NPC Market is destroying server economy

Some of the packages for the NPC traders offer way too many goods at way too low of a price.

I’m not sure offering what is basically an infinite supply of anything at a set price is good for any game economy, but when the prices are this low then I definitely dont think it is.

For example. Iron ore is being sold for just a little over 4 credits per unit in batches of 48k! As a guardian that means I can buy almost 500k ingots of iron for about 1.000.000 credits per day. This is such a large volume that the price of iron is guaranteed to never fluctuate as long as the buyer can reach the NPC trader.

Don’t have enough credits? No problem, ask around, someone will sell it to you for 4.5 credits. Who wouldn’t make an easy, guaranteed profit? This is basically what the price of iron ore is in the in game market place. No surprise there. Ore is basically being sold for a fraction of the price above the NPC price after you account for the trade fee? Is it even worth doing this when you consider that you are losing out on your 1% per day profit? No.

There are other examples as well, some of which put the price point of goods at a ridiculously low price. This is good for old players that read the forums and know the rules, but its also kind of boring for them as well. The only upside is that you get to swindle noobs that don’t know about the NPC trader. Is that an upside though?

A huge downside is that there is no price fluctuation on several of the most important goods in the game… :frowning:

And no competition between traders! Either find a mark and sell them some over priced goods or compete for that fraction of a guaranteed profit.

Hope this post helps improve the server.

Hi Pericles

This is being addressed :slight_smile:


Thank you.

I think the NPC traders before were not such a big deal as they were a pain to use as you had to actually go to the marker - while the in game market was instant and convenient. So the price difference was justifiable by the convenience.

Now the NPC vendors are actually MORE convenient than the market.

The market really needs to be broken down into REGIONS, like Guardian region, Pirate Region and so on with Elemental Market being able to access ALL regions.

Or we need to be able to put a market terminal on our ships.

Until one of those happens the NPC vendors are actually a better deal and just as convenient as the player market.

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by the same token the traders high limit on npc trader packs gives them a huge advantage with 1700 a stack iron ore

All feedback please in one place -> NPC Trader measuring / suggestions?!