The mythical OCD 6

So I have spoken briefly to a few interested parties about this to see if it is a possibility for the upcoming wipe, and it looks like it should work out, provided we get just a few more interested parties. Here is the deal. When 6.0 hits, the whole universe is going poof. The only thing that will survive is the server AM, EB, and OCD tools. And for those who have the previous max ocd level of 5, they will have to watch their precious am cores and epic weapons disappear on that fateful day. Well I am here to offer an alternative. If it doesnt work out to reach the goal cost of 70 million, there will be no monetary obligation from anyone. To that end, we will not be accepting investments until after we see 6.0 on the experiment branch, and preparing for release. At this time, those wishing to join in this venture will transfer a sum of money to myself, and once the ocd 6 is purchased, the epics and autominers they wish to preserve.
There has been a lot of talk up til this point about an idea similar to this and the concensus has been that the upgrade to ocd 6 is not worth the cost because the eb bank interest alone from 70 million credits is worth more than the amount of epics or autominers that a single faction can accumulate in between wipes. This is the crux of Operation OCD 6. By sharing both the cost and the reward, multiple investors can get the benefit of the wipe insurance and wealth preservation without the cost prohibitive nature that currently exists.
That being said, it is not a cheap investment. To that end we have a few tiers of investment levels available, with varying degrees of reward.

Angel Investor: Anyone outside of LoT who invests 10 Million or more. So far we have two verified in this category. These lucky few will have the benefit of storing as many autominers, epics and GOLD INGOTS (not credit cards) as they like, for every wipe going forward, provided it is possible and the rules don’t change of course. These individuals may use their storage potential however they choose, up to and including renting out OCD space to smaller factions for competitive rates ONCE THE PRIMARY INVESTMENT GOAL IS REACHED. This is crucial. If one of our angel investors intercepts all the small donors, and takes the money for themselves, and the 70 million goal is not reached, no one gets anything stored.
This category may also store as many of these types of items as they like in between wipes. This way even if they lose everything they own in pvp, their precious epics and autominer stash remains safe and accessible on demand by setting up an appointment with myself to meet in pve.

Hoarders: This is any non LoT entity that invests 5 million or more. This group may store up to 5 of each epic, and 100 autominers in the OCD, under the same rules as listed above for angel investors. Accessible whenever is convenient for you, and across multiple wipes.

Tycoons: This will be the average mid sized faction that just wishes to stash some goodies for the 6.0 wipe. The buy in for this package is exactly 1 million credits. For that, you receive storage for up to 5 epics of each type, and 100 Autominers. The thing to be aware of is that this investment level ONLY applies to keep these goods through the wipe from 5.0 to 6.0. After 6.0 goes live, you may pick up all of your stored goods at once at a time that is convenient for you. No additional storage after this point is allowed without additional investment, and no partial withdrawals.

Interested parties can respond to this thread, or PM me on discord or forums.


I wonder if when they set that amount, they really expected no one to ever buy it? Now they feel like these BIOS firmware writters…“year 1999, yeah… Computers will never live past that” xD

Sign me up under Tycoon. Or should i just get access for all of the valiant efforts I make to help you guys :wink:

All set Ranz. Once we hear solid news of the 6.0 release on experimental or release candidate, Ill get in touch with ya. That puts us at ~ 31 million pooled outside of what LoT is throwing in.

Then i can propose an alternative - FDM will have an OCD 6 available, on its own. No investment needed.

We could then agree for all parties of a payment on the saved money for us saving your stuff - kind of rental of the use of our own OCD lvl 6. This is the fairest way i belive, as no aprty will be more favorised by another due to someone ending with an OCD lvl 6 paid by others.

If you find my proposal not thrustworthy enough, i can provide with proof of FDM’s good stanging when it come to trade deals.

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thats great, not really competition though, yall are on EU, we are on NA

Didn’t look towards competition, but true, didn’t notice that you were NA. Anyhow, proposal stands for any on EU :stuck_out_tongue:

MAN… EU of course

csw is back up…

I’m almost sure i saw rex write in chat that OCD/bank/AMs don’t jump from server to server with you…?

