New way to play GG?

Well according to those who actually fight on and for GG it works fine; I can safely speak for most of our alliance of GMC+ACM+AAA. Also I know that the Russians are fans of OLP also.

There is only one person who removed OLP, and that was Rexxus as a direct result of all of the NA drama. Here is the proof: Temporary turn off Offline Protection (OP) on NA .

This entire point has been covered and refuted MULTIPLE times by multiple people over on the ‘case against removing OLP on EU thread’ so i’m not going to start debating it here. Also I appreciate that you weren’t around during 6.0 where there were basically 0 permanent PVP bases on pvp playfields; trust me as we flew around looking for 'em and couldn’t find anyone, apart from one brave trade base that went down in minutes. We have to cater to the fact that there are different levels of intensity when it comes to PVP, and we shouldn’t cater to the most extreme fringes of the PVP community. In fact by removing OLP you’d simply benefit the big factions more as they can be more organised and can plan some twilight-morning raids to attack their enemies; and suddenly in-game life then starts to intefere with real life. Hell, like you said they could even ally up with factions from different timezones, so all-in-all any removal of OLP is a massive force multiplier in favour of the biggies which frankly don’t need any buffs right now; nor do they necessarily need any nerfs either.

No idea where you think i want it back on NA? I don’t care about what happens on NA as i’m EU. But I had to get involved once Rexx suggested that OLP might not be returning for NA OR EU come 8.0. Alas i can’t find the quote but i’ll keep looking, luckily Rexx recently said this instead:

Therefore OLP is coming back to NA. So folks are gonna have to prepare; and instead of disabling it this time Rexxus is gonna:

So in otherwords any silly folks abusing OLP on NA or EU will get their backsides handed to them; and rightly so. At the end of the day all of the drama about removing it could have been saved if the rule-breakers were instead punished harshly; which is what Rexxus has promised to do in the future.

For any further discussions over OLP please take it to the relevant thread: The Case AGAINST removing OLP on EU - #6 by Alandauron

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