None's Guide to living on PvP (Not completed)

Hey Everyone i’ll try my best to create a comprehensive guide with lots of details and keep updating it over the coming weeks (This guide isn’t about how to do the basics there is a, in game guide for that in survival single player and i advise getting good with that before joining here and starting this guide)

P.S. thanks for all the linkable guides RexXxus :smiley: makes my life a hell of a lot easier :stuck_out_tongue:

First things first, go to the HWS Guide section on the forums you can use this link:

The Admins have made some amazing guides detailing everything in fine detail, it may seem like a lot :smiley: becuase it is, but the more you know the better your game play is going to be so be sure to go through it.

Start: (Getting to level 20 and starting as the right faction right away.)

I have made a few starting designs for you guys please download them they will be very useful for starting:

These BA’s CV’s and HV’s have LCD boards on them with some helpful tips :slight_smile:

Choose the origin that suits you best and make sure any friends you want to play with all agree on the same origin, as you can only be in the same faction as people in your origin.

The 5 Origins that you are able to choose from are:

If you want to change your faction at any time you can type cb:reset and you get to pick a new starting faction and planet.

As you choose your origin starter planet you will fall from a pod onto the planet. Be sure to choose the faction you want from the start as you only have 1 cb:reset every few hours.

Grab all the stuff inside the pod and place down the survival constructor and place everything you don’t need into your survival constructor.

The atmosphere is breathable so press u to take off your helmet and move towards the closest water source place down the O2 generator and put some power into it.

Then press Tab go to factions and create your own or join a friends faction then press comma “,” and type in these commands:


No need to type ocd:buy as you start with level 1 ocd, by typing ocd:buy again you can spend credits to upgrade ocd.

If you would like to find out more about what these commands do read these:

Now the way the game is setup at the moment attacking metoerites is going to be the fastest way to get to level 20, the starter locations have tons of metoerites but very little fiber and seaweed, it takes 5 seaweed to make 1 bio fuel, so use your bio fuel very efficiently, using the chainsaw on meteorites will give you great exp but at the same time you could be using that fuel to mine those meteorites instead so plan which resources you need and when to prioritize leveling.

You are going to need to get to lvl 3 before you can place the BA-Starter-TuT that i linked earlier and the quickest way to get to level 3 is to run around the whole planet in a spiral from north barrier heading west and a little bit to the south all the way to south barrier so that you cover every mm of that planet in a straight line, take some food with you a drill, chainsaw your pistol all 5 bio fuel and all your ammo. Be sure to collect any seaweed on the mountain tops and if there is any fiber in the same area’s also any mushrooms or plants as you can let these rot in your inventory for making growing plots a bit later…

Be very careful not to attack a meteorite with your chainsaw if someone is busy mining it as your chainsaw will destroy that meteor. Destroying a meteor while someone is mining it is considered as grieving and you can be punished for it.
If you are not sure what the rules are for the server read these:

when your done if you press m for map you will see a white icon for your survival constructor and your o2 generator nearby head back to base and press f3 first you will need to go to base tab and unlock the cannon tech as this allows you to produce 30mm rounds, and you will need to make these either with the survival constructor or your base as you place it down. As you place your base a drone wave will spawn and head towards you’re base, be sure to place the 30mm ammo in the green ammo box and make sure that your base is fueled and the power is switched on.

Tip: Make sure to make yourself a weapon with lots of ammo to defend your base from drones incase you cant finish setting up your base in time.

The map is very useful you can see if its pve or pvp, if the air is breathable which resources are on it (1:) 0/4 means you have not discovered any of those nodes yet. (Note: If someone mines out all nodes of that resource they will disapear from the map but meteors of that resource type will still fall)

The gravity (2:) effects how your ship flies anything lower than 1.0 will be very easy to fly in, you will turn faster and have a lot more fun flying around, anything over 1.0 and its going to be really tough to move around. If your ship falls upside down in a very high gravity planet and your downwards thrusters are weak you might not even be able to get back off the ground, be careful. High gravity will also drain more fuel from your ship so keep this in mind.

