New potential game : Osiris - New Dawn

Hey all,

For all of you that like ARK / Empyrion, you can check this new Alpha out since yesterday :smiley:

May be one day a HWS dedicated server :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

installing the game right now, after all the research i have done for this game, Empyrion galaxy is toast! :D¨
it has evrything you would ask for even able to tame animals :smiley: and giant sandworms trying to eat you! and very nice graphics…

The game has hit on steam right now, please check it out, looks really promising!

its like an ark survival space edition.

this video is some of the multiplayer explaining

Live Report from the game, i just got almost biten by an sandworm but i am fine! :smiley: so fucking cool game and you can build spaceships to travel aswell.

Nice :smiley: i’m still thinking about clicking on buying steam button :stuck_out_tongue: hmmmmmm

I need a new donation option: gift me a game and you get further packages if we host the new game :smiley: xD

Really looking cool! Gonna try it out today too…

From their website:

You will have the ability to host private server set to your own preferences with options including XP multipliers, resource availability, alien spawn rate and player damage. There are also future plans for multiplayer specific game modes.

Omg if you’re trying it today then it’s decided ! i will too :stuck_out_tongue:

Thran, one important question : Can you dig awesome tunnel ? :stuck_out_tongue:

@Thranir can you do me a favor please and go to the root folder of the game in your steam folder and see what files are in there? Anything related to Unity Engine like .area files or .unity?

oh dear… first thread I am reading in the steam group:

This planet has reached Structure Capacity…?
Emm, ok so 40 structures is the cap for a whole planet? how are you suppose to build anything?
that needs to go now…
i couldnt even build my habitat… after i wanted to move it…
needs to be addressed asap.


lol :smiley: well it’s only one day of Alpha, i think we should let the game some weeks to fix all of this, but i must say it’s the work of only 2 persons ! i will follow this one closely ^^

Well this game seems cool. Now id like to see how it will run in multiplayer and with my computer. Waiting a bit to see the first feedback. I dont want to pay for an unplayable game like ark at the beginning :smiley:

yeah its unity files in here for sure.

Oh even more important are you seeing a .ply. File?

look at the screenshot if you can see there :stuck_out_tongue:

Built my first Dome :slight_smile: nice comfy bed :smiley: on 12 player server, evrything is running smooth for alpha i think.
but depends if you are running an good computer or not.

If I am not mistaken, it only features pre-build structures :(, please tell me I’m mistaken.

Yeah Sky, it’s reminds me subnautica building structures :D. But may be it’s better like this with maybe better performance, I think i’ve read somewhere more customization options will come later.

I’d rather like a system like this where we can actually fight/move with good lag/fps than a more complex building system like empyrion which is good but absolutly not optimized at all so in the end it’s not fun :frowning: due to bad performance.

This game seems a mix of my 3 favourite survival games ARK/empyrion/subnautica :smiley:

Oh, not another Beta i have to buy…Was Subnautica before Empryrion, now Osiris…all these dreams of having a better life outside the real world crushed by the vastly greater world i find in my desktop/steam libery…sigh

what are we dealing with Thranir, initial thoughts?

Ah only pre-build structures it is then… guess that’s why I didn’t look at it any further a month ago

people who bought the game, hook me up :smiley: i can host an server with 100/100mb since the public ones are so crap atm.