New big HWS Feature | Star Fragment Memory [Cancled for now]

Dear HWS Community,

after more than 6 years, a big change/feature to OCD and OAM, our oldest features, is coming - for both HWS+ and HWS RE. The change aka feature has a big impact, so I want to make sure to announce this very long time before we activate it. To collect feedback and for you to learn about it.

Star Fragment Memory Feature

The goal of this feature is to reward active players, give players overall a reason to come back to HWS and fight effectively against inflation.

Active players are what keeps HWS growing and alive in the first place.
Active players shape and form HWS, the economy, everything.
Any game or server relies on an active community.

On the contrary, inactive players had until now the big privilege to come back to their full OCDs and OAMs and continue exactly where they left off, even after many years.

The biggest issue with that is, that while active players are working with their OCD and OAM, inactive players, coming back after many seasons, got out of touch with economy. Carbon for example was very easy to get in the past and now it isn’t. Coming back with an OCD that is not updated to this economy change, causes some global imbalance and gives totally wrong assumptions of the resource value in question.
Sometimes so big, that we have to do hard wipes of items in the OCD ourselves as you know. But we can’t and don’t want to do it regulary.

Also, as many of you know, the Orbital Cargo Drone caused some discussions here and there. Some want it to be wiped every season, others don’t want it at all and others again don’t want to hear about any change regarding it in the first place, because they hug and love it.

Fact is, I can’t make everyone happy, but I think I found a good solution with this feature (and on HWS+ with the seasonal price change of one random Ore, the Elements and the conversion at T.E.A.M.)

How does it work?

As the name suggests and part of the reason why they are in RE now: the Star Fragments play the key role in this feature.

If players collect 7 Star Fragments per season, they do not lose anything.
The less they collect, the bigger the loss - reflected in a HWS Star Fragment Memory variable:

7 Star Fragments collected = 0% OCD & OAM content loss
6 Star Fragments collected= 2* % OCD & OAM content loss
5 Star Fragments collected = 3* % OCD & OAM content loss
4 Star Fragments collected = 4* % OCD & OAM content loss
3 Star Fragments collected = 5* % OCD & OAM content loss
2 Star Fragments collected = 6* % OCD & OAM content loss
1 Star Fragments collected = 7* % OCD & OAM content loss
0 Star Fragments collected = 10* % OCD & OAM content loss

The Legendary Category is not affected by any %-loss.
OCD slots are an integer. A full number. Not a float number like 1.3.
Which means, 20% of 1 is 0,2. In terms of integer number we round up.
Which means 20% of 1 is still 1.
20% of 2 is still 1 (cause 20% of 2 is 0,4).
the 20% would only kick in for items >= 3.


If 1 player collected in 1 season 7 Star Fragments, he won’t lose any OAM/OCD content. No changes for him at all.
However if 1 player collected only 2 Star Fragments, he will lose 15% of his OCD and OAM content at the start of the next season automatically.

*Numbers are up for feedback. Too high / too low?
We can also implement that players with 0 Star Fragments collected lose 1 OCD/OAM level but this is probably too hardcore?

Some more bullet point infos:

  • Many players sent me feedback over the years, that OCD ruined the fun for them and I should add a %-wipe each season. I think this here is a good compromise.

  • Players who think OCD/OAM spoils the fun but are too addicted to put stuff in the OCD/OAM, can now actively ignore the Star Fragments / deactivate it as Patron, to get their OCD cleaned automatically step by step.

  • as Master and up Patron you are excluded from this feature/change automatically for the current season

  • there will be a Support Package for real money and for free (HWS Ingots) that will exclude you from losing anything in the current season as well (if don’t want to bother with finding Star Fragments at all).

  • Star Fragments provide big rewards already and get buffed even more in following seasons

  • as you see, Star Fragments become an absolute core feature. Especially on HWS+, where some Star Fragments are on PvP planets, PvP gets the absolute biggest push and incentive imaginable. Controlling someone’s else OCD if you will. (I will listen to the feedback of the Community about that. Maybe RE want also Star Fragments in PvP?)