Atmospheric density (3:) is for calculating weapon ranges as the higher the atmosphere the more your projectiles from your BA, CV and SV weaponry slow down and travel less. you can see your ships weapon ranges on the bottom right of the screen while flying.

The BA kind of cheats as you place in 2 grow plots and the base spawns 2 grow plots + 1 free pumkin plant and more importantly 1 fiber plant! which is really important as sometimes you wont find any fiber for hours at a time. Use the pumkin to make food and keep gathering and storing the fiber and rotten food and when you have enough build grow plots and finish the other 7 grow plots under the purple light.

If you choose to use your own BA you can deconstruct one of the grow plots with a mutlitool (right click option on the top left) and you will receive fiber which you can use to make a fiber plant on your other grow plot alowing you to slowly make more grow plots and a bigger farm over time.

Leveling from now on is going to be really slow if you have a starter with no npc’s but its alright as you will need plenty of time to mine meteorites and let your t3 autominers slowly gather resources for you, remember that by mining out deposits your t3 autominers will stop producing ore. Its more efficient to mine meteorites and leave the deposits on 100%.

Exp rates:

T1 & T2 Mining Drill = 10 Exp per second
Killing a npc gives you 3k or more exp per mob
Every plant you pick up gives you 32 exp
Every block you place on your base gives you 6 exp
Completely killing a meteorite gives 3k exp (can be killed with any handheld/vehicle weapon)

Mining in a HV gives 0 experience
Salvaging gives 0 Experience

Sugestions before leaving starter: (Make sure your level 20 before leaving.)

*Type am:get:all to now get all the minerals you have been saving up since start spawn Escape-Cv-Tut if you want a cheap ride, and build some seats and cargo boxes if you have friends that need a lift or a lot of minerals you want to take with you.

*Construct 5 t2 miners 5 t2 Multi tools 25 of each drill/multi tool ammo and place them in your hand slots 1 2 3 4 then make some power cells o2 and water and place those in item slots 5 6 and 7 then remove everything else from your inventory to a cargo box on your ship and type ocd:put:all, this will be a backup incase you die and need to fresh start. Fresh start will spawn you back onto the starter planet with nothing in your inventory but you will already be level 20 and from there you can easily ocd:get:all and gather your stuff up again. But hopefully if your careful you wont die so easily :wink: Edit(Since ocd has been removed from starter planets you will need to travel off planet and to elemental market before placing these items in your safe OCD.)

*Construct 50 drill charges, place them into your inventory and type am:fuel:50 this will put 50 fuel into your autominers, you will need to type am:info and add more fuel when ever this gets low, you can also replace 50 with any number you like.

*Construct a exploration sv for each faction member and dock it onto your cv.

*Press p on every sv and your cv and make sure bottom right that they are all set to faction and that you give them a name. A faction ship does not get shot at by allies and a named ship makes it easier for admins to help you if something goes wrong.

## Leaving Starter: (Now the real fun starts :wink:)

First off once you leave the starter system you cannot return via warp. You can return how ever using the fresh start option after death which teleports you back to the starter planet as a lvl 20 with nothing in your inventory, the only way to survive after this is to farm up again manually.

The lagoon planets are a no go they show pve on map but you cannot enter them as you will have 0 RP (Reputation Points) at the start of the game.


##Reputation Points

What is RP: HWS DNA

To get RP you need to hold your Epic weapon on you and warp and keep it on you, the different weapons needed for each faction are as follows:





And you can gain extra RP by:

So plan a head and get everything you need from elemental market in advanced for the next few days to really get the most out of this bonus.

##How to get an epic in the first place:

  1. The original way and least feasible way of getting an epic is to assualt an NPC alien POI (Point of interest) (Base) once you destroy the core you can loot the purple container and recieve 1 epic at random, maybe it will be the one you need but low chance.

  2. The best way is to lend it from a friend or a friendly person in your origin then keep it in your inventory do a warp and wait for your RP to come in. You can check your current RP by typing FA:info once you get it in type FA:supply and get your own epic weapon and give the epic back to your friend.

