New server fail! Spawn your blueprints!

Hey @everyone,

I am not in a good mood lately - some recognized.
Basically we just wasted 577 Dollar for exactly nothing.
Let’s skip the reasons and focus on the important stuff:

We will revert to the old EU server

which had far less problems that this new one.

Now we would likely do this NOW but we have again to babysit the people who didn’t read that this was a test and have a lot of ready to spawn blueprints again.
So we give you at least one comfortable day:

Spawn your blueprints now - till tomorrow 11 PM (server time)!

Then we migrate back.

Just sorry for the inconveniences guys. We just wanted the best for you and the game just laughed at us.

Your HWS Team

P.S.: shutting down the third server is independent from all of that. So it is still the case. On 22nd the third HWS EU server is going down.

What do you have planned thereafter Rex? Are you looking into a new server or are we to run at 100% ad infinitum?

Are we supposed to stay off the NA server?

Sadly we need to do stuff by our own again… look what WE can improve…

  1. much smaller universe
  2. player limit down to 130

NA is totally independent from this EU Drama here.
Go and have fun there.

A smaller universe sounds right. Very few people seem to be using the current origin planets for instance. Player cap to 130 though? Surely you want to be expanding the player base. Arent Eleon able to assist with this?

I really want to thank you for spending so much effort (and money) into hosting the servers.
It is pretty interesting to see the new server not performing even as good as the old one despite the juicy hardware the server has.
I guess cutting down the player limit is pretty easy, but cutting down the universe isn´t, right?

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Thank you for trying anyways Rexxus, always appreciated.

Best regards

All Eleon can do is fix the issues in the game.

They can never get involved in any player made server.
And they will not do that either

Correct - this would be reserved to season 2…
We will make deep thoughts about it… tough decision now

As a player, I understand I have no say in the direction the server.

The reduction of allowed player connection is only going to affect those who dont login two hours before rush hour.

On a side note, I wish i was in a position in life where I could lose $577, then call it a waste and not look back.

P.S. Was it Nitrado?

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I think making the universe smaller will be more pvp fighting going on. To calim there place on planets.
if you reduce the number of people playing you may loose good players maybe move 1/2 of players to n.a server.
wheat ever you decide im sure it will be the right thing to do for the server

[quote=“andreataff, post:15, topic:5983”]
maybe move 1/2 of players to n.a server.
[/quote]Huh what? (Almost) nobody is going to NA with that ping out of their own free will. Being moved by admin to NA would be ‘crazy’ not to mention that if 85 players move to NA during peaktime, NA itself will get the same problems as EU server then. Would not solve anything at all.

Also players would just live more in deep space. But that can’t be helped I think. There are only bad options to chose from :disappointed_relieved:

Let me think about the options:

  1. Cut max player limit by 1/4th:
    Some players would perma leave the server (not a big problem imo) while others would use macros to login during peaktime. Crashing during PVP/POI or in any PVP space could have even more horrible consequences again and big PVP battles with expensive ships can not really be fought during peak-time.

  2. Cutting down the universe:
    Yes there would be more encounters, slightly more warp encounters and thus more PVP. Players will fight more over planets and POI would require shorter respawn timers. Universe would be less awesome.
    If I would have no donator planet and the origin planet cycles PVP/PVE, I’d just live in deep space. I’d find any space that is not taxed an if all space would be taxed I’d get some RP and still spam deep space.
    Making origin planets 100% PVE again would just mean a ton of core spam and planets like Trader origin would just die. No option either.

  3. 2nd identical PVP server with CSW:
    Mmmm… Would cost almost twice as much time to admin it, server cost would also double. But performance, in best case, also doubles and PVP would be harder to find + some players would probably just prefer a specific server anyway and probably stay there, full or not… And I never found CSW to be 100.00% reliable for transferring expensive stuff on a regular basis and the relogging between is also slightly annoying if you have to do it often.
    Another problem would be the donator planets, anyone with one will only stay on that specific server and autominers on PVE planets would be doubled.