  • I plan to activate this feature on March 2023. So the season that starts on March 2023 will count towards the Star Fragment Memory and at the start of the season at June 2023, players will lose their OCD/OAM content, if they didn’t take care of the Star Fragment Memory feature in the March-June season.

TL;DR: For players who always collect all 7 Star Fragments per season (basically play actively on HWS), can ignore this announcement completely… kinda.

I hope I could explain everything clearly. If not, feel free to reply to this topic - constructive feedback is always welcome.

Your HWS Team


Well, thats fun when i spend most of the season at work. I know there are other players than me, but my opinion is; don’t.

Also, if this is to be implented, i sugest you remove all fragments from pvp. The reason I feel is self explained :+1:

But as always, new ideas etc is also part of a active comunity, so i hope as many as possible will come with a sugestion now that we can, and not when it is implemented :slightly_smiling_face:

As always, keep up the good work :grin:


That is always a good idea :wink:
But as we both know, the complains will come at June 2023, when some complain why they lost something in their OCD - 100% sure!

In RE it stays PvE, for now. As I said, unless the majority of players want some action on RE as well.

HWS+ is (will be) a PvP focused server, so I think this fits. Again, will wait for feedback.

Regarding inactivity due work / personal reason: that’s why there will be options to be excluded from it without really playing. 3 months are quite long. But it can be reflected in the %-loss. The numbers listed are a suggestion for now.

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Seems only fair. After all, it is the active part of the community that keeps the server alive. Some can support with their time, others can support with their money.


I really don’t understand why this needs to be added. If there’s an economic issue, wouldn’t it be better to target that specific item? And if a player wants to lose some/all of their OCD, that’s fine and all but they can already do that without forcing it on the rest of us.

I am an EVE player, and quite frankly if CCP put out something like this there would probably be a riot. Forsaken fortress was bad enough. Going “you have to do this task each season or I’ll take your stuff” seems like a chore. If you want people hunting star fragments, you should probably use a carrot and not a stick.


Is it a genuie “don’t understand” or a “I don’t like it”.
Cause the reasons are explained above.

It’s charming you compare HWS with EVE, but CCP is making a revenue of over 50 million dollar per year. :wink:
I don’t want to dive too much into their PLEX system and what not but overall a strange comparison for me.

If you think over 2000 Origin XP are not a carrot, then I kinda have not high motivation to talk with you about it :wink:

So again: the main reason for this feature is to fix the inflation. This can’t be done by hand-picking individuals or hand-picking certain items, since some have more of it, some not.
Activity is the best indicator for a good economy.
Thus, inactive players should not influence the economy at all - which they actually did the last 6 years. Think about it.

Definitely against it. Even while being an active player most of the time, I couldn’t care less about Star Fragment. I’m glad it’s another new opportunity/Activity available in the game, but I’m just not interested.
So being FORCED to do it over and over so I wouldn’t lose something else (or have to pay, otherwise) is really not enticing at all.

If people don’t want OCD, they can not use it, or wipe it at will (it’s written in the documentation, even)

On a side note, I wouldn’t mind more ways to attract PvP in RE (just not something like this, that once again, would force people to participate in something they might not choose otherwise). Easier ways to rebuild ships after failure, or automatic events with given ships (that would disappear after ofc ^^) for people who don’t want/can’t use ressources for it.


Welcome to the HWS Forum,

we could also take something else to determine a player is “active”.
But I thought who in the world would ignore 2000+ Origin XP. So we took this as measurement for activity.

Maybe finishing a nice Quest could lead to the same result.

It’s rather the point about inactive players having too much power about the economy.

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the fragment “hunt” is not a huge ask with all the sharing of information out there but perhaps using these 3 measurements for those who absolutely don’t want to run them…

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I want to highlight that the given values are not final yet.
The mechanism when/how to determine someone as active could be also changed.

We could for example trigger the loss only, if the player was 2 seasons in a row inactive instead of one.
All open to suggestions - for now. :slight_smile:


2 missed seasons seems like a good starting point. can be adjusted as needed.


This feels like a non existing problem.

