NA Toxicity Reminder

Last reminder on this, next step is warnings:

Let me emphasize one part of this:

Tonight in chat I’m noticing back and forth that seems to come out of nowhere. To me, the way we’ve worded this is that banter that happens during PvP is probably not toxicity and conversely if people are trying to start banter outside of PvP then it could be crossing the line. The way I’m going to look at this is through the other parts of the rule which uses the terms “frequent” and “excessive”.

So through this thinking, if you are regularly targeting other players or factions in chat and it’s not related to PvP that you’re in or just finished and its happening regularly then you are in violation of this rule.

Since I’ve already discussed this with the factions who have members participating and know we’re all on the same page, I’m simply posting this as the final warning and reference when temp bans come if needed.


Is the ability to mute someone in game permanent? I have not tried it out, yet. I know it used to reset everytime you log out…

After logging out and back in.

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This is pretty vague, can you be more specific? Are you wanting us to just not talk at all? Seems like poking fun at each other is considered toxic to you? Idk what brought this up but any friendly rivalries and poking fun at each other outside of pvp seems like it might be considered toxic or in violation of rules and that’s basically saying you don’t have a community at all.
But maybe I’m just reading too much into this?

No offence, but I think your just reading too much into it. I could be wrong, but I think the admin will only take action if it’s a string of profanity or toxicity between two groups in global. So I uhh guess feel free to annoy them in their own discords? The usual stuff I see that would fall into this is like players in PvE stealing backpacks or faction names, or players denouncing others ships as poor builds. I am curious if PvP players have finished fighting and are in PvE bullying each other if it counts, or if say OH is annoying ABN and I have never PvP’ed in my life, but I’m in the chat bullying ABN as well would that count?

Calling a ship poorly built isn’t toxic. It’s stating that it’s poorly built. Calling it a steaming hot pile of dog sh*t would be toxic.

Hahaha, great point. You’re right, I was a little under the mark there.

Check with your faction on the background.

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I think some examples or a screen of being toxic would be most helpful so its not vague.

Exactly this. The blanket toxicity rule, since it’s inception, has been just as vague as this post is. Further, when the rule was put in place, there was NOT a mute function that worked properly, now that function works very well.

PvP includes banter, both baiting, after the bait is taken, and after the fish has been gutted, it’s a part of PvP in every game.

Honestly, with the mute function working fully when it wasn’t when this rule was implemented, anyone whining about toxicity at this point is either not educated in the new functionality, out to waste the time of server admins, or would rather PvP VIA creating new rules or getting other people banned because they are too sensitive. I myself would like to see HWS admins acting as game masters and not social workers. We can’t mute in real life, but we totally can here, so if you’re sensitive - click the button next to the name - done - easy.

In addition to this, could we also get capability to mute people speaking in-game VIA discord? I have seen a bit of people joining in talking about things when they aren’t actually playing. The feature overall is great and I love it, but I’d also love to be able to mute the people trying to instigate PvP when they’re hardly in-game.


As many things with language, intent, background, and context things like toxicity are hard to define ahead of time but in the words of the US Supreme Court. “I know it when I see it.” That’s what mods are for.


After reviewing tonight’s chat, @Saul Guud, @BushWacker, & @Zackey_TNT are getting final warnings. Remember do not instigate OR respond.

Will read the chat logs again tomorrow. I shouldn’t have to be in game for you guys to be following this!


Hi david,

If you would like to take the complaints and be subjective about it (not that you aren’t objective, language such as this is always subjective), have right at it.

Some language, to you, might not be offensive. Take for instance, an American called a (c-word) would very likely be offended, even though to an Australian it would be pretty much the equivalent of ‘bro’, and if my aussie mates decide to call someone a mad (c-word), and that’s a bad thing, then the server filters will take over and give them a warning. No big deal, even if that’s not REALLY a bad thing, it’s subjective.

Taking this to an even thinner thread, some things to a PvP faction in power aren’t offended when they are in power, but become offended when they aren’t, noone LIKES to be taunted, baited, beaten, or killed – all of those are negative words but also completely acceptable in a PvP setting. This is also a server which has PvP. These are actually very tame terms and a reality of PvP. I literally shoot people in the face with lasers to have fun in this game, and I bait thier faces into my lasers, it’s fun.

I have not always liked it, in fact, based upon feedback from fellow EMP players probably 2 seasons ago I also asked for a way to avoid seeing things I did not want to see, since Eleon did not have a mute function that worked properly, we got this toxicity rule.

Well, now we have an alternative, in which if you do not want to see it, you click one button — and I don’t have to write long drawn out things like this, admins don’t need to deal with excessive reports – The US Supreme Court doesn’t rule over Empyrion and they’d probably say just mute the f***ers if you don’t want to hear it. Easy!

@imtimex The HWS server has a toxicity rule. If you want to advocate changing it I think we could have a separate thread about that but for now, this is where we’re at. I’ve been asked to stay on top of this rule this season and I am trying to do that.

YOU are more than welcome to mute anyone you don’t want to hear. At the end of the day, hundreds of players join the server a month and get exposed to this back and forth that we are asking everyone to eliminate. We have to think of all players in this context.

I simply don’t see how asking people not to be toxic to each other is a big burden for everyone. Just don’t do it! Simple.

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Even at it’s absolute worst HWS is a Disney movie compared to most other online games with a pvp element.

Look I am not disagreeing, but it’s not any kind of burden to mute someone. One keyboard stoke and one click. Maybe some scroll wheel if a lot of players are online.


Asking people not to be toxic to each other isn’t a big deal. DEFINING what is toxic is subjective and is a big deal when it’s enforced strictly. Someone can say a lot of things and I won’t care, but in these days, (and just being honest) you can call someone dude and they will be offended, I don’t agree with this rule at all as it is coddling and unproductive.

Would you like to start the thread, or should I?

I’ll mute people and handle my business, sure. I know I’m welcome to. I don’t want to see any more reports from people who cannot do the same.

You are more than welcome to start a thread about a rule change. No promises on where it will go but it might be helpful. :+1:

Yes sir, thank you,

The rule is about not PARTICIPATING in toxicity. That’s what I’m going off of.

I get that. And I get that at the core of the issue is player retention (The real injured party being the bystanders in game). I am saying that the first and best answer to someone getting offended is a lesson on the mute key. Honestly, its 2 buttons and it solves the issue in game. And it draws a great line in the sand where someone can flip a switch and say “I don’t want contact with this player”. If someone were to circumvent this and take the fight to discord/wherever, its now a real easy call on toxic.

Edit poorly worded: Toxic is like Art, everyone has a different idea

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