Op4 Alliance 6.0 & beyond

I've opened this discussion to get input on some ideas for after the 6.0 reset. 

Let’s try keep it from becoming yet another pissing match.

Currently alliances have created an unbalance in the server. This could be
detrimental to server population after 6.0

As a result the Op4 Alliance will no longer invade origin planets. This will carry over into 6.0
I hope we can count on other veterans to do the same. This will allow new players to get

Currently the Op4 Alliance enjoys complete dominance over the server. Why not use this to
create a better server. With that in mind.

Op4 would also like to purchase a second donor planet to be used as a PvP warzone.
Limited to SV and HV only. CV would be for resupply only. On special events warzone could
be limited to personnel weapons.

Rather than POI’s, Admin cored BA would act as invasion points. An admin cored base
would also act as Op4 Defense HQ. This would ensure the planet could never be fully
conquered or defended. A strategically located POI could act as a Trigger. If at anytime
Op4 Alliance controls this POI then Homeworld will be open to Op4 invasion.

Players/Factions wishing to join/remain in Op4 Alliance would agree to play this role on
the server.

We are open to any ideas and suggestions.

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Just sayin: but I returned the favor by my self and settled my vendetta trashing 8 of your capitals, 4 bases, and roughly 3 HVs.

Ill be quite honest that “0p4” used known exploits to achieve its status. Specifically the following:

CV Fixed mounted rockets in Atmo (until I repirted it to elion and it was patched)
CV Fixed Mounted Pulse

As well as targeting foiling engineering with a ship built like a six spiked plus sign and then rotated rappidly to tottal disable tracking of all base turrets and even turrets oriented for directly ovehead targets.

Your basis here to offer kindness for not attacking origin planets isnt going to paint over the glistening turds you guys really are.

So before you wind up your response to me for having blatantly and bluntly put the truth about you forward, take into consideration that I did 3 rounds of jail time and a ban for being 100% legit, AND successful as a raider here, when PVP was still the devil on HW US.

You guys are nothing. Lack honor and are actual shitbags.

Why not take your weak attempt at class and call it what it is: shit-polish.


Unless you can add something constructive find another topic to troll.

If there was a valid reason for admins to ban us, they would do so.

But yet we remain.


I don’t know who op4 is but between discord and this thread I like them.


Sorry mate but Op4 never did any of those “exploits” you mentioned. You just pulled that out of your ass. You sound like a salty little girl who got punished by some admins. Ask around, you sound really stupid accusing one without proof or anything else to back it up besides your crying. If we were “exploiting” We would be banned. Plain and simple, you saying that about a spiky ship made you look very in experienced with this game. There is no way to throw off targeting as long as there is a core there, I personally have no clue what you’re talking about because it’s just Bullshit/Crying. Take it somewhere else. We are trying to help the server by adding stuff to do. Matt wasn’t being cocky or bragging, He is just stating a good point. There is nothing to do right now, I play daily and I can admit that. A lot of people are hibernating but for the people who are still active need something to do. You were never a force to be recognized, you’re just a one man troll.

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Rex is aware I don’t contrive. Ever. I also don’t back down, either.

The accusations I stated are 100% true.
I also forgot to add your base on the ground on Iceworld had an underground turret… but it was just a minigun.

Regardless, you’re not going to earn any accolades by exploiting. And at some point in development, you wont be able to anymore.

At that point, the real bragging rights will begin…be interesting to see who “runs the server” when the sploits are gone : )

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It is obvious Ghetto two shoes has nothing constructive to add to the topic.

Rather than hijack this topic why not go create you own about how much you
hate Op4. You can present your evidence for the server to decide. The fact
you chose instead to try and ruin this topic is why you are simply a troll to be


I’m sorry you’re lonely and hating it, that’s what it sounds like. We aren’t exploiting and it sucks you feel that way but I can’t help how sore losers feel. I have no clue where you get these accusations from when we’ve only come across each other once, the time we face rolled your base on Ice but that’s about it. I apologize if it made you feel this way. Stop commenting and take your complaints elsewhere.

I don’t hate you guys. Funny that you’re trying to repaint my motives to suit your narrative, however.

Why don’t you guys learn to play by the rules THEN dominate the server THEN come here bragging that you’re all powerful and merciful towards Origin worlds…

Thats all I’m saying.

Well just say it in your own topic.

This was to be a serious discussion regarding post 6.0 server play.
But then you showed up before it could even begin.

Don’t like the facts? Don’t leave a slimy trail.


I’ll believe that they’re cheating when I see the ban. Carebears in this game freak out for like no reason.


I wish you would provide some kind of evidence to help back your “facts” up but as always just QQ’ing.

Yalls reaction to your own actions are QQs , bro.

Trying turn it around so hard is giving you away.

Asking you to show us this proof you have? False accusations are a bannable offense. You might end back up in jail if you aren’t careful!

If your are going to accuse someone you HAVE to show proof. If you don’t, you will probably end up in jail or banned.

I would post your proof now if I were you

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Unfortunately for all of you, my credibility is high enough I don’t usually need it.

You see, im a competitor. And I am also a sportsman. I can handle my losses and my victories.

I don’t just sling accusations around because Im butthurt… I do so here because I was a direct observer…

So try as you may…I am speaking the truth…and by the look of it…its hurting.

If i may add – I’ll try to make this the only non-relevant post to the OP…

– Lets not buy into the goading. An opinion was shared. If it didnt enhance the spirit of the post, my advice is to not give it life by consuming this thread and ignoring what it was you were trying to accomplish. You will only deter folks from reading it for what you want it to achieve.



Sorry @krazzykid2006 - didnt mean to reply direct to you!!


This is basically the idea we were throwing around the other night in global. This Warzone planet
would be a great replacement for Armageddon. Your scrap yard is close by. Add a (Blk)Market and
a Arena. This would keep the hardcore pvpers battling it out well away from new players. These players
would have a chance to get established before facing the hardcore pvpers. This would also be great
player created content.

I think the big challenge would be how to keep it all running the way you envision it…

i.e. whats the prevention from trolling, or greifing? You’re doing a man v man arena match with hotdogs and some troll comes and strafes the playfield. Yeah you could gangrape him, but the event happened. Just an easy surface example, but you’d want a way to help make sure that things happened the way you want them to so that the result you are looking for is more guaranteed.

Once 6.0 comes out, this becomes game changing. You get many more options to play. For example, you can host events with a teleporter on your planet that will go to an Instance that will let your arena happen in relative peace and LAG FREE since they will be in their own slice of memory…

(this is why you guys should be in 6.0 planning for 6.0! :wink:)