Next server wipe (ver 6 wipe)

What will happen?
Will all player lose everything and what about stuff in our backpacks?
Will all players start at starter planets?


a good start to read is here:

If you don’t have any donation options then you will keep

Everything else will be wiped.

Of course and a lot new stuff is waiting for you then


6.0 draws ever closer :smiley: can’t wait for this update so much new a cool stuff brought to empyrion and lots of new features/universe from HWS :smiley:

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Same here, can’t wait

Server AM /levels?

No they don’t get wiped unless this is different but Rex would have mentioned it in a post I’d imagine, the lvl/ resources are normally carried over but am fuel is not

Ya I thought I remembered thats how it went, but just checkin since he made the post to sound like a comprehensive list.

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Yeah true best to check never know what surprises Tex has instore lol

ups, updated my post. Thx

i am a newbie player currently but as far as i understand we should be getting ready for a wipe soon and make contingency plans if 6.0 is coming? any ETA about that?

No there isn’t a set date I’m afraid all I can say is prep as well as you can, upgrade your orbital autominers and your orbital cargo drone too, lvl one for all is free and all required commands can be found on the command section of the site :slight_smile: everything else will be wiped, your character, inventory and bp factory are all cleared.

Thanks we are already started planning out what to do on wipe situation as faction.

FYI, for those wondering what to do with their autominers and/or epics that wont go in the ocd.