NEW Community Mini-Farm on Jagal!

I have set up a mini-community farm on Jagal as a test market. I used to have a very successful large community farm prior to the expansion and I really felt like the community could use some smaller mom & pop type markets to feed the community. It is nothing fancy, just some veggies and a food processor. All are welcome and should this test market do well throughout the next PVP cycle, I will be expanding the services to the community by adding possibly a medical bay and refrigeration to keep canned foods on hand ready to go for an emergency. Take what you need and share your extras :slight_smile:

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How do you stop people changing the core or just destroying it?

As I said, this is a test market to see if people will be jerks and just destroy everything for the shits and giggles of it or if they will actually use the market for convenience. There really would not be anything that would stop them from destroying the core, but there is nothing there except for veggies, some water and a food processor. The core is set to private but the food processor is set to public.

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FYI I’m killing this in 5 hours and 20 minutes.

Why? What purpose would that serve?

Because it’s made of stuff and I need stuff to make my own stuff.

I think it’s a great idea, let me know if you need anything to help get it going.

I think the biggest problem will be players like xanif, they do not care about the reasons or even what it is. They get off on destroying other peoples things. Not sure what the answer is there. If you try and protect it they will just enjoy it more so defeats the purpose.

Seriously? You will use more resources to tear it down than to go and collect your own supplies. I never will understand how people think that is PVP. PVP is player verses player…interaction between two or more players. Just to destroy stuff to destroy it makes no sense to me. I get raiding, but that would not be total destruction or it shouldn’t mean it. shrug that is why people don’t like to play in PVP. Engaging in a firefight or being raided by pirates is one thing, but honestly, just to try and screw up someone’s style of game play. I don’t get it.

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Pirates cant help themself. It our curse. We are sorry. But it must be destroyed :slight_smile:


Yeah, I know. I don’t understand why some people just seem to thrive on screwing with someone. shrug whatever. If that is how they choose to play, sad. I am not going to waste money or energy “protecting” it. 1st it is only a farm meant for the community as a whole, raiders, traders, pirates, allies and yes, even jerks. It is what it is and it is meant for helping. If they want resources so badly, I would gladly trade what it would cost them in multi-tool charges to dismantle it for resources they need!

What kind of trade are we talking about here?

I guess, but would it not make more sense to broker a deal with me instead of destroying?? Just seems like a waste of your time and resources because it really is not of value.

And then they would destroy it anyway and brag of how they duped you. :slight_smile:

Or sit over it from a distance and kill anyone who goes there and take their backpacks. That would be such a challenge for their prodigious skills. :slight_smile:

Well, true. But they would be on the planet raiding all the other places that were left behind and still would need to eat perhaps. There really is not much food even for being a temperate planet. And then when they were done plundering and pillaging, the food market could be there for the next time. Shrug

Well, not knowing you at all, I would not have any clue as to what you are looking for in the first place. Seeing as you were the first to say that you were going to “kill it in 5 hours” and it is not much of anything, I would venture to guess you have low standards.

You have no idea how low.

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Well I mean if people feel it should not be destroyed I am sure they will come to defend it.

If they do not show up then I suppose it was not worth your efforts in the first place and might as well be blown up.

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If anyone defends it the area will just become a slaughter ground as it will attract you and any other pirates even more knowing there may be more spoils.

It would need someone in godmode with a really BIG gun sitting over it and I suspect you would still try.

That sounds fun. We should do that as the next event.

Very valid point! Scratch the big gun and just use the destroy command. :slight_smile: Leave you sitting in mid air with no ship.