OCD: Lets Discuss

It was close to post 14, so 14ish. It was actually post 11 that Skard asked you about Resource mission at the end of his post. Your reply was quoted just now by me in post … 89?

I do know something about you. You havent done the resource missions because they are in PvP zones. Cautious and scared are very similar. It is cautious if you are planning a way to do it, it is scared if you are not doing it and rather complaining on the forums that others have too many resources stored up.

Ah but see I never complained that people have too many resources stored up.

I get online, I warp, I do a bit of mining of gold, iron, some other stuff try to get my OAMs up a bit, then I hop over to creative and work on my own designs a for a bit. I try to spend some time on both of these when I have some time for it, but I don’t have much time, mostly on my phone, not in the game.

Then I do it again the next day for as long as I can. Still working on my designs, HV, SV, CV, etc.

EDIT: oh yea, also trying to work on a couple POIs that I want to submit to Rex come 8.0 if I can make them fairly difficult to get through.

This crazy flip flop of logic

And here you directly insult all the veteran players by admitting you just as soon see them leave.

Please edit that to include the full quote instead of cutting out the inconvenient part

Nvm, I got it. This is the full quote. People leave servers all the time, new people leave when big factions roll them. I’m sure some new people left today when they ran into a big faction. Taken out of context this sounds much worse, scroll up and read the opening post in full, this relates to if changes are made to the OCD in it’s current state.

What flip flop? Seriously what are you talking about? You pick out separate arguments in different sections and try to…

top, If I had my way, I don’t have my way so I make do.
next, I haven’t maxed out my OAMs, so what?
next, if you want to be competitive you have to adapt, maxing out OAMs is part of being competitive on HWS
next, it shouldn’t be required to play that way because people should be allowed to play by the Empyrion core rules but since you are playing on HWS it is required to use the server benefits to be competitive…where is the flip flop…seriously what is your problem?

These links show quite well what RexXxuS intended with OCD and HWS as a ‘hard’ PvP server

This is an active alpha system - We may add or remove your favorite features / change the donation system, we can’t please everyone. But let’s keep dialog open.

States pretty clearly that Rex fully intends to continue making changes to the HWS Server…I guess we’re both right, darn.

I think I will let the thread die as it has been polluted but some good ideas came out of it at least for the OCD and I think it can be improved upon :smiling_imp:

Old limits, pre-season 6. Dont recall various levels, but at ocd lvl 5 — 700,000 per slot.

Not a typo – yes, used to be 700k per slot. Just under 1 year ago it changed.

Changed for season 6 to 50k per slot (lvl 5). 93% nerf. Then, I believe it was prior to 6.5 or so, all zas, ere, and mag ore and ingots/powder were removed from everyones ocd to welcome in the change in resource requirements to build just about anything. Can continue storing them, but all slots containing them were zeroed at that time.

Good question! It helps to understand why its said the ocd has already been nerfed hard. Helps put into perspective why those here pre-6, are generally not receptive (indeed, defensive and a bit snarly at times) to any idea even hinting at more nerf of ocd, including putting it at risk to hackers.

The ocd has been beaten down far enough – enhance it in someway, or leave it alone. But dont take more away from it. At least not yet, and then only in conjunction with other enhancements (in or outside of ocd) to offset the takeaways.


Ofc I know that you’re are quoting me out of context, I’m showing the consequence of a proposed change.

There are no other server than HWS at least for my time zone (france), every time i look at the browser, the only populated (>10) server is hws and sometimes the official eleon eu server.

I’m not a native english speaker, it’s often a struggle to explain myself.

I’m not opposed to enhancing it, I just wanted to discuss the topic in a civil manner and forthe most part that was accomplished.

I get that and that’s fair. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt even if I usually disagree with them on most things.


From Veterans

OCD is perfect but it isn't cause it needs a buff

So it isn't perfect some of you are just quick to attack anyone that brings up the topic because in the past the OCD has been reduced or nerfed in some way.

OCD Specialty Slots

Being able to invest in additional slots that could hold specific items that might not otherwise be held in the OCD, accessed in special areas, etc. is an interesting idea worth pursuing.

Add More OCD Levels

The addition of more levels for the OCD that are less leaps and more gradual steps.

Leave As Is

Realistically this isn't going to happen which is why I opened it to discussion I have seen several people bring up the topic, if you haven't seen it discussed that's because you're not paying attention. Rex is looking to make changes and even other members on here have mentioned that new players "constantly want to level the playing field". But this is a viable option that should be listed nonetheless.

Buff the OCD

I haven't seen any real ways mentioned but would love to see some suggestions for how it should be buffed that wouldn't involve unlimited storage.

From Greeny

High/Low Orbit

In order to create a separation between the secure and non-secure storage to allow more expansion on the OCD concept without taking away more from those that have already watched their favorite feature on the HWS server get reduced in the past I presented this concept.
  • High Orbit remains 100% secure like the current implementation of the OCD and can only be accessed from PvE
  • Low Orbit becomes the way to access the OCD from PvP only with the caveat of having the slots that are accessible from PvP also being vulnerable to hacking or other forms of theft

From Others

Earlier PvP Access To OCD

While this wasn't directly stated it was implied that an important thing for smaller factions is the ability to access the OCD in order to hold their own against large factions in PvP zones and this has merit. While allowing access to the OCD earlier would also benefit larger factions in the same way I think it is something that deserves consideration and discussion at the very least.

Limitations On Item Classifications

Rather than leaving the lower caps on the total number of slots in the OCD it has been suggested to have some of the more powerful and rare items have caps inside the OCDs(rare weapons, OAM cores, maybe even gold ingots if necessary). This could also be used as an artificial way of limiting the amount of gold and other rare resources if so desired by using OCD level to put caps on number of ingots/ore. The core idea though is based around setting a classification of Rare/Uncommon/Common and limiting the amount based off that classification.

Do you want people to low-life and steal everything out of your low-orbit OCD’s with bots and macros?

Because this is exactly where this conversation is going.

Nix this whole discussion while you still have some of your sanity.

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Low Orbit becomes Opt In/Out and has different types of security measures to avoid just being wiped clean. But that is what discussion is for to bring up possible flaws and how to possibly avoid them. This is just a summary of what was discussed. Those who hated the idea of everything they worked several seasons to acquire being at risk no longer have to worry because it isn’t.

No, and my sanity is fine it seems to be everyone that only wants to think of things from a negative light that has the sanity issues lol.