  3. Kill people of the same origin as you looting their epic’s.

  4. Buying the epic you need off the elemental market place, they cost between 20k and 50k anything more and they ripping you off.

  5. I havn’t test to see if this works fully but if you press f1 their are PDA missions for single and faction some of those mission rewards offer epic’s once you complete them, you will have to try and experiment for yourself to see if they work maybe someone in the comment section can say if they have tried this?

##Where to live?
If you chose guardian trader or hunter your best options is to go first to those faction origin planets:
Faction origins can only be entered by members of that origin, making it less likely that you will be attacked the planets associated with each origin are:


If you picked pirate, it’s going to be rough where ever you go, Pluto is your faction origin and the most dangerous factions are usually pirate and can enter your planet, and they will have no mercy on your base.

Suggestion’s would be to warp to your origin planet with your cv and then pick a direction that’s not aligned to anything and then move in that direction away from the planet till about 30km-50km the further you go out the more safe you will be and the less likely it is that someone will find you, but ofc the further you go out the more annoyed you will be with having to do long travels the whole time so choose a balance that suits you.

Once you are at your destination distance spawn a CV-depo-TuT which has 4 constructors lots of storage and a clone bay, press P set it faction (1:) and then set as home its a tick box near the bottom right (2:). This means if you die you can click spawn at home and you will then appear on your CV again safe and sound. If you don’t like messy things you can press autosort (3:) and everything will be grouped for you. From here you can hop onto your SV and travel down to the planet with your mates be sure to bring t2 miner t2 multi tool some ammo for those a gun extra fuel and extra o2.

If your in a friendly faction like traders or guardians press tab and go to the factions tab and request ally from every faction there and then announce in global chat (“.”) ‘full stop’ that you have requested all (Trader or guardians) as ally and that they must please accept your request. Now you will have the best chance of surviving on the pvp planet, you can build a outpost base with some defenses make a HV for drilling meteorites and place t3 autominers near your allies or places that your allies have secured, be sure not to mine these deposits out as this will anouy your allies and make them consider destroying you.

If you want a cheap base you can spawn a CV-depo-Tut for manufacturing and resource storage and then place 4 or more HV-DP-Tut and fill them with fuel and ammo.

In this example I have shot out the ground with a HV artillary and then placed everything on bedrock (white or lava depending on planet) which means no player can dig under your base.

Be sure to not only defend your base from the entrance but also from the sides and from behind as people digging to your base can come from any direction. If you build need the red barriers on the furthest north or south you can limit the directions to half.

Make sure your DP’s (Defensive towers with a red square around them in the diagram) have artillery attached to them, the benefit of this is that when an enemy digs through the final bit of the wall and breaks into your base if he dies there the artillary will be able to shoot all the way down the tunnel they just made, making it extreemly difficult for them to use the same path a 2nd time.

There are taxes on Lucifier, elemental market place and Homeworlds orbit (Also donator planets if someone has more than 150 RP), and if you park your cv here or place a base here you will go into a lot of debt making your life very hard, to read more about taxes:

##The power of the autominer:

Now that your living on a PvP planet your autominer is going to be your best friend. 1: is the level of your autominer, level 1 is free and to upgrade it type am:buy:resource name, 2 is the amount you have in your autominer so you can only type am:get:iron:(2:) as the max amount you can withdraw. (3:) Is how much fuel you have left in all your autominers the cost is 1 per day per resource per level so if you have level 3 iron its 3 per day just for iron and so on.

It is sugested to get everything to level 1 first then upgrade your gold (4:) to level 10 and use that to upgrade the rest aswell as any credits you get from mining and trading.

(5:) The pentaxid is extreemly useful if you get it to 10 you will never need to go mining for it ever again, which is really nice for end game pvp stages.

