Open Bounty by LoT: 100k for first person to fill

So a thing happened. And I am calling for the utter destruction of one CV belonging to Chaotic Traders (CHT). 100k for a screenshot of one of their cv’s drifting listlessly with the words “suck a dick CHT” spray painted on the side. Bonus 20k if you then deliver said CV to Auctoria Spectator’s Retreat Base on the landing pad.
Please reply with screenshots of before and after kill, and the spray tag.

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I will pay 50k for information leading to a kill of a CV.

100% confidential - reach out to me on Discord.

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wow… cool. NA again? ((((

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Come on Alex - I know you can afford to pay that much for a CV kill.

I see a rule about not joining corporations to spy on them.

I see no rules about paying people for information about where people are.

I will pay credits for any information that gets us a kill or leads us to a space base/CV.

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Im not sure xD As for me, I got near 400k only… All credits goes on prom and satium for battleships… So… I wouldnt say that ALL like me, but we could only make some events for gold prizes (we already made such). Pay for killing - we could do it by ourself :evergreen_tree:

Lol I am assuming you mean literally any cv?

Keep your warp sled.

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I’ll add another 100k to yours Mac.

Might make for a bit of fun spectating. :slight_smile:

I would recommend searching in the now non wiping alienworld system
We saw some offline ships, but did nto bring the firepower to deal with player weaponed bases in fog