New HWS Feature | Ship Jump

Dear HWS Community @everyone
recent weeks were very busy. More and more pieces come together for HWS+ and all the spread out pieces will come soon together to have a great new Scenario you never saw somewhere else. I’m still motivating to full release it on March, our 7th Anniversary.

With this announcement I want to highlight that after years of back and forth regarding our Alien Sacrifice aka HWS RP aka Origin XP, I decided to the new name HWS DNA! You know, those items <:xp:877421661916381214> I’m confident that this term won’t get stolen by others as all our other names before…
I updated the whole Forum Guide regarding this and you will see it in your HWS Connect Player logs along the way.

Additionally I want to promote our new HWS Feature Ship Jump (sponsored by EGS)
Short teaser video:

With that feature you don’t have to waste time traveling long distances within a sector anymore.
Feel free to test it and leave feedback about it here in the thread below.
Check all information about the new feature here before

We hope you enjoy your stay on HWS!
We are working hard to improve it non stop :v:

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