3. Behavior & Chat

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1. Language & Chat

1.1 Please use only English in global chat. You can use whatever language you want in faction or private chat.

We tolerate other languages as well, but once you use vulgar words in other languages you will be warned & then punished if the adult language continues.

1.2 Don’t spam - you should reasonably space your messages apart to allow others conversation.

1.3 Obvious Advertisement, Troll Posts or Troll Behavior identified by admins may result in a player being instantly removed without warning. All chat is recorded and available for later review by admins.

Possible Punishment: Kick / Temp Ban / Perma Ban

2. Toxicity

2.1 We do not tolerate toxicity on HWS. While a few pokes are part of PvP and are acceptable - any excessive and frequent harassment, blaming, insulting, name calling, etc. are NOT okay.

How our Anti-Toxicity System works:

  1. If you respond to toxic chats, you are part of it too and are also guilty. Who started it does not matter.
  2. If you experience toxicity, take a screenshot of it, press B and MUTE the toxic person(s).
  3. Post the screenshot and names as soon as possible here: https://help.hws.global/
  4. The toxic person(s) will be warned the first time, followed by a temporary ban the second time and permanently banned the third time.

Here is further info. There is plenty of toxicity in real life and many other stresses in game. Do not express your frustration and aggression in game! Any further smack talk, toxicity can be handled in Your Own Discord server, E-Mail or whatever.

Possible Punishment: Kick / Temp Ban / Perma Ban

3. Behavior & Community

3.1 Please be respectful to others, even those not in your direct global conversation. This means: No racism, no sexist remarks, no shaming or verbal abuses.

3.2 HWS is a family-friendly server. There are minors and women who play on the server. Do not curse/swear or use other bad words in global chat - Keep it Clean!

3.3 Religion, Politics, Gender Topics, Etc. do NOT belong in the game or HWS Discord! Use Reddit or other discussion pages on the web if you wish to discuss these topics.

3.4 You may not use vulgarity, swear words or defamatory words/phrases in your structure/vehicle names, steam account, forum name, or other naming opportunities.

Regardless of whether or not Steam allows it, usernames which violate this rule will be warned and banned if the user does not comply. This of course applies to faction names as well. We also reserve the right to warn / ban accounts which have the obvious intent to cover identity or other suspicious activity.

This decision is strictly up to the judgement of admins available, and is NOT a matter up for debate.

3.5 Forum & Discord Accounts: When you join our Discord Server, Please use your in-game name! Otherwise, we don’t know if you are a spambot, and can’t help you with your in-game problems.

Possible Punishment: Kick / Guilty / Temp Ban / Perma Ban