No CVs on PvP hotspot planets for long anymore

Hey @everyone: The Alpha 8 / HWS 8 preparations have begun today so that should be one of the last disturbation for you.
But recent conflicts on EU and NA forced us to the change of CVs on all Homeworld planets and Golden Globe. (both in exploit ways, as well in performance ways)
The prime time CV timers stay where CVs can land on these planets at certain times but in fact 0 CVs are allowed on them then.
Means you have 12 minutes time to land, drop your Garage HV ship for example and leave.

The change will be live at 5PM on EU and 11PM NA.

Your HWS Team


Great idea might it possible to remove prime time so the working class can land assets ?

And can we still spawn a CV on planet so we can remove the assets ?

Prime time will prevent 9min hops and coordinated base tanking with multiple tank CV’s I assume. Perhaps pushing it ahead an hour would allow more leeway, but I believe it makes sense, given the current status of the rules.

I don’t see that helping someone who, for example, just bought a badger like a friend of mine. Or my case with constant disconnections, a deploy or rescue of assets risk losing everything even without an attack. It’s terrible news for some garage ship owners. I know that exploits are a thing, but you are just changing fix a pvp situation to hurt workers or the smaller miners that can’t go against bigger factions. Just wanted to put that out there. Basically I’m out of the mining business after these changes because the risk is not worth it anymore. It was already risky before, but now it’s just ridiculous.


You can always pay for protection.

I see how that helps your business and your business ONLY.

Incorrect. I wouldn’t expect someone who seemingly desires equity in a world without it to understand, however, I pose to you the following: If you are creating a profit for yourself with someone else taking the risk on your behalf, how would the arrangement be a one way deal?

Or you could easily take the exploiters out with a rule and everybody in combat record their combat and present the proofs of tackling, bullet sponges, pining, whatever. Than forbid everyone from deploying stuff safely withou the risk of losing stuff to dc and so on.This is a radical mesure that more hurts than helps. Or helps but a 10, 12 people group. Basically everyone knows who uses bullet sponges in combat, its not hard to show and enforce the rules, instead of making impossible for anyone to mine (but TAW)

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An alternative, jus throwing it out there, is to just make a rule banning the use of sponge cv’s and we do have hws police


I think this would be a good alternative, this rule is clearly made for combating the issue of sponges being used in PvP.

A simple rule banning the use of cv’s in offensive operations to draw fire would please most people i think.

How would this rule be enforced you guys probably wonder? The same way pinning and other things like it is, by having people record and sending it to an admin or police.


Ohh…very nice idea, indeed. Unfortunately only fitting for the big factions who own GG in EU and NA.

So… i bring down my garage HV which has costs of 5—10 million credits PLUS the time i spent to pimp it up. And then… i do WHAT ? Place a plate with a medical station, set my home bind spot there, leave the planet with my CV, suicide for a blood teleport back on GG ? If i am lucky my lovely and very expensive garage HV is still alive. So i farm some gold with my 16 drills.

As the „owners“ of GG have all taken drugs and are sleepy they dont notice me. Hmm but well, how can i bring back my CV to GG for picking me and my precious HV up again ?
Spawning a SV, fly back to my CV, bring it back to GG, dock my garage HV and leave. Seriously ?You can try that on EU if you are a suicide bomber, will never work.
Very sad, that i seem to be the only one able to see the truth.

So here is my alternate suggestion :
a) park your CV in the homeworld sector
b) take a cheap SV to GG
c) spawn a base plate and a cheap HV
d) farm gold and pray to god that no one is spotting you
e) leave the cheap HV behind, take the gold and bring it back to your CV by using your SV


DM has a point here. This new rule change renders the HWS Badger completely obsolete. Taking it down safely could be done by simply sacrificing the CV that brought it (small price to pay compared to gold inflow), but the pickup logistics are horrendous. Players are actually forced in this case to leave a 7M piece of machinery on a hostile planet while they leave the playfield in order to recover it. Not really sure why the Badger was increased in price by 1M when it became utterly useless on the only two playfields it is useful on.

It seems that the new CV restriction is intended to remove sponge CVs from the game mechanics (@RexXxuS Is this correct?) on contested planets. While simply making it against the rules to use a CV as a sponge works in theory, Rex often requires video evidence before applying a punishment, and only the truely vain record everything that happens to them while in game. CVs would still be used as sponges, evidence would be circumstantial, and nobody would be punished.

HWS already makes use of an alert system that is capable of noticing when an intruder is near a base. Could this be expanded to identify when a CV is near an enemy base and give a 1-min timer to remove the vessel before it is removed from the playfield and repo’d?


Factions can just have 2-3 sponges in standby in space, while 1 goes down and tanks for 6-8min before the 9min window given to CVs. Then just heads back up into space and another comes down in its place. And the cycle repeats. So the new CV rule is still exploitable.

With lag that wont work.

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@zappe21 Tell that to TAW and ACP, they will find a way. Then again they learned from the Russians that sniping bases with Plasma is way easier to take down a base from far.

ALERT! Incoming TAW/ACP rant on how they took down my base cluster on Golden Globe using this sniping method lol. They fielded like 10+ people vs me. I left with my gold after mining all day. All those SVs and towers just for myself.

Was fun for me too no doubt, me and Ranzeth had a sniping party 1v1 when he deployed an attack base. A 1-3 hours later when they had 17+ people or so on the server, is when they finally made a move. I enjoyed the standoff for a while but was only a matter of time until they kept sniping turrets 1 by 1.image
Overall for a base worth 500k that I spent on stone, it did it’s job in letting me mine 18-20mil. I look forward to designing a better base after this trial run with the new base limit system.

The use of cv for mining cannot die, like this topic

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OR this is just a thought. Don’t bring a garage HV if you are too weak to defend it (which it sounds like you are). Use a raiding SV with mining drills.

Or spawn a throw away HV only purpose is for mining. Cheap SV, drop a basic base with a bunch of turrets, spawn in an HV.

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so, its how it was last season? perfect, 9 minutes to drop your stuff and go, worked last season!