New TAX system is crazy

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What happened:
=> I fogot my sv on ECC sector and warp to NA
after restart i got Tax 126 000 000 Credits :frowning:
126 000 000 for 1 fogoted SV ?

Player(s) with issue:
=> Co6upatejib

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> morning restart

=> ECC sector

Structure Name(s):
=> 135

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> pls return money. I think tax system when for fogoted any ships u deleted all bank money and every time go in dept its no normal, its must be changed.

  • Ship Tax : Blocks * Devices * Tax Factor( 100 )
  • Private Structure Tax : ( Ship Tax + Player Bank Credits) / RP
  • Faction structure Tax : ( Ship Tax + Player Bank Credits + Player Balance) / Faction members / RP

Player Bank Credits - must be Bank interest - not all bank money

“New TAX system”?
It is not new. 2 years old.
But I will check this case later.

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I checked and it is right.
Check the Tax guide again. You had almost 100 000 000 credits in your Player Bank.

Since you are a veteran I see no reason why to fully refund it, sorry. You knew perfectly what was going to happen. We can say 50% refund maybe if you really “forgot” it?

YEs iam veteran and as veteran say u - its taxe system …
Ex: any player work hard and get 5 mil cr for season, He fogot ship and warp no NA = RP=0 and
his LOST all Bank ! And he lost SHIp brcouse ship becom common for depts. And as result BB server and hisi was RIGHT.

Iam got 120 mil for 1 month and Why u GET all it for 1 SV? Its very HARD for SErver? Then change server.

Reputation changing to 0 after CSW is not an old change. Not made 2 years ago at least. Taking all player credits for one ship left at ECC is too much.

The thing is: it’s once per day. ~9AM. No surprise. No shock. And totally free. We don’t force anyone to park there :slight_smile:
For noobs we have implemented a free charge.
In next season I will rework some things in general to reduce player frustration. Maybe looking at tax too.

Regarding the ticket: I refund 50% as gentle offer

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