The door mostly swings the other way, doesn’t it? Valuable items stored two seasons ago are most likely worthless today. Like quantum cores. I’d say 99% of the items in the game are worth less the next season. The problem you’re presenting can’t possibly apply to many people or affect the economy very much.

But, reducing an inventory by 20% won’t help much. After three seasons/reductions you’d still have more than 50% of your stock left. Still enough to affect the economy I assume. So you’d have to go higher. Halve the inventory perhaps?

Instead of making us jump through hoops, how about just saying that anyone with less than X hours online during previous season are considered inactive? Easy as that… X is up for discussion.

in all fairness, this statement is out of balance compared to the hoops in RE. anyone who is actually run the star fragments knows it’s interacting with seven consoles at seven different places around the galaxy. it costs time and warp fuel. that is all. I highly recommend at least trying it before dismissing.

it’s also the best way to gain HWS origin XP.

Hi Rex,
the Idea is good for the active part, but I don’t suggest to relate it to star fragments as not all players want to do it (maybe some even don’t have good factions like I do to get some information about it), it is like you are forcing everyone to do star fragments whether they want it or not LOL

There is another idea just came to mind, set max amount of each resource to be stored in OCD as well, like for example normal resources max 180K, Quantum or other core types for example to 20 or 30 according to their rarity, this way you can solve accumulating resources in OCD without removing it at all, also will be a good solution to balance the economy

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Alien Cores should not be removed. They may have been purchased with real money (supporter).

Suggest caution with deleting other, supporter purchased items.

2 seasons in a row is better.

Like the idea of having multiple criteria (such as total hours played, activity in forum, activity in discord), any one of which would count towards being considered “active”.

BUT, overall I suggest the timing of any new, negative changes affecting OCD and OAM is premature. It will provide another reason for some players to not return to HWS+.

If the thought is to encourage their return because of loss of OCD — I believe this to be in error.

Priority should be placed on changes and marketing designed to encourage new and prior players to join HWS+. Revisit this idea after the servers are again well populated.

How likely is it for a large number of high volume OCD players to return to HWS+?

If only a few, the perceived OCD and OAM problem has already self-corrected.

Put your time and efforts elsewhere where it will pay more dividends.

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I liked what @Bob said. Maybe use the hours etc…
Or maybe, if possible, the stargate missions? Complete say; 3 missions or something.

And i know + is the more pvp oriented server, but i atleast have allot of fun without going pvp. For me, pvp hasnt been fun since season 5 :smirk:

Ps: beside dicord, maybe put in a warning text about big changes comming in the welcome text when entering the server? The more people know about what may come, the better :+1:

I agree! Rex - you cant force us to play or not play! There is no new content - that is the main reason ppl to not play every day! That was the reason to miss seasons and wait devs to wake up and create something different than butterflies and water effects ( ravien_ff and Vermillion in deep sleep too - no new ships, no new POIs, and there is not fixed any old bugs…
So Rex dont do this - the game is too long and OCD is the best way to continue the game after the wipe. I can live after your intervention in OCD last time - there was a millions wiped after you decide to wipe all my platinium cards. If you think that ppl allow you to cut “random” parts to theyr OCD then you will lost them forever!


Than give me please my money back for the lvl 5 ODC. I buy it with real money and at that time you dont have this conditions.
I play for fun and don´t like to do things I don´t like. And from time to time I need a breake from this game.
Waht is with Alien cors or other support things that I can buy and place it to my OCD?


Ă„hm i have no idea what an starfragment is, but i just yesterday bougt level 5 of OCD. I will use it like it is now. Why i should loose a lot of my stuff when i not do something with starfragments? I bought it under other conditions, when you want change it i will rewoke my update of the OCD, then it is nonsens to use it.


Really dont like the idea to getting forced to look for star fragments. Next we will be forced to play in our underpants???

As there is such an enormous gap between OCD6 and OCD7 people collect gold to get the money together. Now they will loose 20% or have to do forced labour. Let people play like they want and be inactive when they want. Removing certain items to balance the game is fine but leave the rest untouched. OCD is a big part of the game why people play here, now it gets less attractive as stuff gets “robbed”.