The reason why i say autominer is your best friend is that you can access it from anywhere if your missing a few minerals and your stuck, autominer is there for you. If you build cheaply and you have everything at 10 then you will be able to make a lot of free stuff every single day without having to mine to hard, Unfortunitly it’s not going to help you at all if you want a 200k iron Combat Vessel to rain hell on your enemies, but that’s what placable (Physical) auto-miners are for :slight_smile:

##Placing and securing Autominers (Physical)

Find a resource node that you want on the map and travel too it with your autominer, fuel and ammo in your inventory once there place down your Hv defencive structure move closer to it and immediate press P on the keyboard and change it to faction (1:) this is expecially true if your building next to allies. Their guns will fire on your newly spawned structure without doing damage until its changed to faction, your ally will be using up valuable ammo during this period so be as fast as you can.

After placing it go to your gun group (2:) and make sure to turn off the attack options for everything (2:) except the top one (other factions) this will save you a lot of ammo in the long run. Then drag fuel to the fuel tank and ammo to your small ammo box, and make sure everything is online (3:).

Once your defences are down place your Autominer (Physical) onto the deposit and fuel it (5:), you will see how good the source quality is (4:) the lower the % left of minerals left the lower the source quality so be sure not to mine it manually as your autominers gather resources from it without depleting it.

There are some nice options at the top right (6:) that allow you to turn off the map icon if you already know its location well and would like no spam and also an option that lets your own faction members put more fuel in and take resources out if you would like.

Mining Meteors in a HV

Once you have autominers placed, its best to leave the deposits alone and search for meteors with your trusty HV miner. My favourate by far is the very quick and agile ladybug: Steam Workshop::The Ladybug***Updated Info***

The lady bug agility helps with aiming up and down very smoothly most hv can’t do this. This is expecially useful when the meteorite your mining is about to finish and its really small and under your vessel and you need to aim downwards to finish it off. If you need to for some reason jump a cliff hold down shift and press spacebar, and if you find your hv rolling over the whole time or you just want it to stay aligned hold shift and press o and itll lock into place, press it again and you will unlock it.

Be careful over water as the hv sometimes likes to dip into it and if you completely submerge and cant shift + space out then you will have to painfully move at 1m/s all the way back to land.

If a meteor lands in water what you can do is go to the nearest land and dig a hole at a 45 degree downwards and towards the land under the meteor once there you can aim upwards and mine away.


*Build a farm onto your 50km orbital base and grow your food in safety so that you can bring some cans of food down with you when your traveling.

*Do not spend too many resources on your planetary base, as these may die really quickly if the wrong person comes around.

*You have a limit of 7BA in the entire galaxy so use them well.

*HV’s without hover engines make excellent defence towers (We call them DP in our faction, it stands for Defense Point/Platform) 4x Rockets fuel tank generator ammo box and some blocks around the outside to protect it is all you need for a really great, cheap defense. Place these around your base and any important deposits you want to try defend (Iron is a great deposit that you most definitely should grab if your close enough).

*Spawn a 2nd CV for traveling and leave your orbital CV set as home as your resource base, every now and then when you gather a decent amount of minerals that you want to keep safe fly them up to your secure orbital CV and drop them off.

*Spawn a few spare SV’s near your orbital base in case you die and need to fly down to the planet again.

*Use your 2nd CV to fly to elemental market place where you can buy and sell goods, no point using the local trade hub as less people go there and you will make less sales.

Making Credits(GOLD!)

Mining Gold!!! to find gold travel to any of the Homeworld System planets ICE LAVA DESSERT LIGHT DARK are the best for gold, WATER is a pain in the a%^ to get to the meteors as they fall in deep oceans far away from where HV’s can go and ALIEN world doesn’t have any gold (I dont think). Light and Dark are also a pain as you cannot see much most of the time so that only really leaves 3 good Gold planets. Sometimes the meteors don’t fall wait a bit and they might if they still don’t go to the deposit and mine it a lil and wait a bit more, while waiting be sure to ride around the whole surface as a meteor cannot fall as long as one already exists somewhere on the surface, they are sneaky buggers sometimes xD Once you have the gold ore shove them into advanced constructors and process them directly into coins once you have the coins shove them into your inventory wait 30 seconds then type eb:cointocr and this will turn it into credits straight into your bank account, to see your balance type eb:info.