  4. Get Eleon to instance entire orbits+planets and allow them to run on another server with their own threads and all so that playfields can be assigned to clusters that run independently. This way you can technically allow infinite players on the server (spoiler: not gonna happen).

  5. Better ideas? I mean the costs should not be the problem, in worst case they could just make the OCD or something only available to players who pay a monthly 5$ subscription and players with less than 25 hours spent on server also get it for free and in return we get a good running server. But the game does not seem to support this many players it seems regardless of what we do and regardless of server costs.

Mmmm I’d still think that cutting down max player limit is a must. Game is obviously not designed to be a MMO. Even if we cut down the universe size we will run into other problems related to max player limit. I support whatever the admins chose and I once again thank the admins for helping us with our craptons of bugs and issues and for doing their best for getting the best possible results for us! And @hopskotch for rebooting the chatbot a 100x a day :wink:

I still think PVE server never worked because everyone joins the server with tons of players.
I do that same thing for every game, when I see 2 servers, one with 170 players online and one with 2-3 online, obviously I join the 170 one without even thinking twice even if it hurts ping a bit.
Even if the PVE server would become a duplicate of the PVP server, then players would still massiveley join the 1st one.

Updated this post and merged all my posts into one.


For the last 8 months I have played on the HWS EU server. Before that I tried other servers, but none of them had the interest and depth of play that the HWS Universe has. I have had a good time and made alliances and friends who have carried through the whole of that time. I donated near the beginning of V5 and not regretted it. I think RexXxus and the whole of the HWS team go above and beyond to try and get the best gaming experience for us. The present issue with the server is a tricky one which we should be calm and collected about, because RexXxus is only trying to do the best for us.

My thoughts:-

A smaller Universe would increase the instance of PvP fights which adds to the excitement of moving around from system to system.
I am not sure that Origin planets are necessary - so far in V6 the Origin planets I have visited have been remarkably empty. I found one small base on Freelancer Origin and two on Pirate Origin which were well defended but not very large.
Wiping the whole starter systems will force those that never leave starters to remove themselves into the main part of the gaming experience.
I leave it up to the Admins as to whether the player limit should be reduced. They are the ones who know best what the server can handle.

Keep up the good work HWS.


hopefully Eleon could improve code to scale more and use effectively threads and cpu:s and memory. That would be the best

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Untrue. We do all of this for you guys.

Heavens no.

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Excellent feedback everyone. You have no idea how much we appreciate the support and great ideas that come out of this community.

We’re going to do the best we can to make the rest of season one enjoyable (and playable) for everyone. That said, we have much to do and much to consider for season2 and how we will tackle this massively challenging problem we have. It’s a great problem to have so big of a community that the game simply can’t handle us – but sadly, it is a problem.

But we tried it their way… now we have to go back to that special HWS sauce that turns vanilla into a fudge ciovered ice cream sundae (or gluten free dairy free carrot cake if that’s your thing…).

Seriously tho, thanks for your feedback and ideas. You absolutely have a role in helping us form the future and letting us know what’s worked well, what hasn’t and what you as the players need to have fun (with each other :wink:)


Turn the 3the server into a second pvp EU server,
Think there are a lots off ppl having no problems switching to it and think ppl are also willing to donate for it. there is room for 77 ppl (if I am not mistaking) just think about it. ppl want to play on the best servers for this game and that HWS if you also make it a trusted server it will be attracting more players also

yes, i like idea, but how about building that big universe in separate servers, as there is server warp system

an idea, not sure how hard it would be to implement… but… what if all the donator planets were on a seperate server by themselves… so EU and NA would all live there, and its accessed by something similar to a CSW cross server warp type thing… thats what… 15-20 less playfields on each server and the donators are just a warp away.

food for thought

Yeah exactly this is at the moment our idea…

  • you need then still 2 servers - located in US and EU
  • more time needed for maintaining again because
  • HWS Connect, OCD, etc. needs to be active there too
  • CSW needs to be 200% trustful and stabile

Serious things we need to consider. But donator planets are really a great thing for players and helping with server costs so … a difficult situation really