NFA Faction Issues

So for the past few weeks there has been an issue of NFA faction attacking and taking over other trader faction bases and assets, now as far as im aware arnt traders not supposed attack other traders? If they are, then whats the point of having origins when you dont have to follow them? Secondly I believe NFA has used an exploit or a hack to find our ship locations as they have taken them over in deep space. I dont believe they found it by chance or luck. Just want to let people know NFA have been up to some very sketchy things.

Like I told you in chat Equinox, another player found your factions belongings in deep space and broadcast the location. Other players even confirmed this and you have no proof to show ANY wrong doing on NFAs part, so please try to not waste anyone’s time, move on and rebuild. FET was either careless and left something public, or unlucky.

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Additionally, to my knowledge, traders can, have, and will most likely continue to attack each other.

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Why do people put bases on Neptune with turrets? Traders are peaceful creatures yet a month ago if you were a new player and flew across the planet guess what happens?

What’s the point of origins if people don’t have to follow them?

Just use Cheap warp Sleds till the end, some one found my Space Raft and only took the Crops and Food, every thing else was already stored in my OCD :+1:

Who says traders need to be friendly to each other? After all, destroying your competition is a great way to insure that you remain the guy that gets all the credits…

Ah the well known oft-quoted rule of acquisition #34.

We sent out the warning on all channels available when NFA arrived on HWS a while back. They are committed to offline raiding the trader origin planet, and have no interest in peaceful coexistence with other traders. Since there is no repercussions available, (HWS Police is down, and they are mostly only online when the majority of Trader players are not) LoT advised that ALL players move off of neptune ASAP. This is still the case.
Now on to a more troubling issue:
This is the second time atleast that I have heard of NFA mysteriously showing up in other factions deep space fleets, and raiding them. The other time I heard of, I advised the individual to make a forum post about it with his log, to get it looked into. It seemed that one of their members got invisible ship bugged into the fleet, and called for backup to raid the fleet he showed up in. The first part, and the frustration involved, is understandable. The second is not. I know we all but say it in the rules, but I believe it would be helpful to specifically mention that if the warp bug happens and you find yourself in an enemy ship on foot, and then you raid that ship, it is considered an exploit.
Trust me, I know it is frustrating to be stuck where you dont belong. It has happened to me personally atleast half a dozen times. But on each of those occasions, the right thing to do was to accept the lost backpack and move on, or try to find the owning faction when they get online. Not to have a teammate come out to my dead body and use my ill gotten intel to ruin someone else’s day.

As for this, if you had bothered to test the waters in the server before blowing them up, you would have found that while traders had turrets on neptune, they also were more than happy to get new people or accidental kills back on their feet, even better off than they started. And multiple people, myself included, had signs, aid stations, and info on the starter planets letting people know to ally up before approaching Neptune. All traders accepted alliances from traders. That is how we kept neptune a decently safe place for new people who have no “safe” options to base off of, and try to live the trader life. We had an embassy set up to foster trade and dialogue between factions. We had zones of fire and established locations so that if someone new got blown up by an offline base, any other online trader could go and get their stuff, and shelter you until you could get alliances all set up.
Then came the offline raids, a few at first, and then more and more. And with the state of the game, no base could stand with no defender, no matter how well designed. So there was no more possibility of making neptune the origin safe planet it was meant to be. And now here we are, and I will say again:
MOVE OFF OF NEPTUNE!! Sadly enough there is no possible way for it to be safe anymore before the wipe. Your best bet is to ocd all you can, and move out to crimson, in the donare systems. It is pve, and non taxed.

Your discount is now only 5%. @mcprouty


That is patently false. I waited three weeks for this last faction to log in so that I could send an alliance request. They obviously logged on at some point since their structures persisted for so long and despite the efforts of having at least one person online at almost all times no one could catch this faction online. I sent alliance requests and accepted many but ultimately we joined up at a time when the server was spooling down.

Again I ask, how can you talk about peaceful coexistence while you all have turrets pointed at each other? You can argue that NFA is the reason for these people having turrets but NFA is the result of these people having turrets. Some people trade in gold and others trade in ammunition.

If you ever logged in you’d see that not many people are online right now with weekly Ron Paul esque “it’s happening” notifications. I don’t blame anyone for it, everyone wants 6.0, but most people have packed their stuff up by now. You’d be hard up to find a raid that’s not offline. Maybe you could be the change that you want to see.