There is a trick if you go to lightworld near the south barrier their is an admin core alien base with 2 constructors that is open to public and the whole base cannot be destroyed. So if you want to land in a cheap cv and spawn a hv and just mine gold you can use this base to turn your gold into coins and eb:cointocr right there and then, so if you get attacked you loose little :].

Trading!!! this is also a very good way to make credits, a lot more planning needs to go into trading thou. The most sold items are:

*Epic Weapons (Gotten from defeating POI’s) (Meh, most of them are empty maybe in a future patch we can find them.) 10k - 25k each

*Combat Blocks (Manufactured from Iron Sathium and Cobalt) 999 blocks sells from between 30k and 60k depending on supply/demand if your patient you can make a lot :wink:.

T2 Reactors (These are made from all the basic minerals: Iron Cobalt Copper Silicon) 999 of these sell between 20k and 50k depending on supply/demand same as before :stuck_out_tongue:

Power Coils (These are made from 1:1 ratio of Erestrium and Zascozium) Same as before, but you have to farm homeworld planets.

Ores (You will have to ask in discord under trade channel becuase you will need to go to elemental market place find your buyer and trade with him manually. Be sure to sell in small batches eg: 5k iron ore then payment 5k then payment to make sure someone doesn’t mess you over :stuck_out_tongue: and at worst you only loose 5k ore then. )

How To Get Out Of Bugs:

  • Always keep a Cheap CV ready to spawn in your f2 blue prints as well as a super cheap sv as a map beacon incase you warp between systems and get left behind but your ship goes to the next system, then you can spawn the sv beacon right next to you, then press tab and saucide, choose fresh start from them menu and once on starter world spawn your cv fill it with pentaxid and fuel from your ocd and warp out to the system where your corpse is. Look on map for your sv beacon salvage it with your multi tool grab your back pack warp to the next system with your cv and then salvage your cheap CV and get back into your main CV :smiley:.

*If your ship is stuck in mid air press tab click registry look for your ship and power it down, your ship will fall back down :stuck_out_tongue:.

*If you get stuck under your ship or against a building press ~ console key and type detach this will move you and the object freeing you.

*If for some reason you cannot help yourself option 1 and no one else in global chat can help you option 2 then press ~ console type DI print screen your location go to registry look for your ship or what ever is bugged and press info on the top it will say your ship ID copy that, go to forums and post about it there with the DI info and Ship ID for help from an admin.

General Tips to Life on HWS Server:

*DO NOT FLY WHAT YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO LOOSE, rule number 1 :stuck_out_tongue: as soon as you step into it tell your self that, that ship is already dead and you will be a lot less upset when it finally dies :wink:.

*Upgrade all your autominers over time as well as your ocd as these will greatly enhance your gameplay and survivability.

*Die as little as possible, every death you loose 1 RP and some gold, and the more you die the more and more gold you loose so be very careful. (also makes the game more fun when you care about dying :wink:

*Always have a backup with resources somewhere, its very easy to loose your base or ship or w.e having a backup as well as a Spawn at home option ready, is a sure way to get back on your feet really quickly.

*Make sure to build all your bases decently close to each other as you need to step onto each ship and each base at least once in 7 days or it disappears (De-spawns).

*Make sure to build your credits up as you get a 1% Interest rate on your money in your bank, at 70mil bank credits your making 700k credits per day :stuck_out_tongue:.

*Donating gives powerful bonuses to you like insta spawns for 10 charges and resource packs (1k of each x10) each time you donate. There is some powerful upgrades aswell like keeping credits after patch day which can be very handy, owning your own planet which could be fun, but besides all the cool bonuses the donations help this server stay alive and thrive so if you love this game as much as I do be sure to support it :].

##Still to add for when i’m not lazy:


*Production efficiency techniques

*Combat piloting
-Transversal vs turret tracking
-Flight styles and how to specialize your ship accordingly
-Weapon analysis

*How to effectively build ships for pvp

*How to effectively defend a base

*How to effectively assault a base


Nice one @Kogami! There definitely needed to be an updated “how to live in 5.x” guide!

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I’f someone can give some good advice on RP ill add it in, I’v never bothered with it and know nothing about it xD

Unless i missed it you didnt mention fuelling the HWS AM with drill charges.

