No deathbox, lost everything

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What happened:
=> I was trying to fly home after taking out a POI, had an alien parasite that I couldn’t get rid of so I was slowly dying. I tried to make it back but couldn’t make it so I died in the air. Tried spawning close by to see if I could get my ship down but it was too high. I was only 4km away from my base so I quickly found something to kill me so I could get another ship and get back as quick as possible. It was well under the 25 mins to despawn my loot, but I couldn’t find my death box absolutely anywhere.

Player(s) with issue:
=> ryanbaerg

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 19-10-17 10:21

=> Pirate-HQ

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> It would be nice to get some of my stuff back. I had an epic laser Minigun, an almost broken epic assault rifle almost 50k minigun rounds and 20k projectile rounds, 400+ fusion cells, epic drill, everything from the POI


welcome to the server.
I restored the stuff for you.

Check out the cb:? commands. there is a command to get your ship down:

Thank you very much!!! Is that the same as using the hws connect structure command? If so my ship was over the 200m limit for me to do that.

Yes its the same.
But you just have to wait a few seconds under the ship. Them 200m is only to the side, but not about the height.

if all else fails, press tab, go to registry at the top in between the trading icon and map icon, if your ship is private then make sure to click the button that shows private ships, click on the playfield then click on your ship, and at the bottom you will see control panel, click on that and power down your ship, it should fall. if it doesnt then relog, this generally works, unless your in a lag fest of other ships in the playfield, relogging generally makes it work

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