Offline protection Guns

Offline Protection with active turrets is just plain a horrible and sucky idea. It makes playing Empyrion boring. Example, one of the ways we have to try to find out if a base has OP or not is fly a crappy SV with an empty inventory and then kamakazi into the enemy base. Its a lot of tedious work. I hope or wish this is something that an admin can turn on or off.

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I would like to see it from distance so i dont have to bother with this all. Luckily theres usually some way how to get at least closer, covered by terrain and dmg is not that high for small amount of time. Still its a bit disappointing to find…oh its OPed, and then do repairs…for nothing.

What i found anoying is private OPed bases near active one. Ppl usually says “it breaks my immersion” so this breeaks mine.

It they wont fire we will be surrounding bases with our bases waiting for owner to go online…I dont see any solution and stoped looking for one. Some innovative ideas would be nice.

I always say - OP is bull (dog?) s**t.

No there is no way to change this behavior.
The change that turrets keep shooting while OP is on because people built stuff around that OP base and as soon as the owner logged on he got destroyed.

That the OP shield is visible only in ~150m was decided to not see from distance who is online and who not.

If you want to rob a house in real life you have to scout that house too or do they have a blinking sign on the house “we are at holiday, you can robb us now” seen from 10km away?

Not everything should be simplified like mobile games guys.

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Well Rexxus , it makes the game not enjoyable. The guns firing is just plain wrong, make the shield bigger if you have to but guns firing during OP sucks, sorry but that is my opinion of it.

Example: faction A has second account plops base down with OP and maybe logs on for a minute a day to refuel, base fires at you but you have no recourse other than to stay away…not fun

We go around looking for targets and all we are finding is gun toting OP bases…not fun

On a different server we played on awhile back they had a strict rule about building bases within 500 meters of another base , if caught (with screen shot or video) of offense that offending player would lose his base and his loot and all was given to victim. This worked very well, sure might be a lil more work for admins but hey didn’t you create the HWS Police?

We have a #hws-guide:rules against this.

300meters are the max. the Dev could code quickly for the A7 release. For the next patch he tries to increase the Anti Grief to 500m. But again, we covered this by the rules.

Yes, and as soon as the most urgent problems are gone this will be reactivated.

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Well i’ll adapt to whatever. Im not concerned. There are some issues thought, and i dont have solution for them but Ill just post them to post them.

If ill bring someone from NA to build private base, someone who playes on San and Na but not on EU he can put me nice 2 private immortal bases. He has all right to do so, why not. And ill move into neighbrhood. Good thing on this is that hes playing in different time so when he will jumps to EU to refresh OP very likely there will be noone around destroying his base in 20 min. Then ill bring his friend and do the same for him on NA.
We was planing to realise this but i think its better to talk about it before there will be another drama.
Not sure how to solve this, dont think its against rules. What do you think about this.

This is no big deal, I would prefer to see it, and dont repair ship for few minutes it takes to replace holes after missiles. Not happy about it but i think it can stay as it is. Problem here is not that OP but repairs, still hope that shipyards will make this less tediouss. And emoptional harm when you finaly see OP field :slight_smile:
In any case this doesnt make game harder, it just adds tedious repairs. But let it be.

Im more for OP than against it, it kinda works. Plundering different server than EU personaly but from what i hear on Discord planets are pretty empty anyway just that “we need OP dissapered”.

I consider it success in general waiting for introduction of shields, and underwater thrusters. And sharks and octopussies. From what i saw best was underwater bases so far, that worked well.

:wink: Prediction of Nostradamus!

it is. 2. Fairplay & Gameplay

Ohh… it exist…


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