Newbie PvP Reimbursement Program - NA Server

tl;dr; - If you lost your CV in PvP and have less than 30 hours on HWS - we will give you a new CV for free. Fine text below.

Here is the deal - we want more PvP and we will fund you getting your feet wet. Too many people are scared of PvP and worried about “losing everything” - we want that fear gone. Go out there and shoot something or get shot at - if you have less than 30 hours played you have nothing to lose.

Limitations are as follows :

  • You MUST provide a video or screenshots of your loss - unless it was us who killed you :wink:

  • Screenshot showing less than 30 hours played as per cb:info

  • You get ONE reimbursement.

  • Ships take time to build and our supplies are not infinite - claims may take time depending on our resource constraints.

  • You must be able to be online when I or @Xanif is online to claim your ship. If you want someone else to claim it for you - let us know.

  • You cannot be part of a major faction - what “major” means is up to our discretion but essentially if you are part of 5HT or RAT you are on your own.

  • You may not upload the designs of the CV you get to the workshop regardless of any modifications you make or share it in any way. If we see established factions flying in the free CVs or see the designs on the workshop we will terminate this program.

  • We can refuse you for any reason - In short if we think you are scum you are on your own.


If you lose your CV and have less than 30 hours play time at the time of the loss PM me or post here with the following info:
Screenshot or video of loss.
Screenshot of eb:info output.
We will respond with ETA or replacement ship. It will be spawned and set to public at which point you must take it and set it to your faction. We may ask you to do a cb:info before we spawn the ship if we suspect that you’re an experienced player trying to scam.


And to think i thought you were all just a bunch of noob griefers like TuT

Its NA?

First newbie has been set back up and satisfied. Even with DSH trying to but in and attack at the same time!

Bumping this.

This program is still active and newbies should try to use it.