Pandora Planet

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The Pandora Planet is one of the recent discovered PvP planet on HWS, which is only reachable with a CV.

It is inspired by the Cosmic you have a PvP Planet full of strange biomes and incredible lucrative events.

The Cosmic Race

Once you approach the Race Officier you can start the Cosmic Race Mission.
Every 30 Minutes (with a delay of +10 min on top every time) you can get 3 HWS RP and 1000 Gold Ingots!

Living boost

Live on Pandora for 24 hours with a 1000+ Block Base and get 10 HWS RP and 10000 Credits per day!

Explore the Planet

Protect the special Cosmic Biomes. I’ve heard there are very valuable resources hidden as a planet crust - extracted out from stars!