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Thanks, changed.

First off, thank you for taking the time to write and create all this!
One thing that had me hung up was the debt I gained early on… Mostly deaths, some unexpected taxes. For traders, it is important to know you cannot create any sell offers while still in debt. I feel it’s a whole new game now debt free.

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Hadn’t considered at all the debt will definitely add it in, thank you.

Nice guide; thanks for putting in the effort! A couple of thoughts:

  1. Quick xp: shoot meteorites (some say a chainsaw works well, too) - once you get an SV with a gatling gun, it’s incredibly fast

  2. Quick XP: Once you have a T1 multitool, you can recycle private items for xp… spawn a base with a bunch of steel or concrete blocks, recycle blocks for 26 xp per block, dump the blocks in the factory slot, produce a new base, spawn it, rinse & repeat. Shooting meteorites is faster, though.

  3. Quick RP. The initial epic is hard, now. Your best bet is likely to find someone that offers a loaner epic for a portion of the fa:supply you get. Alternately, go to the moon, mine a bunch of sath, list it in elem at 5-10 cr per unit. Selling 5-10 stacks gives you the buying power to get an epic, depending upon origin and market conditions. Grinding Rep once you have the initial epic, is relatively easy if you don’t mind not playing for a week :slight_smile: a) Head to elem market in a super cheap CV. Salvage the CV. Your mileage may vary, but I found I got Rep while in elem market simply because I owned nothing at all. Once per day, spawn a cheap CV; jump out to somewhere, jump back, salvage CV put the parts in the factory and quit for the day. b) Alternately, you can jump to a PvP system, and head towards deep space. Powering down front thrusters means you can set your direction and walk away. Come back 20 minutes later and you’ll find yourself about 100K from anywhere (or find you DCd and need a new CV). Either a or b should yield 14 RP per day with minimal risk.

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Sweet will definitely use these, didnt realise chainsaw on meteorite works that will definitly help from level 1 to 7, if you die or dc while your thrusters are off while traveling far out your ship will stop :stuck_out_tongue: itll never run without you unless its bumped by something else.

Still have so much to add T_T but super lazy right now…

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Nice guide. Some things I see new players struggle with or I struggled with

Maybe mentioned already, but once you leave starter you cannot go back.

I struggled a bit with my first trade. So a guide on how that works in practice could help:

  • check from the marketplace info what items get traded and at what price (check recent). Also check what is for still sale and what would be a good price for what you want to sell.
  • collect or build the items you want to sell.
  • go to a trading station (mostly in Orbit)
  • activate trading console in the station and select the ‘sell’ tab. You can now start a trade.
  • for each trade you have to select what you want to trade from you inventory, how many items, at what price (for the total stack) and for how long you want to put this up (max I think is 7d)
  • you also need to select where you want to sell it. And if you are still on the starter, making your first money, the best option is to select the elemental market. That is where most of the trading gets done.
  • If it does not sell, you can pick it up at the location you put it up for sale. If that is the Elemental market, you should be fine, but others could be in areas that are dangerous or unreachable (e.g. other starter planets).
  • also if you have just started, your funds will be low. So start with a few trades that you can afford (you have to pay 10% of your asking price, regardless if it sells or not). If you made some money, you can now use that for more serious trading)

Hope this helps

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Guess you could use our actual situation on Comet7 as a guide for living on Origin planet for most (guess won’t work for pirates) origins :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just found this guide today. Such a nice guide. I am scratching my head on how to proceed with the lack of OCD on starter planets though.

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Yea, soz i havn’t updated it since new patch ill see what i can find :smiley:

Hey thanks for the guide. Im trying to read up as much as i can before jumping in. When i click the links for the starter blueprints, they come up with an error. Are those still available? I know this guide is older, but those would be super helpful. Thanks!

A great deal has changed since this guide was put together. Offline protection, fuelling the OAM with AM cores not drill charges, references to planets from previous versions etc. Its still very useful to read but please bear this in mind.

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This is a link to the collection of starter and basic ships I use. Hope it helps.

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