Pirates Need A Haven For Logging Off

Even in times of old, pirates would gather in havens safe from the authorities and a makeshift truce between thieves would be in play. A major deterrent to the pirate faction is that we cannot park our ships in a PVE zone to log off for 12+ hours. I motion that a single PVE space playfield be dedicated as a pirate haven for our ships when offline. We all know that a single nimble SV can deplete a juggernaut CV ammo supply if they circle long enough. With current turret AI and lack of offline protection this would help bolster the pirate ranks away from rule breaking “traders”

Agree and will be addressed latly in HWS 4.0.
I really like this idea: HWS 4.0 Idea. In Pictures

I agree with this, although tbfh, I doubt Rex even knows what’s in Peacekeeper orbit these days xD

Billy you are no real pirate then… go back to carebear world thanks!

haha right. I have my stash for my ship that’s worked out just fine so far. But I’m just trying to turn more people to the dark side :wink: