Old Autominers from Old System, What to Do?

I have just rejoined the server since the change to 4.0.

I still have all Level 10 Autominers on the “old” system. Can I not sell those levels to regain my MANY credits?


You can’t sell them, it was announced before 4.0 change.
But you only get 20% of am cost when selling and the prices are currently double of what it was in 3.0 so you’d get 10% of what it would cost to buy that amount now (though you cant). So I don’t think that falls into “MANY” category.

That is a shame. Okay, so the list on the autominer screen in HWS Connect still shows all my autominers at level 10, but has added the Blue Crystal item. Is that was everyone else is seeing too?

Also, the drill charges are not loading, even though they were removed from my inventory.

I’m actually having issues similar. All of mine are lvl 10 as well, but the only ones that work are the gold and new crystal one. I’d rather not have to level them up all over again since it took nearly 4 months last time.

You guys didn’t play for long time.
You missed this I guess:

The others are just frozen. And maybe reactivated at given time.