Orbital Auto Miner Not Fueling

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I had picked up an auto miner, it didn’t disappear from my inventory then now i cant fuel any of mine OAMs. I tried getting rid of all current cores and bought new ones. still bugged.

The oam uses autominer cores for fuel. Keep them in your backpack then use the fuel command or the HWS connect option. Should say “Thanks for fueling me up!”

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yah i know the commands srry. they wont work as intended (almost 1K hrs ingame :P)

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well the screen is telling you that your out of autominer cores, will test later on :wink:

even with 1k hours we still make mistakes, just want to make sure you are using the right cores for them.

you mentioned earlier that u found a autominer and that it didnt disapear for inv, this is telling me you got the placeable autominer…

is the one u need…

yah srry didnt give all info. it was actually a glitched core. i used it to fuel and it stayed in my inventory. i did it 5x, passed it to a friend who got 5x then ive been bugged since.
not able to use the cores


Welcome to HWS @JonneeRotton

Once I have those 2 infos, I will check

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