Neptune Wipe?

There was mention this morning when I was on that neptune was scheduled to be wiped since it passed the max cores. Kind of took me unawares since last night it was not even at the warning state. Is this for sure a thing? And if so did someone just roll in with a lag machine ship (with 100 docked hv)? What is to keep them from doing that to all playfields?

I saw a core limit warning last night before I went to bed, but I didnt see anything about a wipe. Guess we need to figure out how to govern our planet, so that we dont overpopulate it. I know STX has a couple ships that can be parked elseware to help reduce the cores on planet, but I dont want to be the only one playing nice, lol

Honestly as long as no one is at 20 cores or more we should be fine. May need to start asking people to park extra cv’s and sv’s in deep space. Ill make a lap of the planet this afternoon and see what we (traders) have in terms of cores.

It was me and my crew… not sure what we are to do… when we move with over 20 members it gets rough quick… faction migrates from PVE to PVP then back… your talking 100 cores got dropped on Neptune last night…
so wiping the planet is not the Solution… and only a very few have enough rep to consider the “rep” bonus planets…

you have your OWN planet! why are you even there at all ?

I was not. Walloud from tnt asked me if he knew why we were at max cores, and the server was wiping. Since then I have not seen the message, I am curious if it stuck, hence me posting the thread. But no one WANTS neptune to wipe. But from what I understand it is an automatic and unavoidable reaction to overpopulation since the playfield corrupts with too many cores on it:

If you legit HAVE to move 100 structures out of pve then back in (which, btw, why???) Why not just go to deep space of a random system, rather than screw it up for the guys who have been working hard to live together and keep core counts down.

Its not that close yet to the Max limit(so no worry about loosing it the next days). But since last time it happend quite quick, the warnings should be taken seriously. Once we overstep the amount, the planet breaks down without any way to repair it.
If it gets closer the warnings will be much harder.

So if I take an invasion force of like, 2 CV’s with 100 odd hovers on them each and dump them into atmosphere, you’re saying that might cause the playfield to go over the limit, yeah?

Hmm… ideas.

Van I dont know why you keep getting butthurt about our attacks lol. You always have far more cores on the fiels than we do at any given time, and the one yesterday, we brought exactly 20 hovertanks. In fact, we were there for FOUR hours about 2 km away from your base with our entire group, and never triggered a single warning. Things started going goofy when your 9 extra cv’s showed up and joined in. Which don’t get me wrong, is exactly what we were going for. A little bit of mayhem. But yet again, we did not try and crash your playfield. Because something like that would be the EASIEST thing in the world to track back to a player, roll back by one backup, and perma ban them. Hell I even went around and cored some of our ships we didnt need anymore myself while we were setting up, just so that we did NOT hit a core limit.

Point is, we all had a blast. Dont go and ruin it by being a sore winner.

Why did you infer that I was being a sore winner or even remotely butthurt.

I just made an observation and a statement.

I’ll admit while yesterday was a total shit-show it was fun… up until being killed by my own faction a dozen times almost.


I dunno, Maybe I inferred a tone that was different from what you intended: either you thinking about doing that to traders or myself, or that we had tried to do that to you. How did you get team killed?

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