New Year - New Thoughts? HWS PvPvE [POLL]

Hey @everyone,

after some weeks of 5.0 running one of the biggest feedback is that the PvP server is a bit too heavy PvP. Or let me say it differently: too hard for noobs / beginner / casual gamer. That is better.
Even though we have a 90% PvE third server we still want a very good mix in our two main servers with best performance, best game experience and best gameplay for everyone as good as we can.

So straight away the question:

Should the Origin planets be made PvE (see more options in the poll)?

What are Origin planets?

Saturn, Uranus, Comet7, Neptune, Pluto

  • Yes PvE + CV and BA limit (same as on the Starter Planets now)
  • Yes PvE + taxes + CV and BA limit
  • Yes PvE + taxes + PvPvE rotation (one week PvE, one week PvP)
  • Yes PvE + taxes + PvPvE rotation (other rotation?)
  • Yes PvE + taxes + CV and BA limit + PvPvE rotation
  • No PvE (waiting for the new RP gain feature)
  • No PvE (reducing the RP limit for the Lagoon Planets)

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It is a difficult poll but an important one.

Spread the word - the more votes, the better!
Poll closes in exactly one week!

Your HWS Team

Would have liked a Yes PVE followed by nothing else.


Then go to the pve server.


To easy! this server is manly pvp so in oder for people to learn how to go from pve to pvp it would be good for it to be like pve on week days and pvp on weekends then people who have weekends off work are there to defend it. with only being taxed in the week and not when it changes to pvp


Since this will be a snowball over the coming week: no, this is not possible. Empyrion is far away from that option for a server with 130+ active players.
You must have a limit or the server would go down due bad performance and limitations.

Easiest example: no limits = everyone playing minecraft on them = other people can’t go on the planet = server needs to be wiped sooner or later.

Just nope. For that we really have the third server.


i didnt account for limits yes of course put limits to base and cvs on planet aswell as goign pve in the wekk and pvp on weekends

Thought this was a PvPvE server. Feels like its turned into a PvP server with little to no PvE. So telling Diamyo to go to the PvE server was not constructive but a good indicator that you dont know what you are talking about.


A) the one thing that makes HWS so much more than the other servers is the OCD… yet many of us that are not so heavily into PVP is to have access to some place to use it…

B) After this last update the fact the most are complaining… that the Ore deposit are dry… We need a place that can have PVE something like the 4.0 rotations… but those systems were so over crowded it was a bottle neck and extremely over crowded at time, but it worked… we all followed that rotation… amd we just lived in Deep Space and prayed we didn’t get found by some exploit…

Not that it much but i know of atleast a dozen people that quit today after the “Happy New Year announcement” forcing PVP… and many join because they think it is PVP/PVE like it was in 4.0 … Just my opinion… even if i have to live 200 KM out to be safe… I will find a way and Enjoy the server.


Im starting to get the feeling that people dont like PvE players on this server. The rules keep changing to push them out as cannon fodder for the PvP players. Maybe thats why i keep hearing people talk about moving to other servers. Maybe it was the PvE server or just some where else.

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Didnt find, where its HARD to start, bnm… Some people always wonna more.

Jascha implemented the feature that PvPvE rotation planets taking this into account now. If the planet is PvE you can use OCD. If PvP then not. Really dynamic now.

That is why we have the poll. Of course I want to make everyone happy but it is difficult. 4.0 had its pros and cons.

My goal is basically to minimize the damn hard work to make a new universe after every big release. It is really difficult so I want to create a “perfect” universe. 4.0 was quite good in gameplay terms I see. Combined with the new routes and features in 5.X this can still be achieved.

But let’s see how the poll goes.

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All this PvP heavy pushing is why im thinking of leaving. I just want a place to tend to my farm and hangout with people. Not be forced to live in space running scared that at every turn the boogy man(pirates) is going to get me.

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So if that’s what you want to do, the reason you’re not playing on the PvE server is…

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If he wants PvE and nothing else than the PvE server is the right call and is in fact constructive feedback.

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Whats the point of having a pvp and pve server if the pvp server is going to have a safe place where 90% of population live -_-, if you guys want to tend to your farms and not have to see someone shoot you then go to the pve server its not a prison sentience its there for people that dont like pvp.


This is/was a PvE server, champ. It was in the server title.

Really? Because there are three servers.




So please, continue to be condescending while you’re simultaneously wrong.

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So is this now just a PvP server? I started playing when it was a PvPvE server. Is there a PvE server for NA. I would gladly leave to it so I dont have to deal with ideals like yours.


So the minority will decide the lives of the majority by your statement.

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Was it always like this. I recall a time that only 2 servers where around and a balance was struck. You ask those who invested the same time as you to just leave everything they worked on because you don’t agree with them.