Temporary turn off Offline Protection (OP) on NA

Hey @everyone,

I talked 3 days ago about the current spirit and gave it some time but I see it only got worse with toxic ping pong discussions and player even writing me they have to bend rules to stay competitive.

That is the point. Interestingly the NA server is mostly filled with “competitive” PvP players, focus on that part rather on the others.
EU in comparison has also a big PvP part but much more isolated and less than players enjoying PvE.

That said, looking at the current situation and the fact that I / we really don’t have time anymore to help a very small legit group of players trying to enjoy the PvP-offline part

we turn off Offline Protection on the HWS NA server (tomorrow (11PM)) temporary until Alpha 8 / HWS 8 comes out

We are well aware that the NA server had the lowest population in HWS 6 and no OP was one of the reasons.
But especially on NA the alt / family share OP abuse meta is not only ruining the fun for smaller but also for larger factions.
For now we can only look forward to Alpha 8, when Alliances are considered in the activation of OP as well and when we have the option to disallow BAse spawning completely.
Rules can’t be enforced when nobody gives a heck about them and banning all of the rule breaker on instant has a worse outcome on the population than turning off OP temporary.

And as I said HWS EU is much more isolated (or using more common sense?) but ok for now. If we see it walks into the same footprints like NA we do the same there too of course.

Sorry for the inconveniences but that is one of the reasons HWS is a mixed PvPvE server. If you want to be safe, then live in PvE and seek out to PvP adventure for great resources but no living, at least if you / your faction can’t afford to be 24/7 online.
We have high hopes that a more solid PvP meta will arise with Alpha 8.

Your HWS Team


a doubt: the rule of the 500m from ally with OLP is not on anymore? Since there is no more OLP?



I guess a lot of these people have never heard of this saying:

You abuse it, you lose it!

Is it 11pm server time or what?

The whole OP rule section would be then only valid for EU, yes.

All given times have always the server time (cb:time) in mind, yes.

Nice! Too bad I’m not there to enjoy it. Have fun guys.

Are Homeworld bunkers also getting deleted then? (let’s be honest that’s another form of OLP)

In HWS 8 yes, not now. And as far as I know a Bunker does not shoot infinitely to you and you can camp it. So all cool.

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I told you Rex last week this was happening you said everything was fine. Now you have essentially killed HWS NA for me GG

Complain to your bros bro.
You had your chance. GG

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I smell blood in the water; how long will it take for EU to come to NA GG/HW and destroy everything on planet?

Not long I’m afraid.

As the OP has been disabled would you consider lifting the 2 base limit restrictions on NA GG /HW to a higher limit? It doesn’t take long to take a base, but extra deterrence wouldn’t be an unreasonable request.

So be it then and we have a deja-vu / flash back of exactly 12 months. Waiting for the mighty alpha 8 release.
Farewell until then.

Maybe. First I wait what will happen with EU.
Perhabs our new global limit system can be tested then as well together. To be announced.

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Do we have a timeframe to work with (just a guesstimate based off your knowledge of the current build, not official of course)?

Not yet. It takes as long as it takes and I won’t make any vague timeframes anymore as I did foolishly last year.

All I can say is that we do a full wipe on march 16th if alpha 8 is not in sight and then another full wipe for alpha 8 again.

This is going to be music to AFT’s vodka based supermetahuman ears. Next couple days will get interesting for sure.

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Why because others abuse bund the rules and nothing was done… Don’t blame acp/taw/hpg because we are truthful about our intentions. You are seeing complaints because the abuser got abused and they don’t like to play fair. I understand you are overwhelmed again it’s impossible to do everything so i understand why you want to do this.

On a side note Rex HWS 7.0 and 7.5 have been the most fun i had in Empyrion. So thanks for that

I have an alternative thought for the admins:

  1. Removing Offline Protection could be OK but there has to be a relative compensation in another way. Thus see 2.

  2. Dramatically increase the durability, damage AND cost of bases and base turrets. Start by increasing the hp of BASE armor and turrets by 100-200% and increase BASE turret damage by 300-500%.

  3. Adjust and tweak #2 until it becomes a well-balanced compensation for having no offline protection.

I admit this was the most fun server/season for me, as a PvP player in one of the main PvP factions, because it seemed like we had many large-scale PvP fights. It will be disappointing once offline protection is gone because nobody will ever have any real footholds for any length of time on pvp planets without an adjustment like my suggestion #2. Without any way to hold a base, the fighting scale may be greatly reduced and there will never be any reason to establish long-term bases to hold PvP planets. It will probably result in a contraction of gameplay.

Kinda sad to see it end when I don’t believe it has to.

He is taking this measure as we the players cannot come to an agreement regarding OP bases, whether they are too close, who is hiding under them, etc… All we see is red, therefore KILL and scream unfair when the enemy retreats to an OP base. All sides have done it. And with this many players on opposing sides it’s impossible to tell between all the different factions of which base has OP, which faction have splintered for various reasons, etc… It’s the nonstop bitching from BOTH SIDES that led to this. At the end of the day it’s a fucking alpha game, and I’m sure RexXxus and Jascha might want to do something else than babysit our asses every time someone cries foul.

We all led it to this point, now we reap what we sow…


I would like to get a community dialogue going on this in discord, today 4 ET / 3 CT / 2 MT / 1 PT (1 hour before OLP changes go into effect) in the English lounge.

I brought up before that for this kind of thing we should be policing ourselves, myself included. I would not like to see PVP go from a server I know we all have enjoyed. We’ve all heard about HWS 6, I don’t think we all want to experience that again.

To be clear: I’m not saying that it is unjustified that OP is going away. I do think though, as a community, that coming to a universal understanding we might be able to keep large PVP and change it for the better.