NPC Trader

I was looking at ways to donate to the server, and saw the “NPC Trader” donation option, and don’t fully understand. What is an NPC Trader (I’ve never seen one in game), how are they accessed? If I buy one, what options are there for items they can sell?

Take a look here

You can also read some informations here:

If you still have questions let me know.
Thanks for the interest!

Hey there Rexxus, yes, I read about it. I’m interested in setting up a trader, but obviously I still am not 100% sure how it works. I have invited you as a friend in steam.

I am still not sure either. Can we get a better explanation?

Is this basically the ability for me to have an NPC Trader and when someone buys from it I get the money? No filling it with materials or anything?

Hmm ok, I see I have to be more clear / post it soon on the Story page as a separate section / + PDA.

Yes, 77% of the package price to prevent infinite supplys or you give another person money you can create a buy-loop.
So if a package cost 4000. The buyer has to pay 4000 and you get 77% of that price.

You just tell me the location, the items and amount of it and the price (+ welcome / goodbye message). Also providing the shop for it is needed.

Then it is automatically filled and you don’t have to worry about it. (NPC, it is an automatic system)