cool.
  2. As a faction of 1, I see myself as part of the problem. The majority of factions for all origins are under 3 members. Ugh. Who wants to deal with alliance requests from dozens of peeps like me? How does anyone know who I am? Maybe a nasty Pirate Spy? I might like to join a faction or merge with others, but I’m skeptical of other factions as well. I like to RP the “good” Guardian - do they? Who knows? And how effective is global chat and private messages? It’s been tough for me.
  3. I searched EGS and HWS Forums and don’t see much discussion of Faction mechanics and enhancements. I know in alpha, this isn’t a priority, but it’s critical to widespread adoption/acceptance of PVP servers. We need to appeal to people who are new and alone.

Appreciate any feedback! Long live the Lone Wolf Noob NA [LWN] - at least until I find other valiant Guardians to join or other worthy factions with which to merge. And in the meantime, remember as a faction of 1, my turrets shoot a lot offline and mean no harm most of the time. Now Homeworld on the other hand… When I shoot, I mean it!

Hi Madoc,

Right now all the guardians aren’t really such. A lot would like to ally across the board and play private security for a trader faction. This led to them getting bored when the pirates left the server and basically preying on anything “Not Trader” which is not in the core value system of the Role play guardian if you read the fluff. They are supposed to help out Rex and find the exploiters not become them. Assist new players not prey on them. The same justice for all not just the traders.

WKN has been on both sides of the story as freelancers. We’ve stepped in and helped the new people that were getting ganked by the rogue guardians but also played the foil when the pvp on the server slowed down due to no pirate activity. We are an open faction and probably not the best place for you but with 6.0 so close if you can’t find a guardian home you can hook up with us and at least learn the pvp ropes and get your autominers up.

My personal recommendation is look up UMC. I’d say EFA but I don’t think they are recruiting at the moment.

Keep in mind Validus, this bit of information is coming from one of the four factions that have waged constant war on guardians and traders over the last month or so. Just saying.

Oh and[quote=“Obsey, post:5, topic:3952”]
They are supposed to help out Rex and find the exploiters not become them.

I think you are confusing the Guardians with the HWS Police. Guardians are meant to be the good guys, and help, yes, but nothing in there says dont attack hunters/freelancers who prey on traders. And the implication that traders are inherently exploiters is a little bit ridiculous.

Howdy McProuty,

This is right from the guide:
The Guardians Origin are the so-called “good” guys of the universe. They protect the weak and seek for justice. They are not afraid to punish people who prey on the weak and powerless. Nevertheless they also have some guidelines:
•A guardian for Traders - Guardians should seek to escort and aid a trader in distress
•Help new / weak players by protecting / taxi service / etc.

I never indicated that the traders were exploiting but I was insinuating some guardians were. If you have a dirty conscience however…

As to your “prey” thoughts, I very clearly admitted that the server had gone stale and we had stirred things up by attacking the “bad” guardians and their rogue trader allies.

No one is the villain in their own story McProuty and it’s all perspective. Don’t let how others see you get you down as you’re a good player!

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Like always. I am always interested in having a heart to heart and chat. If you truly feel that way. All of the guardians I know that are your ‘badguys’ would be willing to figure out how to bring peace and see what they’ve done to earn this title in your eyes to prevent it from happening. And if I’m truly on the ‘badguys’ side, that’d be something I’d like to remedy. I’ve talked to DrFlux multiple times, it sounded like talking to him as a balance out the Galaxy thing. (It was getting guardian heavy) but seriously though, let’s chat sometime.

Anywho to the original question.

Discord is used, primarily posting in the guardian channel on the hws discord that you are looking for a faction. I can introduce you to all the guardian factions I know that are recruiting. Obseys suggestions of EFA and UMC are good but EFA is not recruiting. The other faction that is always recruiting is PKA. Besides that GUN, MWG, NSA, and BnB are the other 4 active guardian factions. (If I missed any feel free to correct me)

Anyways @Validus direct message me on discord and I can get you pointed in the right direction.

  • BYA Till Eulenspiegel

In case you don’t have it. Hws discord


I’ve never had a real issue with BYA or you. I try and keep these vague when a new player is asking about guardian factions and only recommend the ones I have either fought and respect or have actually seen play out the role. Some of your allies I have had issues with how they have treated and preyed on new players however and I don’t speak of third person experience.

Here’s something you can read into.

I haven’t looked deep into it yet but needless to say this is a “Big” issue I originally had to step in on and stop.

We cool but you can still shoot me in 5 it’s PvP! Who knows in 6.

Good heart to heart obsey. Nice chat!

I still stand by the guardians being not corrupt. But it was interesting seeing your perspective…

Until next time we meet in desert world.