Not gonna lie this made me giggle.
But lets be real here, me not being online on HWS as much the past few weeks is not an indication of me not being aware of what is happening, or that we were not playing the role in HWS. Quite the opposite, we stepped back because the atmosphere of the server had become so embroiled in ridiculous that we were starting to be drug into every argument, fight, or accusation. I started Lonely Traders with the primary intent of avoiding drama, playing the role, and helping other players. Continuing to play in the fast degrading 5.0 universe was contrary to all three of those goals. So we stepped back, avoided the shit talking lobbed at us, and prepared our plans for Auctoria in 6.0.

Back to the relevant discussion:
Let me be clear, I support all forms of rp on hws, and y’all are actually (surprisingly) well justified in the actions you took, based off of the assumption that there were people refusing to ally. But the unfortunate bit here, is that it is all based on an oddity in the game that makes alliance requests disappear if the recipient is offline. You have no idea how many headaches that caused me.
I am curious though which faction was it that you never saw online. In general, if a faction was legitimately not online for extended periods, and was a threat to other traders, we would step in and snipe off turrets, cover them with ships, something to allow people to be a little more safe until they came back. But I heard nothing of this. Only that NFA kept blowing up stuff on Neptune, and kept nothing of their own there. That to me reeks of “griefer”, not “misunderstood new trader”.

As for this:[quote=“Logan, post:11, topic:5448”]
Again I ask, how can you talk about peaceful coexistence while you all have turrets pointed at each other? You can argue that NFA is the reason for these people having turrets but NFA is the result of these people having turrets. Some people trade in gold and others trade in ammunition.

I actually agree, and if it were up to me, or feasible, I would have made neptune a no turret planet. But here is the thing: the people on neptune, we knew were interested in playing the role. That would have worked for them. But we have no idea of the new players trickling in from starter. One determined chaos spreading individual can join hws, make a sv and lots of ammo, and level a completely undefended planet in a day. Just for “fun”. While turrets were not a true defense, especially once the railgun effect became public knowledge, they were atleast a deterrent to that. So Neptune became armed, with the caveat that all residents had to keep their alliances up. If any refused outright to ally other traders, the traders themselves would step in and intercede. As long as we knew it was an issue

I don’t disagree. Alliance requests disappearing when you log out is infuriating. Just narrowing down the exact process for being able to promote someone inside your faction is frustrating enough. I wouldn’t say it was a refusal directly but no one could ever find them online. Nightwatch was the name, I still remember without even having to log in. l think if we had started earlier in the wipe cycle things would’ve been a little different. I feel like the guide is kind of a rough read for brand new players too but that’s a different matter.

I find it humorous that people whine about offline raiding in the first place. Like anyone
is going to wait for someone to be online to attack them. Server clearly has
PvP and HARD in the title.

So before any of you PvE types get your panties in a knot and spout off about how the
majority of players are PvE. Here is some food for thought PvE sever is ALWAYS empty.
Go There.

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Ya you have a point. I never thought about it again after I finally figured it out, but Ill throw up a post with the process for using the registry, faction controls, etc. actually it should probably wait til after 6.0 drops…
But short version: you have to be in the same playfield as a teammate, and them online, to do ANYTHING other than accept someone to a faction. So for example, if someone applies to your faction from starter, you have no way to remove them until you track them down. Or if someone goes offline for 40 days, you have no way to prune the dead weight. And god forbid you get a troll in your faction, all they have to do is log in for 5 minutes at a time in your base, and they can ocd away all of your stuff before you can do anything about it.

There’s a great number of people I think who would like to see the return of HWS Police for dealing with in-game dramas. But I don’t think right now it’s do-able – it would take a massive amount of time and organisation to get it going again (not to mention finding trusted volunteers to pilot the vehicles etc).

Our corporate tax dollars will not go to some paramilitary terrorist organization with zero accountability. Live free in the NC. Freedom trumps tyranny.

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First off specter, i made this post BEFORE our conversation, My only real issue at this point is the fact that traders can act like pirates, with no consequence. So i ask again WTF is the point of origins if its open season on anyone, anytime, anywhere? And I know for a fact there were no public ships out there.

I find it humorous that people who offline raid think they somehow are hardcore. One of my favorite sayings ever: Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Back when the gaming community meant something we had terms like honor, respect, sportsmanship. People with your mindset ruin good communities imo. All it takes is one person/group to make a server flatline. I have seen it happen so many times.

They are making changes to origin in 6.0