One of the worst ideas ever

_RexXxus: _
1. all of them are origin skills. This means in Connect a decision. You can’t get all of them.
2. Only usable once per week
3. reset death count just for the statistics. Ammo drainer can still be caught and to prevent to lose 1 RP on the 10th death
4. you have to know the ID of Hacking I. 60 seconds party time if you fail to protect your ID and / or are not there to protect. Can only be used within 100 meters of course
_5. stealing 10% of credits and RP. You don’t know the amount of other players bank account. And shouldn’t be posted in the public for reasons. But games like WatchDogs and GTA are fun for a reason. _
6. The final and most expensive Skill Point Skill to hack one random ocd slot. If you hacked into an empty one you failed and the skill is useless for one whole week. If you have success you better start to trick user with empty ocd slots or take revenge since you know who it was.
Games like Siedler von Catan are fun for a reason to choose a random card of others to take their beloved things away.

@RexXxuS posted today this picture in the HWS General Discord Channel and there are a lot of discussions ongoing now.

My thoughts of this - it´s totally killing the playstyle as it was and a lot of Veterans gonna leave the server within the first month.

Abitlity 1. Could be usefull, propably an Alliance Skill

Abitlity 2. Sounds totally useless and i already see problems with missuse, Ammo Draining for example (but as RexXxus announced its only for the statistic, so no reason to choose this Ability) -
looks like a Freelancer-Skill

Abitlity 3. Is gonna kill every teamplay between factions, because building together to protect each other could turn to backstabbing everywhere. If this would be possible in PVE - hey, who needs a safe Base anyway?

Abitlity 4. & 5. is totally inacceptable. It´s not only the Veterans who could loose everything they´ve worked hard for, what about the Newbys who are glad that they could store some stuff in their OCD 4?
I can already smell the russians using their 20 family-share-accounts to totally kill one players OCD.


The one advantage that could come out of this is allowing hacking on bases with buried cores.

Hacking OCDs and bank accounts is surely a wind-up though :slight_smile:

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Jokes / Memes aside… it’s sad. I expected more eloquent feedback, even though it was just a teaser of something big.
But instead of one single honest question mark or balancement suggestion I only see salt, hate, greed and ignorance.

Won’t do it again and just implement features in the future for sure.

To close this and before I’m outta here:

  1. Hacking was a high requested feature
  2. Limits prevent you from yolo hacking.
    Example: You still need to spend (spend, not require) either a lot of skill points or have to met other criteria ingame to make it successful. You need 100+ playhours, and and and
  3. In real life and other games hacking is reality. You can’t hide behind your pink sun glasses and it makes things more interesting. That is not only my opinion. Maybe hacking a whole OCD slot is too much but I don’t see any balancement suggestions so I won’t go deeper in that anyways and just wipe some OCD slots because I can.
  4. Skills are a decision, you can’t get all of them at once and use them always. A lot of them are only possible once for a whole season.
  5. Like in reality and other games there are bad hackers and white hackers or just possible protection system. So other Origin Skills can be skilled to protect you from any hacking. Again, a decision to either be active or passive but not get stomped.

Buy yeah, disappointed and will stop with things like that.

I do like the ideas you have there @RexXxuS but I think the OCD would definitely set some people back. Waking up to find that one of my 60k gold bars stack in OCD would definitely set me back a ways if it were hacked. Credits and RP, not so much, unless I had equipment on say Earth X7 and lost all RP to get back into planet. But overall I do like where your going with it.

You cant await a positive Feedback without the information that someone can prevent to get hacked.
And what Ability would you choose? That you can delete your kill count or that you destroy other players backup?

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I can only imagine the havoc a single large faction can do against a single person if they all went for that persons bank & ocd…


I like the idea of structure and bank hacking, but not OCD hacking… and I’ll tell you why people responded to that so negatively @RexXxuS . It’s because several seasons ago you told people that their OCD would be sacred, that continued play on HWS would allow people to accumulate wealth. Many people took you at your word and have invested a lot of effort into that. You are reneging one of the reasons (for many the largest) that people play on your server and not others. Hacking a bank account is one thing. If you wanna play with that, I think you’d get good feedback honestly. The moment you say OCD though you are going to get pushback… and I refuse to pay for OCD insurance. =P


If this was to become a feature, I would have to create an alt account and buy it OCD level 6 in order to hide my stuff.

Agreed though, people shouldn’t be crass with negative feedback. Sorry Rex.


Lol, lol, can someone translate Rex plans to Russian?

I like the idea even OCD hacks can work if you maby say only 1 slot can be hacked a week and maby just make thats its a random slot. would be devastating if 30+ player hacks you at the same time. So allow but limits. Love this alternative way we can play and would make it more interresting…

Love seeing new fresh tools on HWS. So many things happen here. My only issue is any change to something that a person spent real world money on , say OCD level 5. Is sort of a disrespect to them. They buy something only to have it changed on them. Other than that, I say bring on the New season and lets see how things go. At the end of the day it’s only pixels,

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Id be modified if someone hacked my 1000 can’s of veg. :shushing_face:

Like Booyaah said hack bases :slight_smile:


I’ll fill my OCD up with corn dogs. 1 in each slot.


Would we be able to hack the hws bank???

Guess who i am gonna hack first :desktop_computer::computer_mouse:

I know who.

Your gonna go for @Ranzeth lol

Also could I hack a structure at the hws garage for 60 seconds and steal a ship? Or hack someone’s base and set it to public?

OCS and bank hacking wouldn’t be worth your time @RexXxuS. Me myself, I would empty OCS and bank credits into cargo boxes in pve then the skill would not work against me. The structure thing is cool but bank and ocd is too far. If this were to happen then no one would ever donate for eb lvl 3, or ocd 5. How about a skill that disrupts enemy vessels like an emp or something

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That can perhaps temporarily prevent the creation of a stable warp bubble to borrow Trek terminology. Say 15 mins til you can spin up the FTL and escape those frackin Cylons - to borrow BSG terminology.

Hacking peoples bank and OCD are ridiculous ideas. Money will be converted in some way and stored in PVE. Similarly OCDs will be emptied and stored in PVE. They would not be filled until seasons end. These two items are a main part of what makes HWS unique in Empyrion. If they are hackable then they become much less useful and therefore less of a pull to HWS servers. Talk about a dis-incentive.