No warning when leaving Starter System

I am an experienced player 1500hrs and i joined your server with a 3 man faction we read the rules and started our game. Built a HV HV miner, SV and a CV wanted E and Z for miners. I left the system alone with CV,SV and Miner i got no playfield specific warning before i left the system that i could not return. went to three lava planets and an alien each with 1 deposit either copper or silicone. went to return and couldnt. with all the work you have put into these servers and website you couldnt at least have a warning? my faction is or was stuck on starter with no transportation basicly starting from scratch and I was stranded in next system whose planet has 1 copper deposit. I can see how a server capable of so many people can have so little for its size. i am syre i am not the first to experience this and left.
i just wasted an evening on your server and put a bad taste in my mouth because i wonder what else you would not tell me until after i have done it.

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Did you notice the “one way warp” lines on the map that indicate you can’t come back?

The game mechanics don’t have warnings for one way warps. That would be lame every time I went to Black hole I got a warning.

Understand your frustration, but to be fair, don’t blame the server for the oversight of clearly posted transit lines on the map you had to select a planet to warp to from.

That said, it’s good feedback for other newbies to the server and we should stick it in the guide. Unfortunately, fewer people pay attention to the guide than do the map.

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Ps, you should stick around. It’s the best and most populated server for a reason. :slight_smile: we’d love to have you.

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No i didnt notice the little arrow big penalty for missing a little icon other servers have playfield specific messages some for everything Class limits, Gun limits, no return points. You say that would be lame if you got a message at black hole. your structure limit warnings are global and pop up every 10 minutes you prob factioned with someone and they warned you a bet most dont notice your little arrow

Bugs expanding universe has the most people everytime i look

the more i read these threads it looks like your team spends most its time banning players rather than recruiting them because the themed factions or whatever are often abused i have played for almost a year and you know as well as i do your numbers are dropping or rising and falling. you are trying to create structure in a sandbox game . you may be number 1 because you have 3 servers but your structure forces players to play in a way that they may not like 1 of 4 factions basicly if i had stayed i would of had to drop from my faction which i was admin of and join another because all the systems around me were strip mined and PVP.You should probably change the server name to Facebook in Spaaaaaaaaaace.

You guys and your assumptions.

  1. not MY little arrow - not my server. I use them just like everyone else who plays, and it’s not unique to HWS. It’s a game mechanic. Learn the game. 1500 hours doesn’t mean you stop paying attention to patch notes in an alpha game.

  2. you don’t and can’t get warnings in the game every time you need to pay attention to it. E.g. You don’t get a pop up on: suffocation, hunger, enemies (little red arrows?), structural integrity or a slew of other frustrating game mechanics. Most of those you learn through experience.

  1. Server notices are based on server restrictions and are global to help inform people not to settle on over crowded playfields. It’s a server notice warning based on periodic checks, not a real time “you’re about to make a mistake notice”

  2. You can die and “fresh start” and join your buddies again on starter without your CV. Yes it would be like starting over without your CV and stuff but the community is very helpful and I’m sure would be happy to get you back on your feet. Just ask in global and I’m sure you’ll get some help.

Tough lesson, sure, but the server is good and the community rocks.

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Taken away your 1500+ playhours (experienced!) and knowing how the sector map (should) work and server bashing and what not childish behavior we have actually enough text explaining everything. For example here:

Since we have a lot of features and what not, this server is not like others a casual “let’s see what happens” server. We have a gameplay which forces you in a kind of way to make yourself familiar with a lot of HWS things. So grab your brain and take the tour.
If you don’t want or can not read then you can try your luck or just go to the other servers.

And if you don’t like a kind of role play server at all there is enough others out there.
Spreading your troll posts here is cool but just a waste of time.

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Why not get your faction members to mine 100 iron quickly and build a tiny cv just to leave system and join you it takes 10minutes… no need for them to build a death star…also this server has huge population becuase the admins here have put a lot more effort into developing end game, where as the other servers fall off very quickly and then those players leave. Also there is a huge amount of new players joining everyday so no shortage there. Also this is 5.0 it isn’t being fixed right now as it would be a waste come back during 6.0 and you will see a lot more logical resource distribution instead of 50 nodes on pve starter and 7 on pvp planet.

And to counter any excuses you have about faction members not being able to mine 100 iron for tiny cv, if they fresh start they get a drill and ammo for it with survival constructor, and they keep their level 20 its plenty to go searching for meteorites smelt them in survival constructor and chuck them into f2 factory to quickly make an escape vessel, iv done it hundreds of times takes minutes.

yeah i know i could dont take it personaly guys i just dont have a lot of time and have fresh started this game so many time and with the alpha issues it sucks when IMO it could have been prevented by a warning in either the rules or before i left the system which i know 100 oercent can be done. I dont mean to attack your community i just am exerienced enough i dont want to ask for help. I shouldnt have to. Plus the easier you make it for people to understand the more success your server will have there is a big learning curve in the game and for each server. Maybe one day we will join you guys. Sorry to have offended you.

2400 hours in here. If I dont know something I ask. There will always be new things to discover, particularly in this server. So maybe put aside your pride and get some learning in. Experience is no excuse for ignorance here bud.
I will amend the guide to include a warning about the one way warp, you are right there is no mention of it there.
But I fail to see how someone with 1500 hours in the game didnt think to fly 50k out into deep space with your ship, then fresh start back to starter to be with your friends and help them get off starter. The one way warp is to protect the new game feel in a large pop server. Without it, you have veteran players just living there in pve rather than in the rest of the intentionally pvp universe. We found that out the hard way


Guide now edited to include a mention of the origin planets, and the one way starter warp.

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