One of the worst ideas ever

Rex and Jascha both have player profiles… just throwing that out there :stuck_out_tongue:

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For anyone who is interested in constructive discussion of this topic please go here: Hacking feature discussion

Hacking Bank Accounts and OCD

I don’t like this because some of us have WAY more to lose in our OCD than others, and while it is cool because it introduces an element of risk, it also introduces an element of losing hundreds of hours of playtime.

Hacking Structures

I’m with Supreme Admiral on this. Let players hack HV/SV/Base, as long as said structure fulfills certain conditions first.

This would 100% take care of the anti-griefing issue, where people place decoy bases down and we spend hours digging them up. Now, we could walk along, find this unarmed base, hack it and then recycle.

This would allow people to make complex base designs, where people might have to actually spend time breaking into them in order to hack it. If you combine it with making people have to manually access constructors and such, you would introduce a whole new element of players on foot pvp. We shoot off all of your turrets, break into your base, hunt you down, get within XXX of the core and then finally hack it.

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LMAO YES implement today!!!

@RexXxuS can you tell me your in game username?? :laughing:

All those corn dogs will be mine!!!

Mind if you copy this over to my discussion? I’m trying to get all the good stuff in one place and you’re one of few folks on this thread actually thinking about it.