No but surely items do?

Items / ships do yes

Alrighty, we have reached our goal thanks to our efforts on armageddon! I can happily verify that LoT will in fact have OCD 6 available for the 6.0 wipe. To that end, I will keep open the options above for those wishing for a large scale or permanent arrangement for safe storage, as well as the following:
Pay Per Item:
LoT will store any items for interested individuals on a per item basis. For a mere 5k credits you can store One Epic weapon or Autominer Core in the OCD for storage until after the 6.0 wipe. After that time, you may arrange a pickup time at the LoT Shop in city auxilio at your earliest convenience. We also offer Cross wipe money laundering for a 20% fee. We will exchange it out for gold coins/ingots, which will then be stored safely in the OCD until after the wipe. At this time an eb account transfer will be made to your account number on the first day, and you will have your credits available for use.
Again, feel free to respond either here, in forum private message, or discord private message if interested.


I’m definitely down for storing the epic. Would be a good way to get started back up quickly!

So what , why you so afraid to start over gather all special equipment and resources again , like many other new to hws players ?
Common HWS players should stop to cry and panic about main hws wipes and look at it as opportunity of fresh start and new adventures .
I am only one taking care of supplies in my faction (EnA) and in only one hws season i gathered enough resources for next 2 or more . Created so many big (8500-17000 blocks) CV ships that will have to spend days to scrap those before 6.0 . I cant imagine what faction with more that 2 members can reach .

Maybe if ya don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it.
Im glad you have supplies, thats great. This is a whole other thing besides material gathering though. Anyone can get ocd 5, and it is great for storing supplies for the next version. But for those who have invested in non renewable materials (things not obtainable from meteorites or autominers, obviously epics and am’s are technically renewable) this gives them the opportunity to save some, rather than having to try and sell them to someone else for a fraction of their value, hoping that other person will not be aware that they will not fit in an ocd 5.
I would like to point out that all players will be on the same footing after the wipe, regardless of ocd status, atleast for a little bit, due to the lack of ocd on starters. This ocd6 gives larger factions an opportunity to get back to roughly where they were in the end game, rather than negate hundreds of hours of work and gametime. If you sincerely have a problem with a full wipe, in terms of everyone having absolutely nothing after a wipe, then why have you yourself been scrapping ships and gathering materials? Go to another server where everything goes poof and your special snowflake feelings dont get hurt that veteran players arent on the exact same level as you. This is for those who understand the implications and benefits of this investment.

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The point of a full wipe is to start from base, along with everyone else, taking in all the extra/new/changed content in stride.

As a rebuttal to [quote=“mcprouty, post:17, topic:4743”]
I would like to point out that all players will be on the same footing after the wipe, regardless of ocd status, atleast for a little bit, due to the lack of ocd on starters.[/quote] in terms of fair that means nothing. It simply means while other factions/new members are grinding their way to prep to colonize, the OCD using factions will simply be pushing to get offworld ASAP to unload OCD and setup shop day 1, while the rest of the playbase plays catch up only to zone into nodes dominated, massive bases fortified, and fleets waiting.

Personally, I think OCD should wipe along with everything else on major releases because it simply creates an imbalance akin to cheating, but that’s my opinion.

It’s a feature of HWS. If you consider it cheating, probably not the right server for you, as it’s part of the servers allure.

I certainly Respect the opinion, but it’s like complaining Burger King fried food and it’s bad for you while you eat your whopper … or maybe chicken salad if you plan on not using your own OCD.


So just to be clear here, you responded to a month old thread to say that you dont think all the work I did to bring this plan to fruition was ok, and was[quote=“XxSTOZZYxX, post:18, topic:4743”]
akin to cheating

because you dont like a feature that is one of the things that makes HWS unique from other servers. Literally only three servers have it. If it bothers you, after the wipe go play on pretty much any other server.

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YEAH! We don’t take kindly to people that don’t take kindly to OCD round here.