NA: Onykage 24 hour ban

Consistent with past bans for threats of physical violence Onykage is banned for 24 hours.

Onykage I know you are frustrated with how the BH fight the other night went. Over the next 24 hours please consider a few things.

  1. Players got ejected from the playfield 3 times. During some of the logging back in both Politary and Chaotic were doing the things you’re upset that Slain did to you. This is part of PvP and part of the risk of going out into battle and honestly is pretty common when playfields crash. Things like this will probably happen again.

  2. The ship you were in was not optimized for survival in PvP, maybe spend some time on this community guide:

  3. While some back and forth is allowed in chat, please review our rule 3. Behavior & Chat which we found your threats of physical violence to violate.

Since this is Onykake’s first offense, a light temp ban was decided on.


F_U would like to officially apologize for the behavior of our member and we would like to assure everyone we will be making our best efforts to make sure that this behaviour doesn’t happen again.


My apologies, i was drunk and still salty about the whole incident.

I am aware my ship was not an armored hulk, but that specific ship is designed to take quite a beating.

In the case your referring to, a class 7 cube of armored concrete would not have survived someone in a ship with max guns sitting still in space 200m away from the target, shooting it until is was destroyed because it was not moving.

Either way, I apologize for my actions over Sunday and i can assure everyone it will not happen again, either situation.

Thank you.