Peacekeeper limit set to 150

Even though the Devs created a temporary fix for the Ship losses (hopefully :expressionless: which might come this weekend), we encourage you to spread a bit and not hord your stuff only in Peacekeeper 4. Originally this Orbit was only supposed to be to fly through and not to stay. Most of the losses are due to that orbit.
Therefore please move your ships into the other Peacekeeper Orbits (which are quite empty) so that the Orbit gets stable again.

Thanks a lot!

Again (already said it 100500 times): Make planets on other PK systems. All wonna had base on PvE planet.

they are putting one in PK1 on the 9/9/16 as far as the pinned message goes

Ok, go on for Calc:
Was: 3 planets with 200 pf on each. Summ = 600.
Now: 3 planets with 150 pf on each. Summ = 450.

Gonna be on 9.9.16: 4 Planets with 150 on each. Summ = 600.

And? ))) Life goes better? :smiley:

No only the Orbit was set to 150. Not the Planets.