New Blueprint Class Formula + Emp Class Calculator update

Hey @everyone,

since it is for some people maybe important here an update regarding the new Blueprint Class formula coming with Alpha 6.6.

As already said we found out that prior 6.6 you could build structures with more pyramids than cubes but with a smaller Blueprint Class. However pyramids are a lot more performance hungry than cubes.
This is why the formula was changed to punish more of these special pyramid buildings now.

PvP structures aka lag causer ships got nerfed. “Real” triangles are being used now. See this post:


This sharp PvP beast was Class 3 prior 6.6 patch.
Now it is Class 5.

It has 355 devices, 5 lights and 50924 triangles.
Even if you would remove 355 devices and 5 lights it will turn to Class 3.

>>> Please calculate around. Please test on EXP soon. Post here then if we really should go to Class 1 SV / HV on PvP playfields or not <<<

And to make your life a LOT easier I spent couple of hours in re-coding the Emp Class Calculator.

Go to Emp Class Calculator

It has now an interactive output how many XXX you should remove to get to Class X or the direct YYY for Class X.


Your HWS Team

P.S.: since I saw some heretic guys here and there: it is official


Used my ship as example! :sweat_smile: That’s awesome, that mega block has been retired. Size class 1 for now on!

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Oh no… So they did not make it so that it rewards those who mesh blocks, it just makes it even MORE necessary to use pyramids, in order to reach the even harder to hit class 1 mark now? Unless I am missing something, this just looks like it lowers the triangle threshold. That ship class 3 to class 5, made out of solid blocks, will now go from class 4 to class 7. Is this really considered a fix by Eleon?


Yea they should reward white spacing.

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Guys the big point here is that this is not at all what it was billed as in order to fix classes. It just makes classes SMALLER. Unless they just wildly gave pyramids greater triangle counts, or somehow updated the triangle count to ONLY include rendered triangles(and didnt tell anyone), we will just have SMALLER PYRAMID SHIPS. In fact it just got harder to make ships WITHOUT pyramids


So what will happen to all of our ships spawned in the server and all our bps that would break in the new formula? is this now going to have to be an overhaul of everything my faction owns midseason and have everything we have grounded/unusable? That is a bit much to deal with imo, and pretty unfair to the community in general. There are already people leaving the server to go elsewhere, this isnt going to help that.

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There is probably stuff they haven’t told us there is no ways they spent weeks making the formula only reduce polygon count per class, which would take a few minutes…

This isnt an HWS only change. It is in the base game. It will change on any other servers out there with class limits as well.

ya well, we also said to ourselves, “there is no way the devs don’t know that the inside of our ships are exploding before the outsides every time we pvp”. Just saying…

The fine art of mastering the quick and dirty, if this is the case, as it so often is

Just read where it’s calling our ships lag causers. LOL

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I can’t really say much because then I will be judged for w.e I say.

Almost everything I own is now class 4+, and some bases in the class 8 range, a few things even higher currently spawned in on the server, with supplies. I imagine there are several others with similar issues and that will an… unreasoable amount of time, considering within a month or so the server wipes anyway and have to recycle everything again.

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You just nerfed all ships even more, my ship has no pyramid blocks, but normal standard ones, and went from class 3 to 7, with 220 devices, light count 3, and 92886 triangles.

Good work! now we need to make class 1 cv’s to fit within class 3 limit.

It wasn’t Rexx, it was Eleon, you are one of the ones who complained about pyramids now deal with the changes! (:


Grabbing the popcorn. XD

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You guys are faster than my popcorn machine is cooking.

On a serious note:
If you blindless post hate posts without thinking before, I / we will stop providing you early information for feedback.

I don’t even respond to some posts here.
That is a super super early change not even finished and just the beginning.

Now be constructive or it will be closed and forever forgotten.


on a quick review of our designs:

class 3 CVs are now CLASS 9 -11 !!!
class 3 SVs are now class 5 - 6


  1. NO WAY can the server class limit (3) remain the same as now with this EGS change, at least for the rest of this season, and needs careful review for next season.

  2. Changing SV / HV class limit to 1? again also no way

Cool lets analyse then, did your class 3 cv’s have pyramids, if so replace them with squares and see what class size it is now.

Everyone calm down, It’s an early stage to a major change. Relax and keep cool, all will be fixed.